games-board/ChessDB Free chess database
games-board/aisleriot A collection of card games which are easy to play with the aid of a mouse
games-board/awale Free Awale - The game of all Africa
games-board/black-hole-solver An solver for the solitaire games Golf, Black Hole, and All in a Row
games-board/capicity A monopd compatible boardgame to play Monopoly-like games (previously named capitalism)
games-board/cgoban Go board for X11
games-board/freecell-solver A program that automatically solves layouts of Freecell and similar variants
games-board/gnome-mahjongg A solitaire (one player) version of the classic Eastern tile game, Mahjongg
games-board/gnubg GNU Backgammon
games-board/gnuchess GNU Chess is a terminal-based chess program
games-board/gnuchess-book Gnuchess opening book
games-board/gnugo Free program that plays the game of Go
games-board/jerry Jerry the Chess Program
games-board/knights Chess board program from KDE
games-board/mj mj is a networked Mahjong program for Linux
games-board/netmaumau Client for games-server/netmaumau, the popular card game Mau Mau
games-board/pioneers A clone of the popular board game The Settlers of Catan
games-board/pychess Chess client for Gnome
games-board/pysolfc An exciting collection of more than 1000 solitaire card games
games-board/scid Shane's Chess Information Database
games-board/scoutfish Chess Query Engine
games-board/stockfish Powerful open source chess engine
games-board/xboard GUI for gnuchess and for internet chess servers
games-board/xmahjongg Solitaire Mah-Jongg


games Various games (core)
kde KDE packages (core)
hasufell hasufells user repository (third-party)
sardemff7 Sardem FF7's personal repository (dev)