Michael Forney's exherbo repository.




app-arch/libpar2 A library for performing common tasks related to PAR recovery sets
app-misc/mktorrent A simple command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files
compositor/swc swc is a library for making a simple Wayland compositor
compositor/velox velox is a tiling Wayland compositor based on swc
dev-lang/cparser CParser is a GCC-compatible C frontend with full C99 support
dev-lang/execline execline is a (non-interactive) scripting language
dev-lang/libfirm libFirm provides intermediate representation, optimizations, and code generation suitable for use in compilers
dev-libs/skalibs skalibs is a package containing general-purpose libraries
dev-libs/wld WLD is a primitive drawing library targeted at Wayland
games-education/klavaro Klavaro is just another free touch typing tutor program
net-dns/s6-dns s6-dns is a suite of DNS client programs and libraries for Unix systems
net-nntp/nzbget NZBGet is a command-line based binary newsgrabber for nzb files
net-utils/s6-networking s6-networking is a suite of small networking utilities for Unix systems
sys-apps/s6 s6 is a small suite of process supervision programs
sys-apps/s6-linux-utils s6-linux-utils is a set of minimalistic Linux-specific system utilities
sys-apps/s6-portable-utils s6-linux-utils is a set of minimalistic Linux-specific system utilities
sys-apps/supervisor-extras supervisor-extras is a collection of scripts and stuff for service supervisors
x11-apps/st st is a simple terminal implementation for X
x11-libs/gtkdatabox GtkDatabox is a widget for live display of large amounts of fluctuating numerical data