net-misc/Radicale Radicale is a small but powerful CalDAV and CardDAV
net-misc/anyremote Provides remote control service on Linux through Bluetooth, InfraRed, Wi-Fi or just TCP/IP
net-misc/aria2 A multi-protocol and multi-source cli download manager
net-misc/bird BIRD Internet Routing Daemon
net-misc/bridge-utils Tools for configuring 802.11d ethernet bridges with Linux
net-misc/bsd-finger Basic finger and fingerd from the netkit package
net-misc/bti bash twitter/ ididocy
net-misc/connman Provides a daemon for managing internet connections
net-misc/cpuminer CPU miner for Litecoin and Bitcoin
net-misc/curl A Client that groks URLs
net-misc/dhcp ISC DHCP server and client
net-misc/dhcpcd RFC2131 compliant DHCP client
net-misc/envoy Wrapper around ssh/gpg agent that works with systemd and cgroups
net-misc/esniper Command-line program for sniping eBay auctions
net-misc/fping An alternative to ping, which is better to ping multiple hosts
net-misc/gigolo A frontend to easily manage connections to remote filesystems using gvfs
net-misc/gnome-nettool Graphical front-ends to various networking command-line
net-misc/iputils Small useful utilities for networking
net-misc/keychain Wrapper around ssh/gpg agent
net-misc/lsyncd Lsyncd (Live Syncing Daemon) synchronizes local directories with a remote targets
net-misc/minidlna A simple media server software
net-misc/mobile-broadband-provider-info Mobile broadband service provider database
net-misc/mosh Mosh is a robust replacement for SSH
net-misc/mtr an improved traceroute / ping
net-misc/neon neon is an HTTP and WebDAV client library
net-misc/netcat Netcat rewrite which aims to be fully compatible with the original nc 1.10
net-misc/netcat6 A simple utility which reads and writes data across network connections
net-misc/nextcloudclient Nextcloud themed desktop client
net-misc/ntpclient A NTP (RFC-1305) client for unix-alike computers
net-misc/oidentd Flexible, RFC 1413 compliant ident daemon with NAT support
net-misc/open-iscsi An IP-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities
net-misc/open-isns (Partial) Implementation of iSNS
net-misc/openl2tp OpenL2TP is an open source L2TP client / server
net-misc/openntpd OpenNTPD is a free implementation of the Network Time Protocol
net-misc/openssh OpenSSH is a free version of the SSH connectivity tools
net-misc/openswan A set of tools for doing L2TP/IPsec on Linux operating systems
net-misc/openvpn OpenVPN is a robust and highly configurable VPN daemon
net-misc/plowshare Command-line download/upload tool for popular One-Click hosters
net-misc/publicsuffix-list Contains the publicsuffix list
net-misc/radicale-dovecot-auth Dovecot authentication plugin for Radicale
net-misc/rclone rsync for cloud storage
net-misc/realvnc The free version of RealVNC
net-misc/rsync Rsync provides fast incremental file transfers
net-misc/rygel UPnP AV (aka DLNA) implementation
net-misc/sipcalc Sipcalc is an advanced ip calculator supporting both IPv4 and IPv6
net-misc/socat Multipurpose relay
net-misc/sock A shell interface to network sockets
net-misc/sshpass Non-interactive SSH authentication utility
net-misc/sslh Applicative Protocol Multiplexer (e.g. share SSH and HTTPS on the same port)
net-misc/strongswan IPsec-based VPN solution focused on security and ease of use, supporting IKEv1/IKEv2 and MOBIKE
net-misc/telnet The telnet client from GNU inetutils 2.4
net-misc/tinc A Virtual Private Network daemon
net-misc/tinyssh A minimalistic SSH server which implements only a subset of SSHv2 features
net-misc/tor Anonymizing Internet communication system
net-misc/uget uGet, the Best Download Manager for Linux
net-misc/vnstat vnStat is a console-based network traffic monitor for Linux
net-misc/wget Wget is a package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
net-misc/whois Marco d'Itri's improved whois client
net-misc/wireguard Fast and secure kernelspace VPN
net-misc/wol implements Wake On LAN functionality in a small program
net-misc/x11vnc A VNC server for real X displays
net-misc/youtube-dl A small command-line program to download videos from or other video platforms
net-misc/yt-dlp Command-line program to download videos from and many other other video platforms
net-misc/zsync zsync is a file transfer program


arbor Base system (core)
desktop Miscellaneous desktop applications (core)
media Media things (core)
net Network- and www-related applications and libraries. (core)
x11 X Server (core)
xfce Xfce packages (core)
CleverCloud Clever Cloud's exherbo repository (third-party)
alip Ali Polatel's dev repo (dev)
cogitri Rasmus Thomsen's dev repo (dev)
exhereses-cn CJK packages (third-party)
kdecherf Kdecherf's personal repository (third-party)
kekstee kekstee's exherbo repository (third-party)
keruspe Keruspe's dev repository (dev)
marv marv's supplemental repository (dev)
mixi Johannes Nixdorf's dev repo (dev)
olesalscheider olesalscheider's developer repository (dev)
pioto Mike Kelly's dev repo (dev)
pipping pipping's exhereses (dev)
platypus kapsh's supplemental repository (third-party)
pyro Thomas Witt's supplemental repo (dev)
sardemff7 Sardem FF7's personal repository (dev)
somasis Kylie McClain's dev repo (dev)
spoonb Brett Witherspoon's dev repo (dev)
tombriden TomBriden's repository (dev)