KDE packages.




app-cdr/k3b KDE CD Writing Software
app-crypt/qca Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA)
app-crypt/sqlcipher An SQLite extension that provides 256 bit AES encryption of database files
app-crypt/symmy Frontend for the symmetric encryption functionality of GPG
app-editors/QScintilla QScintilla is a port to Qt of the Scintilla editing component
app-editors/kile A user friendly TeX/LaTeX editor for the KDE desktop environment
app-misc/krename Powerful batch renamer for KDE
app-mobilephone/kdeconnect A daemon and KCM to connect your Android device with your desktop
app-office/calligra Collection of office applications for the K Desktop Environment
app-office/calligraplan A project management application
app-office/kexi A visual database applications creator
app-office/scribus A Desktop Publishing application
app-pim/libkgapi An Akonadi Resource for Google services, like Google Calendar and Google Contacts
app-security/keysmith OTP client for Plasma Mobile and Desktop
app-text/ghostwriter Text editor for Markdown
db/sqlitebrowser Database browser for SQLite
dev-db/libiodbc iODBC Driver Manager
dev-libs/grantlee Plugin based String Template system written using the Qt framework
dev-libs/kcgroups Library for easy access to running apps and their control groups resources
dev-libs/kdb A database connectivity and creation framework
dev-libs/kopeninghours A library for parsing and evaluating OSM opening hours expressions
dev-libs/kosmindoormap A library and QML component for rendering multi-level OSM indoor maps
dev-libs/kproperty A property editing framework with editor widget similar to Qt Designer
dev-libs/libphonenumber Google's library for parsing, formatting, and validating international phone numbers
dev-libs/libqaccessibilityclient Helper to make writing accessibility tools using Qt easier
dev-libs/libqofono A library for accessing the ofono daemon, and a declarative plugin for it
dev-libs/qcoro C++ Coroutines for Qt
dev-libs/qmltermwidget A QML port of qtermwidget
dev-libs/rttr An open source library, which adds reflection to C++
dev-util/elf-dissector Tools for inspecting, analyzing and optimizing ELF files
dev-util/elflibviewer ELF Library Viewer lists what libraries a given program or shared library links to
dev-util/kdiff3 3-way diff & merge program
dev-util/massif-visualizer A visualizer for Valgrind Massif data files
dev-util/ofono-phonesim A soft modem that eliminates the need to have an actual AT modem
dev-util/qgit QGit is a git GUI viewer built on Qt/C++
finance/kmymoney Personal finance manager for KDE
finance/libalkimia Library with common classes and functionality used by KDE finance applications
finance/skrooge Skrooge is a personal finances manager, aiming at being powerful and intuitive
fonts/oxygen-fonts Oxygen font family
games-board/knights Chess board program from KDE
graphics/digikam An advanced digital photo management application
graphics/kgeotag A Free/Libre Open Source photo geotagging program
graphics/kipi-plugins A common plugin structure for various image applications
graphics/kodaskanna A multi-format 1D/2D code scanner
graphics/koko An image viewer designed for desktop and touch devices
graphics/skanlite Skanlite is a simple image scanning application based on the KSane backend
kde/akonadi-calendar-tools A command line interface to KDE calendars
kde/akonadi-import-wizard Tool for importing mail/filter/settings/bookmarks from other programs
kde/akonadiclient Commandline interface for accessing Akonadi
kde/akonadiconsole Akonadi Management and Debugging Console
kde/akregator A KDE news feed reader
kde/alligator A convergent RSS/Atom feed reader
kde/analitza Library for adding mathematical features to your program
kde/arianna EPub Reader for mobile devices
kde/ark Ark is KDE's file archiver
kde/arkade Collection of arcade/classic games written in QML
kde/artikulate A learning software that helps improving pronunciation skills
kde/audiocd-kio KIO worker for accessing audio CDs
