flocke's repository for exherbo.




app-editors/texstudio Integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents
dev-perl/Desktop-Notify Communicate with the Desktop Notifications framework
dev-perl/Net-IMAP-Client Not so simple IMAP client library
dev-perl/RPC-XML A Perl implementation of the XML-RPC specification
dev-perl/Term-ReadLine-Gnu GNU Readline XS library wrapper
dev-perl/XML-FeedPP Pure Perl implementation to parse/write/merge/edit RSS/RDF/Atom syndication feeds
dev-perl/XML-TreePP Pure Perl implementation for parsing/writing XML files
dev-python/PeakUtils Peak detection utilities for 1D data
dev-python/gdata Google Data APIs Python Client Library
dev-python/h5py Python interface to the HDF5 binary data format
dev-python/pafy Python API to access metadata and content on YouTube
dev-python/pkgconfig Python interface for the pkg-config tool
dev-python/profanity-omemo-plugin A Python plugin to use (axolotl / Signal Protocol) encryption for the profanity XMPP messenger
sys-fs/simple-mtpfs Simple FUSE filesystem driver for MTP devices
x11-apps/sterm A simple terminal emulator based on the VTE library
x11-wm/herbstluftwm A manual tiling window manager for X