Rust packages.




app-shells/atuin Magical shell history
app-shells/starship The cross-shell prompt for astronauts
app-vim/LanguageClient Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for vim and neovim
dev-lang/rust A safe, concurrent, practical language
dev-rust/brainfuck_rs Brainfuck parser and interpreter
dev-rust/cargo-audit Audit Cargo.lock for crates with security vulnerabilities
dev-rust/cargo-c A cargo applet to build and install C-ABI compatibile dynamic and static libraries
dev-rust/cargo-count Cargo subcommand for displaying statistics about projects, such as code, comments, and unsafe counters
dev-rust/cargo-duplicates A cargo subcommand for displaying when different versions of a same dependency are pulled in
dev-rust/cargo-edit This extends Cargo to allow you to add and list dependencies by reading/writing to your file from the command line
dev-rust/cargo-outdated A cargo subcommand for displaying when Rust dependencies are out of date
dev-rust/cargo-release This a script standardize release process of cargo project for you
dev-rust/cargo-safety Safety checks for Rust crates
dev-rust/cargo-script A Cargo subcommand designed to let people quickly and easily run Rust scripts
dev-rust/cargo-shell Simple command shell for cargo
dev-rust/cargo-show Prints package metadata like pip show, apt-cache show, npm view, gem query, etc
dev-rust/cargo-udeps Find unused dependencies in Cargo.toml
dev-rust/cargo-watch Utility for cargo to compile projects when sources change
dev-rust/cargo-xbuild Automatically cross-compiles the sysroot crates core, compiler_builtins, and alloc
dev-rust/cbindgen A tool for generating C bindings to Rust code
dev-rust/cross Zero setup cross compilation and cross testing
dev-rust/letsencrypt-rs Easy to use Let's Encrypt client to issue, renew and revoke TLS certificates
dev-rust/librespot librespot is an open source client library for Spotify
dev-rust/pijul A patch-based distributed version control system, easy to use and fast
dev-rust/ripgrep Line oriented search tool using Rust's regex library
dev-rust/rustup The Rust toolchain installer
dev-rust/xargo Effortless cross compilation to custom bare-metal targets like ARM Cortex-M
dev-scm/gitoxide gix is a command-line interface (CLI) to access git repositories
net-dns/dog dog is a command-line DNS client
net-libs/hyper A fast and correct HTTP implementation for Rust
sys-apps/bandwhich bandwhich: display current network utilization by process, connection and remote IP/hostname
sys-apps/bat A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration
sys-apps/exa A modern replacement for ls
sys-apps/fd fd is a simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find
sys-apps/hyperfine hyperfine a command-line benchmarking tool written in Rust
sys-apps/procs A modern replacement for ps
sys-apps/uutils Cross-platform Rust rewrite of the GNU coreutils
sys-apps/zoxide A blazing fast alternative to cd, inspired by z and z.lua
sys-apps/zram-generator Systemd unit generator for zram swap devices
sys-fs/lfs A linux utility to get information on filesystems, like df but better