kde/baloo-widgets Widgets providing file metadata for search-indexing
kde/blinken KDE Memory Enhancement Game
kde/bomber A single player arcade bombing game
kde/bovo Five-in-a-row Board Game
kde/breeze Artwork, styles and assets for the Breeze style for the Plasma Desktop
kde/calendarsupport Library providing support for calendars
kde/calindori Calendar application for Plasma Mobile
kde/cantor KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software
kde/cervisia A user friendly version control system front-end
kde/choqok A Free/Open Source micro-blogging client by the KDE community
kde/colord-kde Provides a KCM module and a session daemon to colord
kde/discover KDE and Plasma resources management GUI
kde/dolphin A lightweight file manager
kde/dolphin-plugins Plugins for the Dolphin filemanager
kde/dragon A multimedia player where the focus is on simplicity, instead of features
kde/drkonqi KDE's crash handler
kde/eventviews Library for creating events
kde/ffmpegthumbs FFmpeg-based thumbnail creator for video files
kde/filelight Tool to analyze disk usage graphically
kde/flatpak-kcm Flatpak Permissions Management KCM
kde/granatier A clone of the classic Bomberman game
kde/grantleeeditor An editor for Grantlee themes
kde/grantleetheme Library provididing grantlee theme support
kde/gwenview A fast and easy to use image viewer by KDE
kde/incidenceeditor Library providing an incidence editor
kde/juk Juk is a jukebox, tagger and music collection manager
kde/kaccounts-integration Small system to administer web accounts for sites and services
kde/kaccounts-providers KDE accounts providers
kde/kactivitymanagerd KAcvtities daemon managing the user's activities
kde/kaddressbook KAddressBook stores all the personal details of your contacts
kde/kajongg Classic Mah Jongg for four players
kde/kalarm A KDE GUI for alarm messages
kde/kalendar A Kirigami-based calendar application that uses Akonadi
kde/kalgebra KDE EDU: 2D and 3D Graph Calculator
kde/kalk A convergent calculator application built with the Kirigami framework
kde/kalzium Periodic Table of Elements
kde/kamera Digital camera I/O slave
kde/kamoso An application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam
kde/kanagram Puzzle based on anagrams of words
kde/kapman A clone of the well known game Pac-Man
kde/kapptemplate An application to start development quickly using existing templates
kde/kasync A C++ library for controlling asynchronous tasks
kde/kate Advanced editor component which is used in numerous KDE applications
kde/katomic Sokoban-like Logic Game
kde/kbackup A backup program with an easy to use user interface
kde/kblackbox Blackbox Logic Game
kde/kblocks KBlocks is the classic falling blocks game
kde/kbounce Ball Bouncing Game
kde/kbreakout Breakout-like game
kde/kbruch Program to practice fractions
kde/kcachegrind Frontend for cachegrind
kde/kcalc KDE scientific calculator
kde/kcharselect Select special characters from any fonts and put them into the clipboard
kde/kclock A convergent clock application for Plasma
kde/kcolorchooser Pick colours from your screen
kde/kcron KDE Task Scheduler
kde/kdav2 A DAV protocol implementation without KIO
kde/kde-cli-tools Collection of cli tools for KDE
kde/kde-dev-scripts Scripts and setting files useful during development of KDE software
kde/kde-dev-utils Small utilities for developers using KDE/Qt libs/frameworks
kde/kde-gtk-config GTK2 and GTK3 Configurator for KDE
kde/kde-inotify-survey Monitors inotify limits and informs when they have been or about to be reached
kde/kde-pam pam.d files used by several KDE components
kde/kdebugsettings An application to enable/disable qCDebug
kde/kdecoration Plugin based library to create window decorations
kde/kdeedu-data Shared icons, artwork and data files for KDE's educational applications
kde/kdegraphics-thumbnailers Thumbnailers for various graphics file formats
kde/kdenetwork-filesharing KControl filesharing module for samba
kde/kdepim-addons KDE Personal Information Management - Addons
