sys-fs/QDirStat Qt-based directory statistics
sys-fs/blktrace Block IO tracer
sys-fs/btrfs-progs Support utilities for handling btrfs filesystems
sys-fs/convmv Converts filenames from one encoding to another
sys-fs/cryfs Cryptographic filesystem for the cloud
sys-fs/cryptsetup Userland utilities for dm-crypt
sys-fs/dfc Report file system space usage information with style
sys-fs/dmg2img Converts Apple compressed .dmg files to plain HFS+ images
sys-fs/dosfstools Utilities to create and check MS-DOS filesystems under Linux
sys-fs/dutree Tool to analyze file system usage
sys-fs/e2fsprogs Utilities for managing ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems
sys-fs/ecryptfs-utils eCryptfs userspace tools
sys-fs/encfs Encrypted Filesystem for FUSE
sys-fs/exfatprogs Userspace utilities for the exfat filesystem
sys-fs/extundelete Extundelete is a utility to undelete files from an ext3 or ext4 partition
sys-fs/f2fs-tools Userland tools for the f2fs filesystem
sys-fs/facron fanotify cron system
sys-fs/fuse Filesystems in Userspace
sys-fs/fuseiso FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images
sys-fs/gparted Tool for graphical partition management
sys-fs/incron Inotify cron system
sys-fs/inotify-tools simple interface to inotify
sys-fs/jfsutils IBM JFS utility programs
sys-fs/jmtpfs a FUSE and libmtp based filesystem for accessing MTP devices
sys-fs/lfs A linux utility to get information on filesystems, like df but better
sys-fs/lvm2 Userspace toolset providing logical volume management facilities
sys-fs/mdadm The mdadm program controls Linux md devices (software RAID arrays)
sys-fs/mtd-utils MTD userspace utilities - Logfs,UBIFS,UBI,JFFS2,OneNAND,NAND
sys-fs/mtools Utilities to access MS-DOS disks from Unix without mounting them
sys-fs/mtpfs MTPfs is a FUSE filesystem that supports reading and writing from any MTP device
sys-fs/multipath-tools Userland tools for the device Mapper multipathing driver
sys-fs/ncdu NCurses Disk Usage
sys-fs/ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs Read/write NTFS driver (ntfs-3g) and userspace tools (ntfsprogs)
sys-fs/nwipe A tool that will securely erase disks using a variety of recognised methods
sys-fs/obexfs OBEX fuse file system
sys-fs/partclone provides utilities to backup a partition smartly and it is designed for higher compatibility of the file system by using existing library
sys-fs/parted Create, destroy, resize, check, copy partitions
sys-fs/pydf df with colors and bar graphs
sys-fs/reiserfsprogs Administration utilities for ReiserFS filesystems
sys-fs/s3fs-fuse FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3
sys-fs/sheepdog Distributed Storage System for QEMU
sys-fs/simple-mtpfs Simple FUSE filesystem driver for MTP devices
sys-fs/squashfs-tools The Squashfs tools for creating compressed filesystems
sys-fs/sshfs-fuse FUSE filesystem client to access remote filesystems via SSH
sys-fs/sysfsutils System Utilities Based on Sysfs
sys-fs/udftools Linux tools for UDF filesystems and DVD/CD-R(W) drives
sys-fs/udiskie An automatic disk mounting service using udisks
sys-fs/xfsdump XFS dump/restore utilities
sys-fs/xfsprogs XFS userspace tools
sys-fs/zfs Native ZFS for Linux


arbor Base system (core)
gnome Gnome packages (core)
rust Rust packages (core)
virtualization Virtualization packages (core)
CleverCloud Clever Cloud's exherbo repository (third-party)
alip Ali Polatel's dev repo (dev)
cogitri Rasmus Thomsen's dev repo (dev)
compnerd compnerd's dev repo (dev)
exhereses-cn CJK packages (third-party)
flocke flocke's repository for exherbo (third-party)
heirecka Heiko Becker's dev repo (dev)
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kimrhh Kim Højgaard-Hansen's supplemental repository (dev)
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pyro Thomas Witt's supplemental repo (dev)
replica Replica's repository of miscellaneous exhereses (dev)
somasis Kylie McClain's dev repo (dev)
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