sys-process/acct The GNU Accounting Utilities
sys-process/atop An ASCII full-screen performance monitor
sys-process/criu Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace
sys-process/cronbase Base directories and common configuration for cron daemons
sys-process/cronie UNIX cron daemon based on vixie-cron but actually maintained
sys-process/ctop A lightweight top like monitor for linux CGroups
sys-process/glances A curses monitoring tool for linux
sys-process/htop An interactive process viewer for Linux
sys-process/iotop A top like UI used to show of behalf of which process is the I/O going on
sys-process/lsof List open files for running UNIX processes
sys-process/procps Utilities for process information including ps, top and kill
sys-process/psmisc Fuser, killall, pstree and peekfd utilities
sys-process/schedtool Utility to query or alter a process' scheduling policy
sys-process/time Displays info about resources used by a program
sys-process/vixie-cron Paul Vixie's cron daemon, a fully featured crond implementation
sys-process/watchpid Watches a process for termination


arbor Base system (core)
ferdy Ferdy's supplemental repository (dev)
hasufell hasufells user repository (third-party)
lipidity ankur's packages (third-party)
moben Some exheres from me, for you :) (dev)
pioto Mike Kelly's dev repo (dev)
tanderson Thomas' miscellaneous Exherbo packages (dev)
worr worr's personal repository (third-party)