gnome-desktop/GPaste Clipboard management system
gnome-desktop/adwaita-icon-theme Default Icon Theme for GNOME
gnome-desktop/alacarte Alacarte - GNOME menu editor
gnome-desktop/anjuta An intergrated development environment (IDE) for the GNOME desktop
gnome-desktop/baobab A graphical directory tree analyzer
gnome-desktop/bijiben Write out notes, every detail matters
gnome-desktop/brasero An application to burn CD/DVD for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-desktop/caribou Text entry and UI navigation application
gnome-desktop/celluloid A simple GTK+ frontend for mpv
gnome-desktop/cheese Take photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effects
gnome-desktop/chrome-gnome-shell GNOME Shell integration for Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera browsers
gnome-desktop/colord-gtk GTK+ support library for colord
gnome-desktop/dconf A low-level configuration system
gnome-desktop/dconf-editor dconf Editor
gnome-desktop/devhelp API Browser for GNOME
gnome-desktop/eog Eye of GNOME is the GNOME image viewer
gnome-desktop/evince Document viewer for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-desktop/evolution-data-server Backend store for contact data
gnome-desktop/file-roller UI for extracting files
gnome-desktop/gMTP A simple MP3 and Media player client for UNIX and UNIX like systems
gnome-desktop/gconf-editor UI to the GConf system
gnome-desktop/gcr A library for bits of crypto UI and parsing etc
gnome-desktop/gdl GNOME docking library for GTK+
gnome-desktop/gdm GTK+ based login manager
gnome-desktop/gedit-plugins Additional plugins for gedit
gnome-desktop/geocode-glib GLib geocoding library that uses the Yahoo! Place Finder service
gnome-desktop/ghex GHex - a hex editor for GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-autoar Automatic archives creating and extracting library
gnome-desktop/gnome-backgrounds A set of desktop backgrounds
gnome-desktop/gnome-bluetooth A fork of bluez-gnome focused on integration with the GNOME Desktop
gnome-desktop/gnome-builder An IDE for writing GNOME-based software
gnome-desktop/gnome-calculator A GTK+ desktop calculator
gnome-desktop/gnome-calendar A simple calendar for GNOME 3
gnome-desktop/gnome-clocks Clocks Application for GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-color-manager Color profile manager for the GNOME desktop
gnome-desktop/gnome-contacts Contacts manager for gnome
gnome-desktop/gnome-control-center Configuration Applications for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-desktop/gnome-desktop Desktop environment for GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-dictionary Look up words in dictionary sources
gnome-desktop/gnome-disk-utility Disk Utility for GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-doc-utils Documentation Utilities
gnome-desktop/gnome-documents A document manager application for GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-firmware Install firmware on devices
gnome-desktop/gnome-flashback GNOME Flashback session
gnome-desktop/gnome-font-viewer A font viewer utility for GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-keyring GTK+ based keyring
gnome-desktop/gnome-logs A log viewer for the systemd journal
gnome-desktop/gnome-maps A simple GNOME 3 maps application
gnome-desktop/gnome-menus Menus for GNOME Panel
gnome-desktop/gnome-music Music player and management application
gnome-desktop/gnome-netstatus Gnome Netstatus Applet
gnome-desktop/gnome-online-accounts interfaces for applications and libraries in GNOME to access the user's online accounts
gnome-desktop/gnome-online-miners Crawls through your online content
gnome-desktop/gnome-panel Panel Application for GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-photos Access, organize and share your photos on GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-pomodoro A time management utility for GNOME based on the pomodoro technique
gnome-desktop/gnome-power-manager Power Management Utility for GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-recipes GNOME likes to cook
gnome-desktop/gnome-screensaver Screensaver Application for GNOME
gnome-desktop/gnome-screenshot Take pictures of your screen
