sys-apps/66 Helper tools around s6 supervision suite
sys-apps/66-tools 66 helper tools
sys-apps/accountsservice D-Bus interfaces for querying and manipulating user account information
sys-apps/acl Access control list utilities, libraries and headers
sys-apps/amd-ucode Microcode update files for AMD family 10h to 16h CPUs
sys-apps/appdata-tools Application Data Website
sys-apps/attr Extended attributes tools
sys-apps/bandwhich bandwhich: display current network utilization by process, connection and remote IP/hostname
sys-apps/bat A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration
sys-apps/bc Handy console-based calculator utility
sys-apps/bleachbit Disk space cleaner and privacy manager
sys-apps/boot-66serv Portable set of service to boot a machine in conjunction with 66 API
sys-apps/bubblewrap Unprivileged sandboxing tool
sys-apps/busybox BusyBox provides tiny replacements for many common UNIX utilities
sys-apps/caitsith-tools User-space tools for CaitSith
sys-apps/cdm Console Display Manager
sys-apps/cgmanager Daemon to manage cgroups via a D-Bus API
sys-apps/clinfo Tool to show OpenCL platforms and devices
sys-apps/clpeak Tool which profiles OpenCL devices to find their peak capacities
sys-apps/cockpit A sysadmin login session in a web browser
sys-apps/colord Color management system daemon
sys-apps/containerd A daemon to control runC
sys-apps/coreutils Core file, shell and text utilities expected to be on any system
sys-apps/cpuid Linux tool to dump x86 CPUID information about the CPU(s)
sys-apps/dbus D-Bus is a message bus system for interprocess communication (IPC)
sys-apps/dbus-broker Linux D-Bus Message Broker
sys-apps/ddcutil Query and change Linux monitor settings using DDC/CI and USB
sys-apps/debianutils Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
sys-apps/dialog Tool to display dialog boxes from a shell
sys-apps/diffutils Utilities for showing file differences in various ways
sys-apps/dmidecode DMI (Desktop Management Interface) table related utilities
sys-apps/drm_info Small utility to dump info about DRM devices
sys-apps/dstat Dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat and ifstat
sys-apps/duc Suite of tools for inspecting disk usage
sys-apps/dust A more intuitive version of du in rust
sys-apps/earlyoom A better and more proactive out-of-memory killer
sys-apps/eclean-kernel Tool to remove old kernels and stale auxiliary kernel files
sys-apps/ed GNU ed line oriented text editor
sys-apps/emelfm2 Orthodox (Two-Paned) Filemanager
sys-apps/etckeeper Manages /etc under revision control using Bazaar, Darcs, Git, or Mercurial
sys-apps/ethtool Utility for controlling network drivers and hardware
sys-apps/eudev A device manager for the Linux kernel; fork of systemd-udev
sys-apps/evrouter An input event router
sys-apps/fakechroot Provides a fake chroot environment
sys-apps/fakeroot Provides a fake root environment
sys-apps/fd fd is a simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find
sys-apps/file Small utility displaying info about file formats
sys-apps/findutils Basic directory searching utilities
sys-apps/flashrom Utility for identifying, reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash chips
sys-apps/flatpak Linux application sandboxing and distribution framework
sys-apps/flatpak-builder Tool to build flatpaks from source
sys-apps/fwupd A simple daemon to allow session software to update firmware
sys-apps/fwupd-efi EFI executable for fwupd
sys-apps/fwupdate Tools for using the ESRT and UpdateCapsule() to apply firmware updates
sys-apps/fxload USB firmware uploader
sys-apps/gamemode Daemon and library that allows games to request optimisations to be temporarily applied
sys-apps/gawk GNU awk implementation
sys-apps/gentoo-functions Base functions required by all gentoo systems
sys-apps/google-compute-engine Scripts and tools for Google Compute Engine Linux images
sys-apps/gptfdisk GPT fdisk is a GUID partition table editor
sys-apps/gpustat An utility to monitor NVIDIA GPU status and usage
sys-apps/greetd minimal, agnostic and flexible login manager daemon
sys-apps/greetd-gtkgreet GTK based greeter for greetd, to be run under cage or similar
sys-apps/grep Grep searches input files for matches to specified patterns
sys-apps/groff Groff produces formatted output from plain text
sys-apps/haveged Generates secure entropy using variances in process TSCs
