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app-admin/cfengine Configuration management engine
app-vim/gist-vim vim plugin to interact with gist.github.com
app-vim/webapi-vim vim plugin that interacts with webapis
dev-libs/protobuf-c C bindings for the protobuf library
dev-perl/App-Cmd write command line apps with less suffering
dev-perl/App-perlbrew Manage perl installations in your $HOME
dev-perl/Archive-Any-Lite simple CPAN package extractor
dev-perl/Array-Diff Find the differences between two arrays
dev-perl/CPAN-Changes Read and write Changes files
dev-perl/CPAN-DistnameInfo Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename
dev-perl/CPAN-Meta-Requirements a set of version requirements for a CPAN dist
dev-perl/CPAN-Meta-YAML Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files
dev-perl/CPAN-Perl-Releases Mapping Perl releases on CPAN to the location of the tarballs
dev-perl/CPAN-Uploader Uploads distributions to CPAN
dev-perl/Config-MVP object to read config from storage into an assembler
dev-perl/Config-MVP-Reader-INI an MVP config reader for .ini files
dev-perl/Data-Section read multiple hunks of data out of your DATA section
dev-perl/Devel-FindPerl Find the path to your perl
dev-perl/Devel-PatchPerl Patch perl source a la Devel::PPPort's buildperl.pl
dev-perl/Dist-Zilla Tool to ease Perl module distribution building
dev-perl/File-Find-Rule-VCS Exclude files/directories for Version Control Systems
dev-perl/File-pushd change directory temporarily for a limited scope
dev-perl/Getopt-Long-Descriptive Getopt::Long, but simpler and more powerful
dev-perl/Hash-Merge-Simple Recursively merge two or more hashes, simply
dev-perl/Hook-LexWrap Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers
dev-perl/IO-Capture Abstract Base Class to build modules to capture output
dev-perl/IO-TieCombine Produce tied (and other) separate but combined variables
dev-perl/Log-Dispatch Dispatches messages to one or more outputs
dev-perl/Log-Dispatch-Array log events to an array (reference)
dev-perl/Log-Dispatchouli a simple wrapper around Log::Dispatch
dev-perl/Module-CPANTS-Analyse Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution
dev-perl/Module-ExtractUse Find out what modules are used
dev-perl/Module-Path get the full path to a locally installed module
dev-perl/Moose-Autobox Autoboxed wrappers for Native Perl datatypes
dev-perl/MooseX-LazyRequire Required attributes which fail only when trying to use them
dev-perl/MooseX-OneArgNew teach ->new to accept single, non-hashref arguments
dev-perl/MooseX-Role-Parameterized roles with composition parameters
dev-perl/MooseX-SetOnce write-once, read-many attributes for Moose
dev-perl/MooseX-Types-Path-Class A Path::Class type library for Moose
dev-perl/MooseX-Types-Perl Moose types that check against Perl syntax
dev-perl/PPI Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl (without perl)
dev-perl/Perl-PrereqScanner a tool to scan your Perl code for its prerequisites
dev-perl/Perl-Version Parse and manipulate Perl version strings
dev-perl/Pod-Coverage-TrustPod allow a module's pod to contain Pod::Coverage hints
dev-perl/Pod-Elemental work with nestable Pod elements
dev-perl/Pod-Eventual read a POD document as a series of trivial events
dev-perl/Pod-Parser base class for creating POD filters and translators
dev-perl/Pod-Strip Remove POD from Perl code
dev-perl/Pod-Weaver weave together a Pod document from an outline
dev-perl/Pod-Weaver-Section-Contributors a section listing contributors
dev-perl/Role-HasMessage Perl role providing message method
dev-perl/Role-Identifiable A Perl role that provies an ident attribute
dev-perl/Software-License Provides templated software licenses
dev-perl/String-Errf a simple sprintf-like dialect
