An open-source HTTP server.


Slot Version Repository Platforms
0 2.4.41 net ~amd64 arm? armv7? armv8? ~x86




auth_digest RFC2617 Digest authentication
authn_dbm DBM-based authentication control
authn_default authentication backstopper
authn_file file-based authentication control
authnz_ldap LDAP based authentication
authz_dbm DBM-based authorization control
authz_default authorization control backstopper
authz_groupfile 'require group' authorization control
authz_host host-based authorization control
authz_owner 'require file-owner' authorization control
authz_user 'require user' authorization control
autoindex directory listing
brotli Dynamic Brotli compression (https://github.com/google/brotli)
bucketeer buckets manipulation filter
cache dynamic file caching
case_filter example uppercase conversion filter
case_filter_in example uppercase conversion input filter
cern_meta CERN-type meta files
dav WebDAV protocol handling
dav_fs DAV provider for the filesystem
dav_lock DAV provider for generic locking
dbd Apache DBD Framework
deflate Deflate transfer encoding support
dir directory request handling
disk_cache disk caching module
dumpio I/O dump filter
echo ECHO server
env clearing/setting of ENV vars
example example and demo module
expires Expires header control
ext_filter external filter module
file_cache File cache
filter Smart Filtering
headers HTTP header control
http2 HTTP/2 protocol handling
ident RFC 1413 identity check
imagemap server-side imagemaps
include Server Side Includes
info server information
isapi isapi extension support
ldap LDAP caching and connection pooling services
log_config logging configuration
log_forensic forensic logging
logio input and output logging
md Managing domains across virtual hosts implementing ACME
mem_cache memory caching module
mime mapping of file-extension to MIME
mime_magic automagically determining MIME type
negotiation content negotiation
optional_fn_export example optional function exporter
optional_fn_import example optional function importer
optional_hook_export example optional hook exporter
optional_hook_import example optional hook importer
proxy Apache proxy module
proxy_ajp Apache proxy AJP module
proxy_balancer Apache proxy BALANCER module
proxy_connect Apache proxy CONNECT module
proxy_ftp Apache proxy FTP module
proxy_http Apache proxy HTTP module
proxy_uwsgi Apache proxy for the UWSGI protocol
proxy_wstunnel Apache proxy for the WebSocket protocol
rewrite rule based URL manipulation
setenvif basing ENV vars on headers
speling correct common URL misspellings
ssl [SSL/TLS support (mod_ssl)]
status process/thread monitoring
substitute response content rewrite-like filtering
suexec set uid and gid for spawned processes
unique_id per-request unique ids
unixd basic security module for Unix-family platforms
usertrack user-session tracking
version determining httpd version in config files
vhost_alias mass virtual hosting module


libressl Use LibreSSL as the SSL provider
openssl Use OpenSSL as the SSL provider