sys-apps/hd-idle A utility program for spinning-down disks after a period of idle time
sys-apps/hdparm Utility to get and set ATA/SATA drive parameters
sys-apps/help2man Tool for automatically generating manual pages from program output
sys-apps/hwids Combined hardware identification databases - pci.ids, usb.ids, OUI, IAB, udev hwdb
sys-apps/hyperfine hyperfine a command-line benchmarking tool written in Rust
sys-apps/i2c-tools A set of I2C tools
sys-apps/idle3-tools Utility to read, set or disable the idle3 timer of Western Digital drives
sys-apps/ipmitool Command-line interface to IPMI-enabled devices
sys-apps/iproute2 Collection of utilities for controlling networking and traffic control in Linux
sys-apps/irqbalance A daemon to help balance the cpu load generated by interrupts
sys-apps/iucode-tool Tool to manipulate Intel X86 and X86-64 processor microcode update collections
sys-apps/kbd Keyboard and console utilities
sys-apps/kexec-tools Boot a new kernel over the currently running one - and more
sys-apps/keyutils Tools for controlling the key management system in the Linux kernel
sys-apps/kmod kmod - handle kernel modules
sys-apps/ldm A lightweight device mounter
sys-apps/lenovo-throttling-fix Workaround for Intel throttling issues on Thinkpads in Linux
sys-apps/less Popular pager utility
sys-apps/lesspipe A preprocessor for less
sys-apps/libsmbios Provide access to SMBIOS information
sys-apps/lm_sensors Hardware Monitoring user-space utilities
sys-apps/lndir Create a shadow directory of symbolic links to another directory tree
sys-apps/logwatch customizable log analysis system
sys-apps/lok A Linux port of OpenBSD's awk
sys-apps/lsb-release Linux Standard Base
sys-apps/lsd The next gen ls command
sys-apps/lshw Hardware Lister
sys-apps/man Man page reader
sys-apps/man-db The online manual database
sys-apps/man-pages Collection of Linux man pages
sys-apps/man-pages-posix POSIX man-pages (0p, 1p, 3p)
sys-apps/mandoc A suite of tools compiling mdoc, the roff macro language for BSD manual pages, and man, the historical language for UNIX manuals
sys-apps/manpages-zh Chinese manual pages
sys-apps/mawk An interpreter for the AWK Programming Language
sys-apps/mdevd A small daemon managing kernel hotplug events, similarly to udevd
sys-apps/mkpasswd Overfeatured front end to crypt(3)
sys-apps/mlocate A locate/updatedb implementation
sys-apps/moreutils A growing collection of unix tools no one thought to write of long ago
sys-apps/most a paging program that displays, one windowful at a time, the contents of a file
sys-apps/msr-tools Tools to manipulate the CPU's model-specific registers
sys-apps/multiload A loader dispatcher which picks the correct loader for a program, based on its architecture
sys-apps/musl-locales Locale program for musl libc
sys-apps/ndbam-tools Tools to work with NDBAM database which is used by Paludis
sys-apps/net-tools A deprecated, but familiar collection of basic networking tools
sys-apps/numactl Provides NUMA policy support for Linux
sys-apps/nvidia-container-runtime runc cli with nvidia patches
sys-apps/nvidia-docker Build and run Docker containers leveraging NVIDIA GPUs
sys-apps/nvme-cli NVMe management command line interface
sys-apps/openrc A dependency-based init system that works with the system-provided init program
sys-apps/opentmpfiles A standalone utility for handling systemd-style tmpfiles.d settings
sys-apps/osinfo-db Database of information about operating systems for virtualization provisioning tools
sys-apps/osinfo-db-tools Tools for managing the libosinfo database files
sys-apps/paludis Paludis, the one true package mangler
sys-apps/pax-utils Utilities for ELF binaries (e. g. scanelf)
sys-apps/pciutils Collection of programs for inspecting and manipulating configuration of PCI devices
sys-apps/pciutils-data PCI ID data pciutils
sys-apps/pcsc-ctapi Wrapper library for using smartcard readers that support PCSC with any application that supports CTAPI
sys-apps/pcsc-cyberjack Driver for the Reiner SCT Cyberjack card reader
sys-apps/pcsc-lite PC/SC Architecture smartcard middleware library
sys-apps/pcsc-tools Some tools to be used with smart cards and PC/SC
sys-apps/perp Persistent process supervision
sys-apps/pnp-data PNP ID data
sys-apps/procs A modern replacement for ps
sys-apps/progress Linux tool to show progress for cp, rm, dd, ..