kde/kdepim-runtime KDE Personal Information Management - Runtime files
kde/kdeplasma-addons Addons for plasma
kde/kdesdk-kio KIO workers useful for software development
kde/kdesdk-thumbnailers KDE SDK plugins for the thumbnailing system
kde/kdev-php PHP plugin for KDevelop
kde/kdev-python Python 3 plugin for KDevelop
kde/kdevelop A cross-platform IDE for C, C++, Python, QML/JavaScript and PHP
kde/kdevelop-pg-qt KDevplatform parser-generator
kde/kdf KDiskFree displays the available free disk space
kde/kdiagram A library for creating business charts
kde/kdialog KDialog can be used to show nice dialog boxes from shell scripts
kde/kdiamond Three-in-a-row game
kde/kdots An simple implementation of the game of dots
kde/keditbookmarks Bookmarks editor
kde/kfind KDE file find utility
kde/kfourinline Four-in-a-row Board Game
kde/kgamma5 K control module to regulate the screen's gamma correction
kde/kgeography Geography Trainer
kde/kget A versatile and user-friendly download manager
kde/kgoldrunner A game of action and puzzle solving
kde/kgpg Graphical interface for GnuPG
kde/khangman A game based on the well-known hangman game
kde/khealthcertificate Parsing of digital vaccination, test and recovery certificates
kde/khelpcenter KDE Helpcenter
kde/khotkeys Bind actions to triggers and conditions
kde/kig Interactive mathematics sofware for learning and teaching geometry
kde/kigo Go board game
kde/killbots A simple game of evading killer robots
kde/kimagemapeditor HTML Image Map Editor
kde/kimap2 Library providing a job-based API for interacting with an IMAP4 server
kde/kinfocenter System information center
kde/kio-admin Manage files as administrator using the admin:// KIO protocol
kde/kio-extras Additional components to increase the functionality of KIO
kde/kio-fuse FUSE Interface for KIO
kde/kio-zeroconf KIO worker to discover file systems by DNS-SD (zeroconf)
kde/kirigami-addons Add-ons for the Kirigami framework
kde/kirigami-gallery Example application which uses all features from kirigami
kde/kiriki Yahtzee-like dice game
kde/kiten Japanese Reference/Study Tool
kde/kitinerary A library containing a itinerary data model and itinerary extraction code
kde/kjots Note taking application using Akonadi
kde/kjournald Framework for interacting with systemd-journald
kde/kjumpingcube Territory capture game
kde/kleopatra Certificate manager and GUI for OpenPGP and CMS cryptography
kde/klettres KDE program to learn the alphabet
kde/klickety An adaptation of the Clickomania game
kde/klines A game about balls and how to get rid of them
kde/kmag Screen Magnifier
kde/kmahjongg Mahjongg Solitaire
kde/kmail A KDE mail client
kde/kmail-account-wizard Wizard to add and configure PIM accounts
kde/kmarkdownwebview A Markdown format viewer KParts plugin
kde/kmenuedit KDE Menu editor
kde/kmines Minesweeper-like game
kde/kmix KDE volume control program
kde/kmousetool Clicks the mouse for you
kde/kmouth Speech Synthesizer Frontend
kde/kmplot Mathematical Function Plotter
kde/knavalbattle Battleship Game
kde/knetwalk Network construction game
kde/knotes A program that lets you write the computer equivalent of sticky notes
kde/kolf Miniature golf
kde/kollision A simple ball dodging game
kde/kolorfill A simple flood fill game
kde/kolourpaint A simple paint program
kde/kompare Diff/Patch Frontend
kde/kongress Companion application for conferences
kde/konqueror Advanced File Manager, Web Browser and Universal Viewing Application
kde/konquest Galactic Strategy Game
kde/konsole KDE's terminal emulator
kde/kontact An integrated solution to your personal information management (PIM) needs
kde/kontrast Checks if color combinations are accessible
kde/kopete Multi-protocol instant messaging client with various plugins for extra functionality
kde/korganizer A KDE a calendar, todo-list manager and journal
kde/kpat Patience card game
kde/kpeoplevcard Makes it possible to expose vcards to KPeople
kde/kpkpass Library to deal with Apple Wallet pass files
kde/kpmcore KDE Partition Manager Core Library
