Skins and Plugins for the Audacious music player.


Slot Version Repository Platforms
0 4.0 media-unofficial ~amd64 arm? armv7? armv8? ~x86




aac Support AAC decoding.
alsa Support ALSA audio output and MIDI synthesizing with AlsaMidi.
bs2b Improve headphone listening of stereo audio records via libbs2b.
cd AudioCD support.
cue Support for CUE metadata files from CD/DVDs.
dbus Control audacious via dbus mpris interface.
ffmpeg Support decoding tons of audio codecs and access formats via ffmpeg.
flac Support FLAC decoding and dumping audio out to a flac file.
fluidsynth Support MIDI synthesizing with fluidsynth.
gtk Build the GTK+ 2 GUI.
jack Support JACK audio output.
mms Support for mms:// and mmsh:// network streams in Open URL dialog.
modplug Support for MOD Music formats.
mp3 Support for mp{1,2,3} and bmu files decoding (and dumping audio out to a mp3 file).
neon Support for http:// and https:// protocols in Open URL dialog.
notify Support for desktop notifications (simple but provides good DE integration).
osd Support for displaying notifications (more customiseable than notify).
oss Support OSSv4 audio output.
pulseaudio Support PulseAudio output.
qt5 Build the Qt5 GUI.
qtaudio Support QtMultimedia output.
resample Support converting sample rates using libsamplerate.
scrobbler Build audio scrobbler for
sdl Support SDL audio output.
sndfile Support reading files containing sampled sound (like Windows WAV and Apple/SGI AIFF).
speedpitch Support speed and pitch effects using libsamplerate.
vorbis Support for OGG/Vorbis formats and dumping audio out to a vorbis file.
wavpack Support for PCM audio formats.