sys-apps/pulsarctl A CLI tool for the Apache Pulsar project
sys-apps/repo The multiple repository tool
sys-apps/rmlint Extremely fast tool to remove duplicates and other lint from your filesystem
sys-apps/rng-tools Tools for manipulating linux's PRNG
sys-apps/ronn The oppposite of roff; turns markdown into manpages and HTML
sys-apps/rsyslog An enhanced syslog daemon for Linux (and Unix)
sys-apps/rtkit Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon
sys-apps/runPE Tool to automatically decide either run wine or mono for PE files
sys-apps/runc runc container cli tools
sys-apps/runit runit is a cross-platform Unix init scheme with service supervision
sys-apps/s6 s6 is a small suite of process supervision programs
sys-apps/s6-linux-init A set of minimalistic tools to create a s6-based init system, including a /sbin/init binary, on a Linux kernel
sys-apps/s6-linux-utils s6-linux-utils is a set of minimalistic Linux-specific system utilities
sys-apps/s6-portable-utils s6-linux-utils is a set of minimalistic Linux-specific system utilities
sys-apps/s6-rc A dependency-based init script management system
sys-apps/sdparm A utility that accesses and modifies SCSI disk parameters
sys-apps/sed GNU sed stream editor
sys-apps/session-nanny Keep an eye on your sessions
sys-apps/setserial Get or set Linux serial port info
sys-apps/sg3_utils The sg3_utils package contains utilities that send SCSI commands to devices
sys-apps/shadow User and group management related utilities
sys-apps/sinit A suckless init daemon that doesn't complicate with runlevels and inittabs
sys-apps/skeleton-filesystem-layout Skeleton filesystem layout
sys-apps/smartmontools Utilities for SMART-capable storage devices
sys-apps/smem Report memory usage on Linux systems
sys-apps/snapper filesystem snapshot tool
sys-apps/socklog A small and secure replacement for syslogd
sys-apps/spectre-meltdown-checker Spectre and Meltdown checker
sys-apps/supervisor-extras supervisor-extras is a collection of scripts and stuff for service supervisors
sys-apps/switcheroo-control D-Bus service to check the availability of dual-GPU
sys-apps/sydbox Sydbox, the other sandbox
sys-apps/sysdig system-level exploration and troubleshooting tool
sys-apps/syslog-ng Popular system logger
sys-apps/sysstat Performance/system monitoring tools for Linux
sys-apps/systemd systemd System and Service Manager
sys-apps/sysvinit System V init system
sys-apps/sysvinit-tools System V init tools
sys-apps/tbsm A pure bash session or application launcher
sys-apps/tcp-wrappers TCP Wrappers
sys-apps/texinfo GNU Documentation System
sys-apps/tini A tiny but valid 'init' for containers
sys-apps/topgrade Upgrade everything
sys-apps/tuxonice-userui user interface for suspend/resume with TuxOnIce
sys-apps/udevil A simple udisks alternative
sys-apps/udisks Storage daemon that implements well-defined D-Bus interfaces
sys-apps/upower An abstraction for enumerating power devices
sys-apps/usbutils USB enumeration utilities
sys-apps/usbutils-data USB ID data for usbutils
sys-apps/util-linux Common linux utilities
sys-apps/uutils Cross-platform Rust rewrite of the GNU coreutils
sys-apps/vdev Device-file manager and filesystem; drop-in replacement for udev
sys-apps/vector Vector is a lightweight, ultra-fast, open-source tool for building observability pipelines
sys-apps/vulkan-tools Vulkan Utilities and Tools
sys-apps/which Utility showing the full path of commands
sys-apps/xdg-dbus-proxy D-Bus proxy used by flatpak
sys-apps/xdg-desktop-portal A portal frontend service for Flatpak
sys-apps/xdg-desktop-portal-gnome A backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal for the GNOME desktop environment
sys-apps/xdg-desktop-portal-gtk Gtk implementation of xdg-desktop-portal
sys-apps/xdg-desktop-portal-wlr wlroots implementation of xdg-desktop-portal
sys-apps/xinetd xinetd is a super-server daemon and a safe replacement for inetd
sys-apps/xorg-launch-helper X.Org launcher for user sessions in systemd
sys-apps/zfs-auto-snapshot ZFS Automatic Snapshot Service for Linux
sys-apps/zoxide A blazing fast alternative to cd, inspired by z and z.lua
sys-apps/zram-generator Systemd unit generator for zram swap devices


arbor Base system (core)
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games Various games (core)
hardware Hardware drivers and related packages (core)
net Network- and www-related applications and libraries. (core)
rust Rust packages (core)
virtualization Virtualization packages (core)
CleverCloud Clever Cloud's exherbo repository (third-party)
SuperHeron-misc SuperHeron's miscellaneous exhereses (third-party)
alip Ali Polatel's dev repo (dev)
cogitri Rasmus Thomsen's dev repo (dev)
exhereses-cn CJK packages (third-party)
exony ony's repository for additional packages (third-party)
hasufell hasufells user repository (third-party)
heirecka Heiko Becker's dev repo (dev)
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