kde/kpublictransport Library to assist with accessing information about public transport
kde/kqtquickcharts Beautiful and interactive charts for Qt Quick 1.0
kde/kquickimageeditor QtQuick components providing basic image editing capabilities
kde/krdc Remote Desktop Client
kde/krecorder Audio recorder for Plasma Mobile and other platforms
kde/kregexpeditor A GUI for creating and editing regular expressions
kde/kreversi Reversi Board Game
kde/krfb VNC-compatible server to share KDE desktops
kde/kronometer A stopwatch application
kde/kruler A ruler to measure distances on the screen
kde/krusader An advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager
kde/ksanecore A library that provides a Qt interface for the SANE library for scanner hardware
kde/kscreen KDE's screen management software
kde/kscreenlocker Library and components for a secure lock screen architecture
kde/kshisen Shisen-Sho Mahjongg-like Tile Game
kde/ksirk World domination strategy game
kde/ksmtp Job-based library to send email through an SMTP server
kde/ksnakeduel A simple tron clone
kde/ksokoban Implementation of the Japanese warehouse keeper game sokoban by KDE
kde/kspaceduel KDE Space Arcade Game
kde/ksquares An implementation of the game squares for KDE
kde/ksshaskpass Front-end for ssh-add using kwallet
kde/kstars Desktop Planetarium
kde/ksudoku KDE sudoku game
kde/ksystemlog A system log viewer tool
kde/ksystemstats A plugin based system monitoring daemon
kde/kteatime Applet for the system tray that makes sure your tea doesn't get too strong
kde/ktextaddons Various text handling addons
kde/ktimer Execute programs after some time
kde/ktorrent KTorrent - The KDE BitTorrent client
kde/ktouch KDE EDU: Touch Typing Tutor
kde/ktuberling Picture game for children
kde/kturtle KDE EDU: Educational Programming Environment
kde/kube A modern communication and collaboration client built with QtQuick
kde/kubrick 3D game based on Rubik's Cube
kde/kuserfeedback Framework for collecting user feedback for applications via telemetry and surveys
kde/kwallet-pam PAM module to interface kwallet for unlocking it when loggin in
kde/kwalletmanager KDE wallet management tool
kde/kwave Kwave is a sound editor built on KDE Frameworks
kde/kwayland-integration Integration plugins for KDE frameworks for the wayland windowing system
kde/kweather A convergent weather application for Plasma
kde/kweathercore Library to facilitate retrieval of weather information including forecasts and alerts
kde/kwebkitpart KDE WebKit KPart
kde/kwin An easy to use, but flexible, composited Window Manager
kde/kwordquiz KDE EDU: Flash Card Trainer
kde/kwrited Daemon which listens to traditional system notifications
kde/latte-dock An Elegant and Intuitive Dock for Your Tasks and Plasmoids
kde/layer-shell-qt Qt component which allows apps to make use of the wl-layer-shell protocol
kde/libgravatar A library providing support for gravatar.com
kde/libkcddb KDE CDDB library
kde/libkcompactdisc Library for interfacing with CDs
kde/libkdegames Common code and data for many KDE games
kde/libkdepim Library for common KDE PIM applications
kde/libkeduvocdocument A library for reading and writing vocabulary files used by KDE apps
kde/libkipi An interface to use kipi-plugins from a KDE image management program like digiKam
kde/libkleo A library providing crypto for E-Mails
kde/libkmahjongg Common code, backgrounds and tile sets for games using Mahjongg tiles
kde/libkomparediff2 Library to compare files and strings
kde/libksane Provides a QWidget that contains all the logic needed to interface a scanner
kde/libksieve A library managing sieve support
kde/libksysguard Library to retrieve information on the current status of computer hardware
kde/lokalize A computer-aided translation system
kde/lskat KDE skat game
kde/mailcommon Library which provides support for mail applications
kde/mailimporter Mail importer library
kde/marble KDE EDU: Virtual Globe and World Atlas
kde/markdownpart KPart for rendering Markdown content