dev-perl/String-Flogger String munging for loggers
dev-perl/String-Formatter build sprintf-like functions of your own
dev-perl/String-Truncate Truncates strings
dev-perl/Sub-Exporter-ForMethods helper routines for using Sub::Exporter to build methods
dev-perl/Sub-Exporter-GlobExporter Export globs via Sub::Exporter
dev-perl/Syntax-Keyword-Junction Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5
dev-perl/Term-Encoding Detect encoding of the current terminal
dev-perl/Test-FailWarnings Add test failures if warnings are caught
dev-perl/Test-Kwalitee test the Kwalitee of a distribution before you release it
dev-perl/Test-Most Most commonly needed test functions and features
dev-perl/Test-NoTabs Check the presence of tabs in your project
dev-perl/Test-Object Thoroughly testing objects via registered handlers
dev-perl/Test-Spec Write tests in a declarative specification style
dev-perl/Test-SubCalls Track the number of times subs are called
dev-perl/Test-UseAllModules do use_ok() for all the MANIFESTed modules
dev-perl/Text-Tabs+Wrap Expand and unexpand tabs and handle wrap
dev-perl/Throwable a role for classes that can be thrown
dev-perl/aliased Use shorter versions of class names
dev-perl/autobox Call methods on native types
dev-perl/local-lib create and use a local lib/ for perl modules with PERL5LIB
dev-perl/syntax Activate syntax extensions
dev-python/pyusb Python USB Access Module
dev-ruby/albino Ruby wrapper for pygmentize
dev-ruby/blankslate A blank object for ruby for proxying
dev-ruby/classifier Markdown implementation for ruby
dev-ruby/coffee-script Ruby CoffeeScript is a bridge to the JS CoffeeScript compiler
dev-ruby/coffee-script-source CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript
dev-ruby/colorator Colorize the text in your terminal
dev-ruby/commander Complete solution for command-line executables
dev-ruby/directory_watcher Watches a directory for changes
dev-ruby/execjs ExecJS lets you run Javascript from Ruby
dev-ruby/fast-stemmer Stemmer for ruby
dev-ruby/highline A high-level IO library
dev-ruby/jekyll Blog aware, static site generator
dev-ruby/jekyll-coffeescript A CoffeeScript converter for Jekyll
dev-ruby/jekyll-gist Liquid tag for displaying GitHub Gists in Jekyll sites
dev-ruby/jekyll-paginate Built-in Pagination Generator for Jekyll
dev-ruby/jekyll-sass-converter A Sass compiler for Jekyll
dev-ruby/jekyll-watch Rebuild your Jekyll site when a file changes with the --watch switch
dev-ruby/liquid A templating engine for ruby
dev-ruby/listen Generic fs watcher gem
dev-ruby/mercenary Lightweight and flexible library for writing command-line apps in Ruby
dev-ruby/parslet Parser construction library
dev-ruby/pygments-rb pygments.rb exposes the pygments syntax highlighter to Ruby
dev-ruby/rake-compiler Use rake to compile ruby extensions
dev-ruby/rb-fsevent FSEvents API with signals
dev-ruby/rb-inotify ruby inotify hooks
dev-ruby/rb-kqueue Ruby interface to kqueue
dev-ruby/redcarpet Ruby HTML parser
dev-ruby/safe_yaml A safe YAML parsers for ruby
dev-ruby/sass CSS generator that adds lots of features
dev-ruby/timers Pure Ruby timers
dev-ruby/toml A toml parser for Ruby
dev-ruby/yajl-ruby Ruby C bindings to the excellent Yajl JSON stream-based parser library
dev-ruby/yard Ruby doc generator
hardware-monitoring/mcelog Daemon to check and interpret machine check events
hardware-monitoring/watchdog watchdog daemon
net-misc/netkit-bootparamd Daemon for sending bootparams over the network
net-p2p/linuxdcpp Direct Connect client for linux
sys-apps/rng-tools Tools for manipulating linux's PRNG
sys-process/glances A curses monitoring tool for linux
x11-apps/autocutsel Unite multiple x copy paste buffers
x11-apps/x3270 A x11 and ncurses 3270 terminal emulator
x11-wm/spectrwm A lightweight tiling window manager