dev-java/JLex A lexical analyzer generator for Java
dev-java/Xerces-J A fully conforming XML Schema processor
dev-java/apache-ant Java-based build tool similar to 'make' that uses XML configuration files
dev-java/apm-agent-attach Elastic APM Java Agent
dev-java/bcel Analyze, create, and manipulate Java class files
dev-java/cglib-bin Code Generation Library
dev-java/commons-daemon Java-based daemons or services
dev-java/commons-pool2 Java-based daemons or services
dev-java/gjdoc A Javadoc-compatible documentation generation framework for Java source files
dev-java/gradle Gradle: the enterprise automation tool
dev-java/jakarta-regexp A 100% Pure Java regular expression library
dev-java/java-env Common env.d variables for Java Development Kits
dev-java/java_cup LALR parser generator for Java
dev-java/jetbrains-runtime Java runtime for IntelliJ Platform based products
dev-java/jflex Fast scanner generator for Java
dev-java/jolokia-jvm Java agent to access JMX metrics remotely
dev-java/jsr173 The Streaming API for XML (StAX) is a Java based API for pull-parsing XML
dev-java/junit-bin Java framework to write repeatable tests
dev-java/maven Apache Maven - Project Management and Comprehension Tool
dev-java/mx Command line based tool for managing the development of (primarily) Java code
dev-java/piccolo-bin XML parser for Java
dev-java/rhino Open source JavaScript engine
dev-java/xalan-java Implements the XSLT XML transformation and the XPath language for Java
dev-java/xml-commons-external XML-related standards-based code for Java: DOM, SAX and JAXP
dev-java/xml-commons-resolver Norm Walsh's XML Entity and URI Resolvers
dev-java/xmlbeans-bin A technology for accessing XML by binding it to Java types


java Java packages (core)
CleverCloud Clever Cloud's exherbo repository (third-party)
platypus kapsh's supplemental repository (third-party)