Keruspe's dev repository.




app-admin/creds The credentials mangler
app-admin/sudo-ng sudo implemented as it should
app-paludis/paludis-scripts Collection of scripts for paludis
app-shells/nu A modern, GitHub-era shell written in Rust
app-terminal/zellij A terminal workspace with batteries included
app-vim/airline lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air
app-vim/syntastic Syntax checking hacks for vim
dev-scala/sbt a minimally intrusive build tool for Scala projects
dev-util/lcov LCOV is a graphical front-end for GCC's coverage testing tool gcov
dev-util/meld A visual diff and merge tool
gnome-desktop/GPaste Clipboard management system
gnome-desktop/gnome-builder An IDE for writing GNOME-based software
gnome-desktop/gnome-firmware Install firmware on devices
gnome-desktop/sysprof Sysprof kernel based performance profiler for Linux
media/pinos Pinos is a user space API to deal with video
media-libs/libldac AOSP libldac dispatcher
media-libs/libopenaptx Audio Processing Technology codec (aptX)
media-sound/paprefs PulseAudio Preferences Dialog
net/neard Near Field Communication manager
net-misc/gnome-nettool Graphical front-ends to various networking command-line
sys-apps/dbus-broker Linux D-Bus Message Broker
sys-apps/lsb-release Linux Standard Base
sys-apps/progress Linux tool to show progress for cp, rm, dd, ..
sys-apps/switcheroo-control D-Bus service to check the availability of dual-GPU
sys-apps/topgrade Upgrade everything
sys-auth/google-authenticator Example PAM module demonstrating two-factor authentication
sys-auth/pam_pkcs11 PAM module for simple authentication by a RFID token
sys-auth/poldi PAM for the OpenPGP card
sys-fs/facron fanotify cron system
x11-apps/Germinal Minimalist terminal emulator based on vte