CJK packages.




app-cdr/bchunk binchunker for Unix
app-cdr/cuetools CUE and TOC file parsers and utilities
app-dicts/goldendict A feature-rich dictionary lookup program
app-emacs/ibus-el IBus client for GNU Emacs
app-office/wps-office Kingsoft office for Linux
cjk/fbterm a fast FrameBuffer based TERMinal emulator for linux
cjk/libchewing Intelligent phonetic input method library for Chinese
cjk/libhangul libhangul is a generalized and portable library for processing hangul
cjk/opencc Open Chinese conversion library
cjk/pyzy The Chinese PinYin and Bopomofo conversion library
cjk/zh-autoconvert Chinese HZ/GB/BIG5/UNI/UTF7/UTF8 encodings auto-converter
dev-games/guichan A portable C++ GUI library designed for games
dev-games/irrlicht Lightning fast realtime 3D engine
dev-libs/libbloom A simple and small bloom filter implementation in plain C
dev-libs/libcork A simple, easily embeddable cross-platform C library
dev-libs/libcorkipset C library to store sets/maps of IP address
dev-libs/marisa-trie Matching Algorithm with Recursively Implemented StorAge
dev-python/requests-cache Persistent cache for requests library
fonts/IPAexfont IPAex Fonts are JIS X 0213:2004 compliant TrueType based OpenType format outline fonts
fonts/IPAfont IPA Fonts are JIS X 0213:2004 compliant TrueType based OpenType format outline fonts
fonts/VLGothic Japanese TrueType fonts from the Vine Linux project
fonts/deepin-opensymbol Deepin open symbol fonts
fonts/opendesktop-fonts Chinese and Japanese TTF Fonts ( including ming and kai Face) donated by Arphic company
fonts/source-han-sans Source Han Sans is a set of OpenType/CFF Pan-CJK fonts
fonts/source-han-serif An open source Pan-CJK typeface
fonts/ttf-arphic-ukai CJK Unicode font Kai style
fonts/ttf-arphic-uming CJK Unicode font Ming style
fonts/unifont-ttf GNU Unifont
fonts/wqy-bitmapfont WenQuanYi Bitmap Song CJK font
fonts/wqy-microhei A high quality sans-serif style cjk outline font derived from "Droid Sans Fallback"
fonts/wqy-microhei-lite A high quality sans-serif style cjk outline font derived from "Droid Sans Fallback"
fonts/wqy-zenhei WenQuanYi Hei-Ti Style Chinese outline font
games-action/chromium-bsu Chromium B.S.U. is a fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
games-action/extremetuxracer High speed arctic racing game based on TuxRacer
games-arcade/blobwars Mission and Objective based 2D Platform Game
games-arcade/lbreakout2 A breakout-style arcade game for Linux
games-arcade/supertux A classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game
games-education/kanatest A simple Japanese kana (Hiragana and Katakana) drill tool
games-misc/fortune-mod-zh Collections of Quotes from Chinese literature
games-puzzle/meandmyshadow An open-source 2D puzzle platform game
games-rpg/edgar The legend of edgar
games-rpg/manaplus Advanced client for The Mana World and Evol Online
games-strategy/warzone2100 A 3D realtime strategy game on the future Earth
games-strategy/warzone2100-video Video file for Warzone2100
inputmethods/brise Rime Schema data
inputmethods/fcitx A Flexible Input Method Framework
inputmethods/fcitx-cloudpinyin Cloud Pinyin module for Fcitx
inputmethods/fcitx-configtool Configuration tool for fcitx
inputmethods/fcitx-libpinyin Libpinyin Wrapper for Fcitx
inputmethods/fcitx-qt5 Qt5 Input Context for fcitx
inputmethods/fcitx-sunpinyin Sunpinyin Wrapper for Fcitx
inputmethods/fcitx5 Next generation of fcitx
inputmethods/fcitx5-chinese-addons Chinese addons for fcitx5
inputmethods/fcitx5-gtk gtk im module and glib based dbus client library for fcitx5