kde/mboximporter Application to import mbox to KDE PIM
kde/messagelib Libraries for the handling of messages
kde/milou A dedicated search application built on top of Baloo
kde/minuet A KDE Software for Music Education
kde/mobipocket A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files
kde/okteta KDE hex editor for viewing and editing the raw data of files
kde/okular An universal document viewer for KDE
kde/oxygen Qt5-based oxygen style
kde/oxygen-sounds The Oxygen Sound Theme
kde/palapeli Jigsaw puzzle game
kde/parley KDE EDU: Vocabulary Trainer
kde/partitionmanager KDE Partition Manager
kde/picmi A nonogram logic game for KDE
kde/pim-data-exporter Application to import/export data to/from KDE PIM
kde/pimcommon Common library for kdepim
kde/plasma-browser-integration Integrate browsers into Plasma desktop
kde/plasma-desktop Plasma desktop
kde/plasma-dialer Plasma phone dialer
kde/plasma-disks Monitors S.M.A.R.T. capable devices for imminent failure
kde/plasma-firewall Control Panel for your system firewall
kde/plasma-integration Qt platform theme integration plugins for the Plasma workspaces
kde/plasma-mobile General UI components for Plasma Phone including shell, containment and applets
kde/plasma-nano A minimal plasma shell package intended for embedded devices
kde/plasma-nm Plasma applet for managing network connections
kde/plasma-pa Plasma applet for managing PulseAudio's volume settings
kde/plasma-pass A Plasma applet to access passwords from pass, the UNIX password manager
kde/plasma-phonebook Phone book for Plasma Mobile
kde/plasma-sdk Applications useful for Plasma Development
kde/plasma-settings Settings application for Plasma Mobile
kde/plasma-systemmonitor An application for monitoring system resources
kde/plasma-thunderbolt Plasma system settings and kded modules to handle Thunderbolt devices
kde/plasma-vault Plasma applet and services for creating encrypted vaults
kde/plasma-wallpaper-asciiquarium A little ASCII-style aquarium as wallpaper or lock screen background
kde/plasma-wayland-protocols (Non-standard) wayland protocols used with the Plasma desktop
kde/plasma-welcome A friendly onboarding wizard for Plasma
kde/plasma-workspace Plasma libraries and utilities
kde/plasma-workspace-wallpapers Wallpapers for Plasma 5
kde/plasma5support Support components for porting from KF5/Qt5 to KF6/Qt6
kde/plasmatube Kirigami YouTube video player based on QtMultimedia and youtube-dl
kde/powerdevil KDE Power Management System
kde/poxml Translates DocBook XML files using gettext po files
kde/print-manager Printing Management for KDE
kde/pulseaudio-qt Qt bindings for libpulse
kde/qmlkonsole Terminal app for Plasma Mobile
kde/qqc2-breeze-style A pure QtQuick/Kirigami Qt Quick Controls Style
kde/rocs KDE EDU: Graph Theory IDE
kde/sddm-kcm KDE config module for SDDM
kde/sieveeditor KDE application to edit sieve scripts
kde/signon-kwallet-extension KWallet integration for signon framework
kde/skanpage A multi-page scanning application using a QML interface
kde/spacebar A SMS/MMS messaging client that primarily targets Plasma Mobile
kde/spectacle Screenshot taking utility
kde/step KDE EDU: Interactive Physics Simulator
kde/svgpart A SVG KPart
kde/sweeper Sweeper cleans unwanted traces the user leaves on the system
kde/systemsettings KDE's system configuration and administration center
kde/tellico A collection manager for KDE
kde/tokodon A Mastodon client for Plasma and Plasma Mobile
kde/umbrello A UML modelling tool and code generator
kde/vakzination Manages your health certificates like vaccination, test, and recovery certificates
kde/xdg-desktop-portal-kde A KDE implementation of Flatpak portals backend
kde/yakuake Yakuake - Quake style terminal emulator
kde/zanshin Getting Things Done application which aims at getting your mind like water
kde-frameworks/akonadi-calendar Akonadi Calendar Integration
kde-frameworks/akonadi-contact Libraries and daemons to implement Contact Management in Akonadi
kde-frameworks/akonadi-mime Libraries and daemons to implement basic email handling
