dev-haskell/Boolean Generalized booleans
dev-haskell/Cabal The Cabal package
dev-haskell/ChasingBottoms Test code involving bottoms or infinite values
dev-haskell/Crypto Collects together existing Haskell cryptographic functions into a package
dev-haskell/DAV RFC 4918 WebDAV support
dev-haskell/Diff Basic implementation of the standard diff algorithm
dev-haskell/FindBin This module locates the full directory of the running program
dev-haskell/GLURaw A raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
dev-haskell/GLUT A binding for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit
dev-haskell/Glob A library for globbing: matching patterns against file paths
dev-haskell/HTTP A library for client-side HTTP
dev-haskell/HUnit Unit testing framework for Haskell
dev-haskell/HaXml Utilities for parsing, filtering, transforming and generating XML documents
dev-haskell/IfElse Anaphoric and miscellaneous useful control-flow
dev-haskell/JuicyPixels Picture loading/serialization (in png, jpeg, bitmap and gif)
dev-haskell/List A List monad transformer and a List class
dev-haskell/MemoTrie Trie-based memo functions
dev-haskell/MissingH Large utility library
dev-haskell/MonadCatchIO-transformers Monad-transformer compatible version of the Control.Exception module
dev-haskell/MonadRandom Support for computations which consume random values
dev-haskell/NumInstances Instances of numeric classes for functions and tuples
dev-haskell/ObjectName Explicitly handled object names
dev-haskell/OpenGL A binding for the OpenGL graphics system
dev-haskell/OpenGLRaw A raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
dev-haskell/PSQueue Priority Search Queue
dev-haskell/QuickCheck An automatic, specification based testing utility for Haskell programs
dev-haskell/RSA Implementation of RSA, using the padding schemes of PKCS#1 v2.1
dev-haskell/ReadArgs Simple command line argument parsing
dev-haskell/SDL Haskell binding to libSDL
dev-haskell/SHA Implementations of the SHA suite of message digest functions
dev-haskell/Safe Library for safe (pattern match free) functions
dev-haskell/SafeSemaphore Much safer replacement for QSemN, QSem, and SampleVar
dev-haskell/StateVar State variables
dev-haskell/X11 A haskell binding to the X11 graphics library
dev-haskell/X11-xft Bindings to the Xft, X Free Type interface library, and some Xrender parts
dev-haskell/Yampa Library for programming hybrid systems
dev-haskell/abstract-deque An abstract interface to highly-parameterizable queues/deques
dev-haskell/abstract-par The Par monad offers a parallel programming API based on dataflow programming
dev-haskell/adjunctions Adjunctions and representable functors
dev-haskell/aeson JSON parsing and generation library
dev-haskell/aeson-compat Compatibility layer for aeson
dev-haskell/aeson-pretty A JSON pretty-printing library compatible with aeson
dev-haskell/aeson-qq aeson-qq provides a JSON quasiquoter for Haskell
dev-haskell/alex A tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell
dev-haskell/alsa-core Bindings to the ALSA library API
dev-haskell/alsa-mixer Bindings to the ALSA simple mixer API
dev-haskell/ansi-terminal Simple ANSI terminal support, with Windows compatibility
dev-haskell/ansi-wl-pprint The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output
dev-haskell/appar A simple applicative parser in Parsec style
dev-haskell/array Mutable and immutable arrays
dev-haskell/ascii-progress progress bar for the console
dev-haskell/asn1-data ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER, DER and CER forms
dev-haskell/asn1-encoding ASN1 data reader and writer in raw form with supports for high level forms of ASN1
dev-haskell/asn1-parse ASN1 data reader and writer in raw form with supports for high level forms of ASN1
dev-haskell/asn1-types ASN.1 standard types
dev-haskell/async Run IO operations asynchronously and wait for their results
dev-haskell/attempt Concrete data type for handling extensible exceptions as failures
dev-haskell/attoparsec Fast parser combinator library
dev-haskell/attoparsec-conduit Turn attoparsec parsers into sinks (deprecated)
dev-haskell/attoparsec-enumerator Convert an Attoparsec parser into an iteratee
dev-haskell/augeas Haskell FFI wrapper for the Augeas API
dev-haskell/authenticate Authentication methods for Haskell web applications
dev-haskell/auto-update Auto-update
dev-haskell/aws Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Haskell
dev-haskell/base-compat Provides functions available in later versions of base to a wider range of compilers, without requiring you to use CPP pragmas in your code
dev-haskell/base-orphans Backwards-compatible orphan instances for base
dev-haskell/base-unicode-symbols Symbols for a number of functions and operators in the base package
dev-haskell/base16-bytestring Fast base16 (hex) encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
dev-haskell/base64-bytestring Fast base64 encoding and deconding for ByteStrings
dev-haskell/basic-prelude Enhanced core prelude; a common foundation for alternate preludes
dev-haskell/bencode Parser and printer for bencoded data
dev-haskell/bifunctors Bifunctors
dev-haskell/binary Binary serialisation for Haskell values using lazy ByteStrings
dev-haskell/blaze-builder Builder to efficiently append text, optimized for HTML generation