inputmethods/fcitx5-qt Qt library and IM module for fcitx5
inputmethods/fcitx5-rime RIME support for Fcitx5
inputmethods/hime HIME Input Method Editor
inputmethods/ibus-chewing The chewing engine for IBus Framework
inputmethods/ibus-hangul The hangul engine for IBus Framework
inputmethods/ibus-libpinyin Intelligent Pinyin engine based on libpinyin for IBus
inputmethods/ibus-pinyin Chinese Pinyin and Bopomof engines for IBus platform
inputmethods/ibus-qt Qt4 library and immodule for IBus framework
inputmethods/ibus-sunpinyin A sunpinyin wrapper for IBus framework
inputmethods/ibus-table The table engine for IBus Framework
inputmethods/ibus-table-cangjie Cangjie code table for ibus-table framework
inputmethods/ibus-table-chinese Chinese tables for IBus-Table
inputmethods/ibus-table-erbi Erbi code table for ibus-table framework
inputmethods/ibus-table-extraphrase Extraphrase code table for ibus-table framework
inputmethods/ibus-table-wubi Wubi code table for ibus-table framework
inputmethods/ibus-table-zhengma Zhengma code table for ibus-table framework
inputmethods/kcm-fcitx KDE Config Module for Fcitx
inputmethods/kcm-fcitx5 KDE Config Module for Fcitx5
inputmethods/libime A library to support generic input method implementation
inputmethods/libpinyin Library to deal with pinyin
inputmethods/librime Rime Input Method Engine, the core library
inputmethods/libsunpinyin An IME library based on Statistical Language Model
inputmethods/sunpinyin-data Statistical language model data from open-gram
inputmethods/uim A multilingual input method library and environment
inputmethods/xsunpinyin Standalone XIM server for sunpinyin
media-gfx/mcomix User-friendly, customizable image viewer for comic books
media-gfx/sxiv Simple X Image Viewer
media-libs/SDL_Pango Connects pango to SDL
media-libs/SFML Simple and Fast Multimedia Library
media-libs/freealut A free implementation of OpenAL's ALUT standard
media-libs/mac-port Monkey's Audio Codec(APE) non-win32 Port
media-libs/quesoglc A free (as in free speech) implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC)
media-libs/smpeg SDL MPEG Player Library
media-sound/ario Ario is a GTK2 client for MPD
media-sound/musicbox A sexy cli netease musicbox
net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy A protocol for securing communications between a client and a DNS resolver
net-dns/pdnsd A proxy DNS server with permanent caching
net-im/iptux IP Messenger client for Linux
net-misc/tinc A Virtual Private Network daemon
net-print/gutenprint High quality drivers for Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Sony, Olympus, and PCL printers
net-proxy/proxychains-ng Continuation of the famous proxychains project by netcreature
net-proxy/redsocks Transparent socks redirector
net-proxy/shadowsocks-libev a lightweight secured SOCKS5 proxy
net-proxy/shadowsocks-rust A rust port of shadowsocks
net-proxy/simple-obfs A simple obfuscating tool, designed as plugin server of shadowsocks
sys-apps/manpages-zh Chinese manual pages
sys-fs/blktrace Block IO tracer
sys-fs/jfsutils IBM JFS utility programs
x11-apps/intel-gpu-tools Variety of small tools for testing intel graphics
x11-libs/xcb-imdkit input method development support for xcb
x11-misc/parcellite Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
x11-misc/pekwm-menu Dynamic xdg menu creator for pekwm
x11-themes/Kvantum A Linux SVG-based theme engine for Qt5 and KDE
x11-themes/arc-kde Arc KDE customization
x11-themes/papirus-icon-theme Papirus icon theme for Linux
x11-wm/pekwm A small and flexible window manager