kde-frameworks/akonadi-notes Libraries and daemons to implement management of notes in Akonadi
kde-frameworks/akonadi-search Libraries and daemons to implement searching in Akonadi
kde-frameworks/attica A Qt library to access the api of Open Collaboration Services servers
kde-frameworks/baloo A framework for searching and managing metadata
kde-frameworks/bluez-qt Qt wrapper for BlueZ 5 DBus API
kde-frameworks/breeze-icons Breeze icon theme
kde-frameworks/extra-cmake-modules Extra modules and scripts for CMake
kde-frameworks/frameworkintegration Integration of Qt application with KDE work spaces
kde-frameworks/kactivities Library to organize the user work in separate activities
kde-frameworks/kactivities-stats Library for accessing the usage data collected by the activities system
kde-frameworks/karchive Qt addon providing access to numerous types of archives
kde-frameworks/kauth Framework to let applications perform actions as a privileged user
kde-frameworks/kbookmarks Web browser bookmark management
kde-frameworks/kcalendarcore Library providing access to and handling of calendar data
kde-frameworks/kcalutils A library providing utility functions for the handling of calendar data
kde-frameworks/kcmutils Utilities for KDE System Settings modules
kde-frameworks/kcodecs A collection of methods to manipulate strings using various encodings
kde-frameworks/kcolorscheme Classes to read and interact with KColorScheme
kde-frameworks/kcompletion Provides Widgets with advanced auto-completion features
kde-frameworks/kconfig Provides an advanced configuration system
kde-frameworks/kconfigwidgets Widgets for configuration dialogs
kde-frameworks/kcontacts Provides an API for address book data
kde-frameworks/kcoreaddons Addons to QtCore
kde-frameworks/kcrash KCrash provides support for intercepting and handling application crashes
kde-frameworks/kdav A DAV protocol implementation with KJobs
kde-frameworks/kdbusaddons Addons to QtDBus
kde-frameworks/kdeclarative Integration of QML and KDE work spaces
kde-frameworks/kded Central daemon of KDE work spaces
kde-frameworks/kdelibs4support Framework to help porting from kdelibs4
kde-frameworks/kdesignerplugin Integrating KDE frameworks widgets with Qt Designer
kde-frameworks/kdesu User interface for running shell commands with root privileges
kde-frameworks/kdewebkit KDE integration of the HTML rendering engine WebKit
kde-frameworks/kdnssd Network service discovery using Zeroconf
kde-frameworks/kdoctools Provides tools to generate documentation in various format from DocBook files
kde-frameworks/kemoticons KEmoticons converts emoticons from text to a graphical representation
kde-frameworks/kfilemetadata A library for extracting file metadata
kde-frameworks/kglobalaccel Support for global workspace shortcuts
kde-frameworks/kguiaddons Utilities for graphical user interfaces
kde-frameworks/kholidays The KDE library for regional holiday information
kde-frameworks/khtml A web rendering engine, based on KParts and using KJS for JavaScript
kde-frameworks/ki18n KDE Gettext-based UI text internationalization
kde-frameworks/kiconthemes Icon theme GUI utilities
kde-frameworks/kidentitymanagement Manage PIM identity
kde-frameworks/kidletime Reporting of idle time of user and system
kde-frameworks/kimageformats Provides additional image format plugins for QtGui
kde-frameworks/kimap A job-based API for interacting with IMAP servers
kde-frameworks/kinit Helper library to speed up start of applications on KDE workspaces
kde-frameworks/kio Network transparent access to files and data
kde-frameworks/kirigami QtQuick plugins to build user interfaces based on the KDE UX guidelines
kde-frameworks/kitemmodels Set of item models extending the Qt model-view framework
kde-frameworks/kitemviews Set of item views extending the Qt model-view frameworks
kde-frameworks/kjobwidgets Widgets for showing progress of asynchronous jobs
kde-frameworks/kjs Support for JavaScript scripting in applications