gnome-desktop/gnome-session Session Manager for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon Settings Daemon
gnome-desktop/gnome-shell-extensions Extensions to modify and extend GNOME Shell functionality and behavior
gnome-desktop/gnome-system-monitor System monitor for the GNOME desktop
gnome-desktop/gnome-terminal Terminal Application for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-desktop/gnome-themes-extra Standard Themes for GNOME Applications
gnome-desktop/gnome-tweaks A tool to customize GNOME 3 options
gnome-desktop/gnome-twitch Enjoy Twitch on your GNU/Linux desktop
gnome-desktop/gnome-usage A nice way to view information about use of system resources
gnome-desktop/gnome-weather Access current weather conditions and forecasts
gnome-desktop/gobject-introspection Tools for GIR
gnome-desktop/gpointing-device-settings Trackpad/Touchpad configuration tool for GNOME
gnome-desktop/grilo A framework that provides access to various sources of multimedia content, using a pluggable system
gnome-desktop/grilo-plugins A collection of plugins for the Grilo framework
gnome-desktop/gsettings-desktop-schemas Shared GSettings schemas for the GNOME desktop
gnome-desktop/gsound GObject library for playing system sounds
gnome-desktop/gspell Spell-checking library for GTK+
gnome-desktop/gtk-engines Theme engines for GTK+ 2.0
gnome-desktop/gtk-theme-engine-clearlooks Clearlooks GTK+ Theme Engine
gnome-desktop/gtksourceview Text widget with syntax highlighting support
gnome-desktop/gvfs VFS interfaces for GTK+
gnome-desktop/invenio A notification area search tool
gnome-desktop/libanjuta A support library for the Anjuta integrated development environment (IDE)
gnome-desktop/libgdata GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using the GData protocol
gnome-desktop/libgnome-keyring A library to integrate with the gnome-keyring system
gnome-desktop/libgnomekbd Library for Keyboard Management
gnome-desktop/libgtop Process Monitoring API
gnome-desktop/libgudev UDev GObject bindings
gnome-desktop/libgweather Weather data parsing library
gnome-desktop/librsvg SVG parsing library
gnome-desktop/libsoup HTTP library implemented in C
gnome-desktop/libwnck Window Navigator Construction Key Library
gnome-desktop/metacity Window Manager for the GNOME environment
gnome-desktop/mousetweaks Accessibility Software for GNOME
gnome-desktop/mutter Clutter and metacity based compositing window manager
gnome-desktop/nautilus File Manager for GNOME
gnome-desktop/nautilus-open-terminal nautilus plugin for openning terminals
gnome-desktop/nautilus-sendto Extension for nautilus to send files easily
gnome-desktop/network-manager-applet A panel applet to configure networking via NetworkManager
gnome-desktop/polkit-gnome PolicyKit authentication agent for GNOME
gnome-desktop/rhythmbox An integrated music management application
gnome-desktop/seahorse Keyring and PGP manager
gnome-desktop/seahorse-plugins Plugins for Seahorse
gnome-desktop/seahorse-sharing Sharing of PGP public keys via DNS-SD and HKP
gnome-desktop/snappy Powerful media player with a minimalistic interface
gnome-desktop/sushi A quick previewer for Nautilus
gnome-desktop/sysprof Sysprof kernel based performance profiler for Linux
gnome-desktop/timezonemap A GTK+3 timezone map widget
gnome-desktop/totem Media Player for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-desktop/totem-pl-parser Playlist parsing library
gnome-desktop/vinagre A VNC client for the GNOME desktop
gnome-desktop/vino GNOME Remote Desktop Server
gnome-desktop/yelp Help browser for the GNOME desktop
gnome-desktop/yelp-tools Collection of tools for building and converting documentation
gnome-desktop/yelp-xsl Help browser for the GNOME desktop
gnome-desktop/zenity A utility for displaying dialog boxes from the commandline


arbor Base system (core)
gnome Gnome packages (core)
SuperHeron-misc SuperHeron's miscellaneous exhereses (third-party)
cinnamon-unofficial Unofficial exhereses for Cinnamon desktop environment (third-party)
cogitri Rasmus Thomsen's dev repo (dev)
compnerd compnerd's dev repo (dev)
exony ony's repository for additional packages (third-party)
keruspe Keruspe's dev repository (dev)
sepek Some exheres for some packages (dev)