compnerd's dev repo.




app-editors/leafpad GTK+ based simple text editor
app-laptop/latencytop a tool for reducing latency
app-pim/nautilus-dropbox Nautilus plugin/client for dropbox
app-pim/tracker-mime-message-extractor A MIME Message Extractor for Tracker
app-shells/fish A smart and user-friendly command line shell for OS X, Linux, and the rest of the family
app-shells/tcsh C shell with file name completion and command line handling
base/antiword A free MS Word reader for Linux
base/figlet A program for making large letters out of ordinary text
base/syslinux Lightweight bootloaders
dev-util/giggle GTK+ frontend for git
dev-util/indent A tool for formatting C code
dev-util/kBuild kBuild is a makefile framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks
dev-util/libdwarf libdwarf - DWARF debugging information
dev-util/nemiver A graphical debugger
dev-util/uncrustify Source Code Beautifier for C, C++, C#, ObjectiveC, D, Java, Pawn and VALA
gnome-desktop/gMTP A simple MP3 and Media player client for UNIX and UNIX like systems
gnome-desktop/invenio A notification area search tool
gnome-desktop/nautilus-open-terminal nautilus plugin for openning terminals
gnustep/libobjc2 GNUstep Objective-C runtime
mail-mta/msmtp msmtp is an smtp client
media-gfx/gpicview A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X
net-apps/NetworkManager-openvpn OpenVPN plugin for NetworkManager
net-apps/NetworkManager-vpnc VPNC plugin for NetworkManager
net-apps/vmware-view VMware View Open Client
net-irc/hexchat GTK+ IRC client
net-libs/libasyncns Asynchronous Name Service
net-news/liferea Linux Feed Reader
sys-fs/mtpfs MTPfs is a FUSE filesystem that supports reading and writing from any MTP device
x11-apps/evemu kernel input device emulation
x11-apps/notify-osd An alternative notification-daemon
x11-themes/echo-icon-theme SVG based icon theme
x11-themes/gtk-engines-aurora Aurora GTK+ Engine
x11-themes/gtk-engines-murrine Murrine GTK Engine
x11-themes/gtk-engines-nodoka Nodoka GTK+ Engine
x11-themes/tango-icon-theme SVG based icon theme