kde-frameworks/kjsembed Allows binding a Javascript object to QObject
kde-frameworks/kldap Allows LDAP accessing with a convenient Qt style C++ API
kde-frameworks/kmailtransport Framework for managing mail transports
kde-frameworks/kmbox A library for accessing mail storages in MBox format
kde-frameworks/kmediaplayer Interface for media player KParts
kde-frameworks/kmime A library for handling mail messages and newsgroup articles
kde-frameworks/kmoretools Support for downloading application assets from the network
kde-frameworks/knewstuff Framework for downloading and sharing additional application data
kde-frameworks/knotifications KDE Desktop notifications framework
kde-frameworks/knotifyconfig Configuration dialog for desktop notifications
kde-frameworks/kontactinterface Kontact Plugin Interface Library
kde-frameworks/kpackage Library to load and install packages of non binary files as they were a plugin
kde-frameworks/kparts Plugin framework for user interface components
kde-frameworks/kpeople Library prroviding access to all contacts and aggregates them by person
kde-frameworks/kpimtextedit A textedit with PIM-specific features
kde-frameworks/kplotting Lightweight plotting framework
kde-frameworks/kpty Library to interface with pseudo terminal devices
kde-frameworks/kquickcharts A QtQuick plugin providing high-performance charts
kde-frameworks/kross Embedding of scripting into applications
kde-frameworks/krunner Framework for providing different actions given a string query
kde-frameworks/kservice Plugin framework for desktop services
kde-frameworks/ktexteditor KDE text editor component
kde-frameworks/ktexttemplate Library allowing developers to separate the structure of documents from the data
kde-frameworks/ktextwidgets Advanced text editing widgets
kde-frameworks/ktnef API for handling TNEF data
kde-frameworks/kunitconversion Converting physical units
kde-frameworks/kwallet Safe desktop-wide storage for passwords
kde-frameworks/kwayland A Qt-style Client and Server library wrapper for the Wayland libraries
kde-frameworks/kwidgetsaddons Large set of desktop widgets as addons to QtWidgets
kde-frameworks/kwindowsystem Integration with X11 and window managers
kde-frameworks/kxmlgui Framework for managing menu and toolbar actions
kde-frameworks/kxmlrpcclient A library containing simple XML-RPC Client support
kde-frameworks/libkdcraw A thread-safe wrapper around libraw to access .raw files
kde-frameworks/libkexiv2 A wrapper around Exiv2 library to manipulate pictures metadata as EXIF IPTC and XMP
kde-frameworks/libkscreen KDE's screen management library
kde-frameworks/modemmanager-qt Qt-only wrapper for ModemManager DBus API
kde-frameworks/networkmanager-qt Qt-only wrapper for NetworkManager API
kde-frameworks/oxygen-icons5 Oxygen icon theme
kde-frameworks/plasma-framework Plugin based UI runtime used to write primary user interfaces
kde-frameworks/prison A library currently offering a nice Qt api to produce certain barcodes
kde-frameworks/purpose Offers available actions for a specific purpose
kde-frameworks/qqc2-desktop-style Desktop style for QtQuickControls 2
kde-frameworks/solid Hardware integration and detection
kde-frameworks/sonnet A plugin-based spell-checking framework for Qt-base applications
kde-frameworks/syndication A parser library for RSS and Atom feeds
kde-frameworks/syntax-highlighting A stand-alone implementation of the Kate syntax highlighting engine
kde-frameworks/threadweaver High-level multithreading framework
media/smplayer A great media player
media-gfx/kgraphviewer A GraphViz dot graph viewer
media-gfx/krita A paint application for raster images
media-gfx/ksnip Qt based cross-platform screenshot tool
media-gfx/peruse A comic book reader app based on KF5 and Qt Quick2
media-libs/kcolorpicker QToolButton with color popup menu with lets you select a color
media-libs/kimageannotator Tool for annotating images
media-libs/kpipewire Components relating to Flatpak 'pipewire' use in Plasma
media-libs/libpgf Library for PGF image format
