media-gfx/GraphicsMagick GraphicsMagick Image Processing System
media-gfx/ImageMagick Software suite to manipulate a variety of image formats
media-gfx/XnViewMP XnView MP is the enhanced version of XnView Classic
media-gfx/blender Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite
media-gfx/darktable A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers to develop RAW images
media-gfx/dcraw Command line tool for decoding raw image data from digital cameras
media-gfx/ditaa-bin Converts ascii diagrams into graphics
media-gfx/enblend-enfuse Enblend combines images no seams
media-gfx/entangle Tethered shooting and control of digital cameras
media-gfx/fbgrab a framebuffer screenshot program
media-gfx/fbshot Screenshots for the framebuffer
media-gfx/feh An image viewer at heart, though it does other cool stuff
media-gfx/fontforge FontForge - An Outline Font Editor
media-gfx/geeqie Lightweight GTK+ based image viewer
media-gfx/gifsicle Gifsicle manipulates GIF image files
media-gfx/gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program
media-gfx/gpicview A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X
media-gfx/grafx2 A pixelart-oriented painting program
media-gfx/graphviz Open Source Graph Visualization Software
media-gfx/gthumb An image viewer and browser for the GNOME Desktop
media-gfx/hugin Panoramic imaging toolchain based on Panorama Tools
media-gfx/icoutils Tools for extracting/converting images in Windows icon & cursor files
media-gfx/inkscape Scalable vector graphics editor
media-gfx/jhead Exif Jpeg header manipulation tool
media-gfx/kgraphviewer A GraphViz dot graph viewer
media-gfx/krita A paint application for raster images
media-gfx/ksnip Qt based cross-platform screenshot tool
media-gfx/lens_calibrate Script to calculate lens calibration data for the lensfun project
media-gfx/libimagequant Small, portable C library for high-quality conversion of RGBA images to 8-bit indexed-color (palette) images
media-gfx/maim maim (Make Image) takes screenshots of your desktop
media-gfx/mcomix User-friendly, customizable image viewer for comic books
media-gfx/optipng Advanced PNG Optimizer
media-gfx/pdf2svg Small utility to convert PDF files to SVG files
media-gfx/peruse A comic book reader app based on KF5 and Qt Quick2
media-gfx/pinta Simple Painting for Gtk
media-gfx/pix Image management application
media-gfx/pngquant pngquant is a PNG compressor that significantly reduces file sizes by converting images to a more efficient 8-bit PNG format with alpha channel
media-gfx/potrace A tool for tracing a bitmap, which means, transforming a bitmap into a smooth, scalable image
media-gfx/povray The Persistence of Vision Raytracer
media-gfx/pstoedit Pstoedit translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats
media-gfx/qcomicbook Comic book viewer
media-gfx/rawtherapee An advanced raw photo development program
media-gfx/ristretto Fast and lightweight picture-viewer for the Xfce desktop environment
media-gfx/sane-backends Scanner Access Now Easy - Backends
media-gfx/sane-frontends Scanner Access Now Easy
media-gfx/scrot a commandline screen capture util using imlib2
media-gfx/shotwell Open source photo manager for GNOME
media-gfx/simple-scan Simple Scanning Utility for GNOME
media-gfx/svgmod Command-line tool that smartly manipulates SVG image proportions
media-gfx/sxiv Simple X Image Viewer
media-gfx/wings Wings 3D is an advanced subdivision modeler that is both powerful and easy to use
media-gfx/xsane A graphical scanning frontend
media-gfx/xviewer A generic Image viewer
media-gfx/yEd yEd Graph Editor


arbor Base system (core)
kde KDE packages (core)
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xfce Xfce packages (core)
CleverCloud Clever Cloud's exherbo repository (third-party)
cinnamon-unofficial Unofficial exhereses for Cinnamon desktop environment (third-party)
compnerd compnerd's dev repo (dev)
exhereses-cn CJK packages (third-party)
exony ony's repository for additional packages (third-party)
hasufell hasufells user repository (third-party)
kdecherf Kdecherf's personal repository (third-party)
marv marv's supplemental repository (dev)
media-unofficial Miscellaneous unofficial media packages for the Exherbo Linux distribution (third-party)
mixi Johannes Nixdorf's dev repo (dev)
pioto Mike Kelly's dev repo (dev)
pipping pipping's exhereses (dev)
platypus kapsh's supplemental repository (third-party)
rbrown Richard Brown's dev repo of broken exheres' (dev)
sardemff7 Sardem FF7's personal repository (dev)