systemd System and Service Manager.


Slot Version Repository Platforms
0 scm arbor ~amd64 arm? armv7? armv8? ~x86
252.4 arbor ~amd64 ~arm ~armv7 ~armv8 ~x86
251.10 arbor ~amd64 ~arm ~armv7 ~armv8 ~x86




acl Adds support for Access Control Lists
apparmor Enable integration with Apparmor (install profiles etc.)
bash-completion Install completion files for the Bourne Again Shell
cryptsetup Enable systemd's minimal cryptsetup unit generator
efi EFI information in various tools, sd-boot, and mounting of efivars during boot
gcrypt Enable cryptographically secured journal files
gnutls Enable certificate support for journal-remote, journal-gatewayd & friends
homed Portable home directories support
idn Support Internationalised Domain Names in systemd-resolved
importd Enable systemd's container download service systemd-importd
journal-gateway Enable journal gateway daemon to access the journal via HTTP and JSON
libcurl Support pushing journal data to a remote system
lz4 Use LZ4 compression for longer journal fields
nat Enable minimal firewall support for NAT
openssl Enable openssl integration
pkcs11 Native suppport for unlocking encrypted volumes utilizing PKCS#11 smartcards
polkit Use PolicyKit for privileged operations
pstore Persistent storage filesystem archiving tool
pwquality Password quality checking using libpwquality for systemd-homed
qrencode For transferring the journal verification key to a smartphone
regexp regexp matching support using pcre2 in journalctl for the MESSAGE field
repart Build the systemd partitioning tool
seccomp System call filtering support via seccomp
security-key FIDO2 support for systemd-homed
selinux Security Enhanced Linux support
static Build static versions of libsystemd and libudev and link systemctl, networkd and timesynd against them
xkbcommon verify x11 keymap settings by compiling the configured keymap
zsh-completion Install completion files for the Z Shell
zstd Use Zstandard compression for longer journal fields


be Belarusian locale
be@latin Belarusian (latin) locale
bg Bulgarian locale
ca Catalan locale
cs Czech locale
da Danish locale
de German locale
el Greek locale
et Estonian locale
fi Finnish locale
fr French locale
gl Galician locale
hr Croatian locale
hu Hungarian locale
id Indonesian locale
it Italian locale
ja Japanese locale
ka Georgian locale
kab Kabyle locale
ko Korean locale
lt Lithuanian locale
nl Dutch locale
pa Punjabi locale for India
pl Polish locale
pt Portuguese locale
pt_BR Portuguese locale for Brasil
ro Romanian locale
ru Russian locale
si Sinhala locale
sk Slovak locale
sr Serbian locale
sv Swedish locale
tr Turkish locale
uk Ukrainian locale
zh_CN Chinese locale for Peoples Republic of China
zh_TW Chinese locale for Taiwan


gnutls TLS provider for DNS-over-TLS
openssl TLS provider for DNS-over-TLS


3.10 Use Python ABI 3.10
3.11 Use Python ABI 3.11
3.8 Use Python ABI 3.8
3.9 Use Python ABI 3.9