olesalscheider's developer repository.




app-backup/boxbackup Box Backup is an open source, completely automatic, secure, encrypted on-line backup system
app-backup/rsnapshot rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems
app-misc/unison Bi-directional file synchronization tool written in OCaml
app-text/kbibtex KBibTeX is a BibTeX editor for KDE to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX
dev-libs/jthread Collection of classes to make use of threads easy on different platforms
dev-libs/libmodbus A Modbus library for Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, QNX and Win32
dev-libs/log4cxx Apache log4cxx is a logging framework for C++
dev-python/vobject A python module for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files
games-misc/voxelands Fun-Focused Free Software Voxel World Game
media-libs/libtxc_dxtn Helper library for S3TC texture (de)compression
media-tv/tvheadend Tvheadend is a combined DVB receiver, Digital Video Recorder and Live TV streaming server
net-im/prosody-modules Additional modules for Prosody
net-im/qxmpp QXmpp is a cross-platform C++ XMPP client and server library
net-im/telepathy-nonsense Telepathy XMPP connection manager based on QXmpp
net-im/telepathy-rakia SIP plugin for telepathy
net-libs/sofia-sip RFC3261 compliant SIP User-Agent library
net-misc/Radicale Radicale is a small but powerful CalDAV and CardDAV
net-misc/esniper Command-line program for sniping eBay auctions
sci-libs/ViennaCL Linear algebra and solver library using CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenMP
sci-libs/ceres-solver C++ library for modeling and solving large complicated nonlinear least squares problems
sys-apps/numactl Provides NUMA policy support for Linux
sys-libs/ROCR-Runtime ROCm Platform Runtime
sys-libs/ROCT-Thunk-Interface Radeon Open Compute Thunk Interface