Thomas Witt's supplemental repo.




app-gps/qmapshack QMapShack is the next generation of the famous QLandkarte GT application
app-gps/routino Route between two points using the dataset of OpenStreetMap
app-misc/AusweisApp2 Use German ID cards for online authentication
app-misc/tvdb_api An easy to use interface to
app-misc/tvnamer Automatic TV episode file renamer, uses data from via tvdb_api
app-paludis/cfg-update Easy to use GUI & CLI alternative for “eclectic config” with safe automatic updating functionality
app-paludis/plop A nice paludis.log parser (patched genlop)
app-vim/pyclewn Use vim as a frontend to GDB and PDB
app-vim/supertab Use <Tab> for all your insert completion needs
app-vim/vim-colors-solarized Precision colorscheme for the vim text editor
dev-perl/Class-Meta Data type validation and accessor building
dev-perl/Class-Meta-Express Concise, expressive creation of Class::Meta classes
dev-perl/Data-Types Validate and convert data types
dev-perl/HTML-Hyphenate Class for inserting soft hyphens into HTML
dev-perl/Set-Scalar Basic set operations
dev-perl/Statistics-Descriptive Module of basic descriptive statistical functions
dev-perl/TeX-Hyphen Hyphenate words using TeX's patterns
dev-perl/TeX-Hyphen-Pattern Single interface to use patterns in TeX::Hyphen
dev-python/PyXSS Python Interface for X Screensaver Proto
dev-python/python-aosd Python binding for libaosd
dev-python/reportlab Create PDF Documents in python
dev-python/retries Retries python functions
dev-python/waitress Waitress WSGI server
dev-scm/hgshelve Set some changes in a hg repository aside
dev-util/imediff2 An interactive, user friendly 2-way merge tool in text mode
fonts/powerline-fonts Patched fonts for Powerline users
mail-filter/amavisd-new Interface between MTA and content-scanners
media-radio/gnuradio Software radio development toolkit
media-radio/gr-osmosdr Gnuradio block to work with OsmoSDR and rtl-sdr
media-radio/rtl-sdr Turns your Realtek RTL2832 based DVB dongle into a SDR receiver
media-sound/pulseaudio-applet A panel applet to control pulseaudio
net-mail/dovecot-antispam-plugin This Plugin allows you to retrain the spam filter by simply moving emails in and out of the Spam folder
net-misc/corebird Corebird is a modern, easy and fun Twitter client
net-misc/minidlna A simple media server software
net-misc/owncloudclient The owncloud client software
sys-apps/emelfm2 Orthodox (Two-Paned) Filemanager
sys-apps/greetd-qtgreet Qt based greeter for greetd
sys-apps/pcsc-ctapi Wrapper library for using smartcard readers that support PCSC with any application that supports CTAPI
sys-apps/pcsc-cyberjack Driver for the Reiner SCT Cyberjack card reader
sys-fs/jmtpfs a FUSE and libmtp based filesystem for accessing MTP devices
x11-apps/dunst Daemon for displaying notifications
x11-apps/xob X overlay bar
x11-apps/xss-lock Use external locker as X screen saver