obeliks' exheres.




app-misc/quitcount QuitCount is a simple counter that shows what you saved since you quit smoking
app-text/flpsed A WYSIWYG PostScript annotator
controller/boblight Boblight is a collection of tools for driving lights connected to an external controller
dev-python/python-aalib python-aalib is a set of bindings for AAlib, an ASCII art library
fonts/jetbrains-mono JetBrains Mono – the free and open-source typeface for developers
media-plugins/gimp-lqr-plugin GIMP Liquid Rescale plugin
net-irc/quassel Quassel is a Qt based IRC-client using a client-server architecture
sys-apps/nvme-cli NVMe management command line interface
sys-auth/pam_mount A PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session
sys-boot/refind The rEFInd Boot Manager
sys-fs/extundelete Extundelete is a utility to undelete files from an ext3 or ext4 partition
sys-libs/libhx Platform independent library providing basic system functions