games-action/armagetronad A simple action game modeled after the lightcycle sequence of the movie Tron
games-action/chromium-bsu Chromium B.S.U. is a fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
games-action/extremetuxracer High speed arctic racing game based on TuxRacer
games-action/liquidwar6 Unique multiplayer wargame
games-action/openclonk A free multiplayer action game where you control clonks
games-action/supertuxkart SuperTuxKart is a Free 3D kart racing game
games-action/teeworlds Online multi-player platform 2D shooter
games-action/trosh A game made in 20 hours for a friend. It has explosions


games Various games (core)
exhereses-cn CJK packages (third-party)
hasufell hasufells user repository (third-party)
roidelapluie roidelapluie's personnal repository for exheres (third-party)
sepek Some exheres for some packages (dev)