Wget is a package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.


Slot Version Repository Platforms
0 1.21.4 arbor ~amd64 ~arm ~armv7 ~armv8 ~x86




ares Enable support for C-Ares DNS lookup
idn Enable support for internationalized domain names


be Belarusian locale
bg Bulgarian locale
ca Catalan locale
cs Czech locale
da Danish locale
de German locale
el Greek locale
en_GB English locale for Britain
eo Esperanto locale
es Spanish locale
et Estonian locale
eu Basque locale
fi Finnish locale
fr French locale
ga Irish locale
gl Galician locale
he Hebrew locale
hr Croatian locale
hu Hungarian locale
id Indonesian locale
it Italian locale
ja Japanese locale
ka Georgian locale
lt Lithuanian locale
nb Norwegian (Bokmal) locale
nl Dutch locale
pl Polish locale
pt Portuguese locale
pt_BR Portuguese locale for Brasil
ro Romanian locale
ru Russian locale
sk Slovak locale
sl Slovenian locale
sr Serbian locale
sv Swedish locale
tr Turkish locale
uk Ukrainian locale
vi Vietnamese locale
zh_CN Chinese locale for Peoples Republic of China
zh_TW Chinese locale for Taiwan


gnutls Use GnuTLS as the SSL provider
libressl Use LibreSSL as the SSL provider
openssl Use OpenSSL as the SSL provider