ankur's packages.




app-crypt/sqlcipher An SQLite extension that provides 256 bit AES encryption of database files
app-office/ledger A double-entry accounting system with a command-line reporting interface
app-office/ledger-autosync Automatically sync your bank's data with ledger
app-text/pdfgrep Search for text in pdf files
dev-libs/utfcpp A simple, portable and lightweight generic library for handling UTF-8 encoded strings
dev-python/Markdown Python implementation of Markdown
dev-python/cddb-py Access online databases of audio CD track titles and information
dev-python/musicbrainzngs Python bindings for musicbrainz NGS webservice
dev-python/ofxclient OFX client for dowloading transactions from banks
dev-python/ofxhome financial institution lookup REST client
dev-python/ofxparse Automatically sync your bank's data with ledger
fonts/google-web-fonts Fonts from Google Web Fonts
games-emulation/desmume Nintendo DS emulator
mail-client/nmh Powerful mail handling system based on MH
net-mail/mpop mpop is a pop client
net-news/snownews Text mode RSS newsreader
net-p2p/retroshare A decentralized, private and secure commmunication and sharing platform
net-proxy/sshuttle Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man's VPN; doesn't require admin; supports DNS tunneling
net-wireless/bully A wifi-protected-setup (WPS) brute force attack tool, similar to reaver
sys-apps/mbox Mbox is a lightweight sandboxing mechanism that any user can use without special privileges in commodity operating systems
sys-devel/icmake A hybrid between a 'make' utility and a shell script language
sys-power/suspend-utils µswsusp: suspend and hibernation utilities in userspace
sys-process/criu Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace
www-client/httrack HTTrack Website Copier, Open Source Offline Browser
www-misc/httraqt Graphical user interface for HTTrack library
www-servers/darkhttpd Simple static web server