media-libs/phonon KDE multimedia API
media-libs/phonon-gstreamer A GStreamer-based phonon backend
media-libs/phonon-vlc A VLC-based phonon backend
media-libs/qt-gstreamer C++ bindings for GStreamer with a Qt-style API
media-libs/qtmpris Qt and QML MPRIS interface and adaptor
media-sound/amarok Amarok - the audio player by KDE
media-sound/audex KDE based CDDA extraction tool
media-sound/audiotube A client for YouTube Music
media-sound/cantata Qt client for the music player daemon (mpd)
media-sound/elisa A simple and easy to use music player
media-sound/kasts A convergent podcast application
media-sound/kid3 A KDE music tagger
media-tv/telly-skout A convergent TV guide based on Kirigami
media-video/kaffeine Media player with support for digital tv (DVB-C/S/S2/T and ATSC, decryption with CI/CAM)
media-video/kdenlive KDE Non Linear Video Editor
net-apps/kio-gdrive A KIO slave that allows KIO-aware applications to access Google Drive files
net-im/ktp-accounts-kcm KCM Module for configuring Telepathy Instant Messaging Accounts
net-im/ktp-approver KDE Channel Approver for Telepathy
net-im/ktp-auth-handler Provide UI/KWallet Integration For Passwords and SSL Errors on Account Connect
net-im/ktp-call-ui Voice/Video Call UI for KDE Telepathy
net-im/ktp-common-internals Re-used KDE Telepathy Parts
net-im/ktp-contact-list The telepathy-kde contact list application
net-im/ktp-contact-runner KRunner plugin for KDE Telepathy
net-im/ktp-desktop-applets The telepathy-kde plasma desktop applets
net-im/ktp-filetransfer-handler The telepathy-kde file transfer handler
net-im/ktp-kded-integration-module A kded module for telepathy-kde integration
net-im/ktp-send-file A File manager plugin to launch a file transfer job with a specified contact
net-im/ktp-text-ui The telepathy-kde handler for Text Chats
net-im/neochat A client for Matrix, the decentralized communication protocol for IM
net-im/telepathy-logger-qt Qt bindings for telepathy logger
net-im/telepathy-qt A high-level binding for Telepathy, similar to telepathy-glib but for Qt
net-irc/konversation Konversation is a graphical Internet Relay Chat client for KDE
net-libs/accounts-qml-module QML bindings for libaccounts-qt and libsignon-qt
net-libs/kdsoap A Qt-based client-side and server-side SOAP component
net-libs/kdsoap-ws-discovery-client A WS-Discovery client library based on the KDSoap library
net-p2p/libktorrent Libktorrent contains all ktorrent's downloading code
net-wireless/bluedevil Integrates the Bluetooth technology within KDE workspace and applications
net-www/angelfish Web browser for Plasma Mobile
net-www/falkon Cross-platfrom Qt Web Browser (previously known as QupZilla)
office-libs/kreport A framework for the creation and generation of reports in multiple formats
sci-apps/rkward An easy to use and easily extensible IDE/GUI for R
server-pim/akonadi The server part of Akonadi
server-pim/sink Sink is a data access layer handling synchronization, caching and indexing
sys-auth/polkit-kde-agent KDE daemon providing a Polkit-1 based authentication UI
sys-auth/polkit-qt A library that allows developer to access PolicyKit-1 API with a nice Qt-style API
sys-auth/qoauth A small Qt-based C++ library aiming to prepare OAuth
sys-auth/sddm SDDM is a modern display manager based on Qt using technologies like QtQuick
sys-devel/qt-creator Qt Creator is a new cross-platform integrated development environment for use with Qt
travel/itinerary Itinerary and boarding pass management application
travel/ktrip Public Transport Assistance for Mobile Devices
x11-libs/dbusmenu-qt Stand-alone library providing a way to import and export QMenu instances using the DBusMenu protocol
x11-libs/qtwebkit Qt Cross-platform application framework: QtWebkit
x11-libs/qwt Qt Widgets for Technical Applications
x11-themes/breeze-gtk GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3 themes built to match KDE's breeze
x11-themes/qtcurve QtCurve - Qt5/GTK+2 widget styles
x11-themes/smplayer-themes Icon themes for SMPlayer