media-sound/abcde A Better CD Encoder
media-sound/amarok Amarok - the audio player by KDE
media-sound/apulse PulseAudio emulation for ALSA
media-sound/ario Ario is a GTK2 client for MPD
media-sound/asunder Graphical Audio CD ripper and encoder
media-sound/audacious Audacious is an advanced audio player
media-sound/audacious-plugins Skins and Plugins for the Audacious music player
media-sound/audex KDE based CDDA extraction tool
media-sound/audiotube A client for YouTube Music
media-sound/bcg729 Bcg729 is an opensource implementation of both encoder and decoder of the ITU G729 Annex A/B speech codec
media-sound/beep Advanced PC speaker beeper
media-sound/bluez-alsa A direct integration between BlueZ and ALSA, allowing to use bluetooth audio devices with ALSA
media-sound/bristol Emulation package for a number of different 'classic' synthesisers
media-sound/cantata Qt client for the music player daemon (mpd)
media-sound/cava Console-based Audio Visualizer for Alsa
media-sound/cd-discid Returns the disc id for the cd in the cd-rom drive
media-sound/chuck Strongly-timed, Concurrent, and On-the-fly Audio Programming Language
media-sound/cmus A console audio player
media-sound/coquillo Metadata editor for various audio formats
media-sound/covergrid A client for MPD focusing on albums instead of single tracks
media-sound/darkice IceCast live streamer, delivering ogg and mp3 streams simultaneously to multiple hosts
media-sound/deadbeef GTK3 mp3/ogg/flac/ape/sid/mod/nsf/m4a/mpc music player
media-sound/denemo A music notation editor that lets you rapidly enter notation for typesetting via LilyPond
media-sound/drumstick MIDI libraries for Qt5/C++
media-sound/easytag GTK+ utility for editing MP2, MP3, MP4, FLAC, Ogg and other media tags
media-sound/ecasound A software package designed for multitrack audio processing
media-sound/elisa A simple and easy to use music player
media-sound/envtag Simple audio tagger for use in shell scripts
media-sound/epichord Epichord is a midi sequencer
media-sound/flac123 Command-line program for playing FLAC audio files
media-sound/fluidsynth FluidSynth is a real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications
media-sound/gigedit Instrument editor for gig files
media-sound/gmpc A GTK+ client for MPD
media-sound/gnaural An opensource binaural-beat generator
media-sound/gtick GTK+ 2 metronome application
media-sound/hydrogen Advanced Drum Machine
media-sound/icecast-kh icecast is free server software for streaming multimedia, kh branch
media-sound/id3v2 A command line editor for id3 tags
media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit JACK is a low-latency audio server
media-sound/jack-keyboard Virtual midi keyboard for jack midi
media-sound/jack-rack JACK Rack is an effects rack for the JACK low latency audio API
media-sound/kasts A convergent podcast application
media-sound/kid3 A KDE music tagger
media-sound/kmetronome MIDI metronome
media-sound/lame LAME is a high quality MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder
media-sound/lash LASH is a session management system for GNU/Linux audio applications
media-sound/lilypond A music engraving program devoted to produce high quality sheet music
media-sound/linuxsampler Software audio sampler engine with professional grade features
media-sound/lmms Free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio®
media-sound/lollypop Lollypop is a GNOME music playing application
media-sound/madplay MPEG audio decoder and player
media-sound/mangler An open source VOIP client capable of connecting to Ventrilo 3.x servers
media-sound/meterbridge Software meterbridge for the UNIX based JACK audio system
media-sound/milkytracker Music application for creating module files
media-sound/mkcue Create cue sheet from CD disk
media-sound/mod-host LV2 host for Jack, that can be controlled via a socket or shell
media-sound/mopidy An extensible music server with MPD and Spotify support written in Python
media-sound/mp3diags Qt-based MP3 diagnosis and repair tool
media-sound/mp3gain A program to analyze and adjust MP3 files to same volume
media-sound/mp3info An MP3 technical info viewer and ID3 1.x tag editor
media-sound/mp3splt mp3 and ogg splitter
media-sound/mpc A command line tool for MPD
media-sound/mpd A flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music
media-sound/mpdcron cron like daemon for mpd
media-sound/mpdscribble Submits information about tracks being played to a scrobbler
media-sound/mpg123 A console based decoder/player for mono/stereo mpeg audio files
media-sound/muse A tool for network audio streaming
media-sound/musicbox A sexy cli netease musicbox
media-sound/ncmpc An ncurses based client for MPD
media-sound/ncmpcpp An almost exact clone of ncmpc
media-sound/non-mixer Powerful, reliable and fast modular Digital Audio Mixer
media-sound/non-sequencer Powerful real-time, pattern-based MIDI sequencer
media-sound/non-session-manager An API and Implementation for session management in the context of Linux Audio
media-sound/non-timeline Powerful, reliable and fast modular Digital Audio Timeline arranger
media-sound/normalize Audio file volume normalizer
media-sound/opus-tools Command-line utilities to encode, inspect, and decode .opus files
media-sound/paman PulseAudio Manager
media-sound/paprefs PulseAudio Preferences Dialog
media-sound/pasystray PulseAudio system tray
media-sound/pavucontrol PulseAudio Volume Control
media-sound/phasex Phase Harmonic Advanced Synthesis EXperiment
media-sound/picard Picard is the next generation MusicBrainz tagging application
media-sound/pms ncurses client for Music Player Daemon, written in C++
media-sound/pulseaudio A sound server for POSIX and Win32 systems
media-sound/qjackctl A simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon
media-sound/qsampler Graphical frontend to LinuxSampler
media-sound/qsynth Qt GUI Interface for FluidSynth
media-sound/qtractor Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application
media-sound/quodlibet GTK+-based audio player written in Python, using the Mutagen tagging library
media-sound/rosegarden Audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor, music composition and editing environment
media-sound/rubyripper Secure audiodisc ripper
media-sound/scream Virtual network sound card for Microsoft Windows (ALSA receivers)
media-sound/seq24 Seq24 is a minimal loop based midi sequencer
media-sound/shntool shntool is a multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility
media-sound/shorten Shorten - Fast compression for waveform files
media-sound/sndfile-tools Small collection of programs that use libsndfile
media-sound/solfege Ear training program written to help you train intervals, chords, scales and rhythms
media-sound/sound-juicer Gstreamer-based CD ripper
media-sound/sox Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs
media-sound/spek Acoustic Spectrum Analyser
media-sound/spotify Music streaming service
media-sound/strawberry Qt5-fork of Clementine music player
media-sound/supercollider Language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition
media-sound/tageditor A tag editor with Qt GUI and command-line interface
media-sound/timemachine JACK aplication that can retrospectively record audio
media-sound/timidity++ MIDI software synthesizer
media-sound/timidity-freepats Free and open set of instrument patches
media-sound/ttaenc TrueAudio lossless compressor
media-sound/upmpdcli UPnP Media Renderer front-end for MPD, the Music Player Daemon
media-sound/vkeybd Virtual MIDI keyboard
media-sound/vorbis-tools Tools for the Ogg Vorbis audio format
media-sound/vorbisgain Calculates and tags the perceived sound level for Ogg Vorbis files
media-sound/wavegain ReplayGain for WAVE audio files
media-sound/wavpack A completely open audio compression format
media-sound/yoshimi Yoshimi is a software synthesizer based on ZynAddSubFX 2.4.0
media-sound/zynaddsubfx ZynAddSubFX is a real time software audio synthesizer


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