dev-haskell/blaze-builder-conduit Convert streams of builders to streams of bytestrings (deprecated)
dev-haskell/blaze-builder-enumerator Integrates the builders from the blaze-builder with enumerator
dev-haskell/blaze-html Blazingly fast HTML combinator library
dev-haskell/blaze-markup Blazingly fast markup combinator library
dev-haskell/blaze-textual Efficiently render Haskell datatypes to bytestrings
dev-haskell/bloomfilter Pure and impure Bloom Filter implementations
dev-haskell/bmp Read and write uncompressed BMP image files
dev-haskell/byteable Abstract class to manipulate sequence of bytes
dev-haskell/byteorder Exposes the native endianness or byte ordering of the system
dev-haskell/bytestring Fast, packed, strict and lazy byte arrays with a list interface
dev-haskell/bytestring-builder bytestring-builder
dev-haskell/bytestring-handle The bytestring-handle package
dev-haskell/bytestring-mmap Lazy wrapper to mmap(2)
dev-haskell/bytestring-nums Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings
dev-haskell/bytestring-trie An efficient finite map from (byte)strings to values
dev-haskell/c2hs C -> Haskell Interface Generator
dev-haskell/cabal-helper Interface to some of Cabal's configuration state used by ghc-mod
dev-haskell/cabal-install The command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage
dev-haskell/case-insensitive Type constructor which can be parameterised by a string-like type
dev-haskell/cassava A CSV parsing and encoding library optimized for ease of use and high performance
dev-haskell/cereal Binary serialization library
dev-haskell/chell A simple and intuitive library for automated testing
dev-haskell/chell-quickcheck QuickCheck support for the Chell testing library
dev-haskell/chunked-data Typeclasses for dealing with various chunked data representations
dev-haskell/cipher-aes Fast AES cipher implementation with advanced mode of operations
dev-haskell/cipher-blowfish Blowfish cipher primitives
dev-haskell/cipher-camellia Camellia block cipher primitives
dev-haskell/cipher-des DES and 3DES primitives
dev-haskell/cipher-rc4 Fast RC4 cipher implementation
dev-haskell/classy-prelude typeclass-based Prelude
dev-haskell/classy-prelude-conduit conduit instances for classy-prelude
dev-haskell/clientsession Store session data in a cookie
dev-haskell/clock Convenient access to high-resolution clock and timer functions
dev-haskell/cmark This package provides Haskell bindings for libcmark
dev-haskell/cmdargs Command line argument processing
dev-haskell/cmdlib Library for command line parsing and online help
dev-haskell/cml Events and Channels as in Concurrent ML
dev-haskell/combinat Generation of various combinatorial objects
dev-haskell/comonad Haskell 98 compatible comonads
dev-haskell/comonad-transformers Comonad transformers
dev-haskell/comonads-fd Comonad transformers using functional dependencies
dev-haskell/concurrent-output Ungarble output from several threads or commands
dev-haskell/conduit Streaming data processing library
dev-haskell/conduit-combinators Commonly used conduit functions, for both chunked and unchunked data
dev-haskell/conduit-extra The conduit-extra package
dev-haskell/connection Simple network library for all your connection need
dev-haskell/constraints Constraint manipulation
dev-haskell/containers Assorted concrete container types
dev-haskell/contravariant Haskell 98 contravariant functors
dev-haskell/convertible Typeclasses and instances for converting between types
dev-haskell/cookie HTTP cookie parsing and rendering
dev-haskell/cpphs A liberalised re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor
dev-haskell/cprng-aes Pseudo random number generator
dev-haskell/cpu Cpu information and properties helpers
dev-haskell/criterion Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis
dev-haskell/crypto-api A generic interface for cryptographic operations
dev-haskell/crypto-cipher-tests Generic cryptography cipher tests
dev-haskell/crypto-cipher-types Generic cryptography cipher types
dev-haskell/crypto-conduit Conduit interface for cryptographic operations (from crypto-api)
dev-haskell/crypto-numbers Generic cryptography public keys algorithm types
dev-haskell/crypto-pubkey Public Key cryptography
dev-haskell/crypto-pubkey-types Generic cryptography public keys algorithm types
dev-haskell/crypto-random Simple cryptographic random related types
dev-haskell/crypto-random-api Simple random generators API for cryptography related code
dev-haskell/cryptocipher Symmetrical Block, Stream and PubKey Ciphers
dev-haskell/cryptohash Collection of crypto hashes, fast, pure and practical
dev-haskell/cryptohash-conduit Support all the cryptohash package using conduits from the conduit package
dev-haskell/cryptohash-cryptoapi Crypto-api interfaces for cryptohash
dev-haskell/cryptohash-sha256 Fast, pure and practical SHA-256 implementation
dev-haskell/cryptonite Cryptography Primitives sink
dev-haskell/css-text CSS parser and renderer
dev-haskell/curl Haskell binding to libcurl
dev-haskell/data-default A class for types with a default value
dev-haskell/data-default-class The data-default-class package
dev-haskell/data-default-instances-base Default instances for types in base
dev-haskell/data-default-instances-containers Default instances for types in containers
dev-haskell/data-default-instances-dlist Default instances for types in dlist
dev-haskell/data-default-instances-old-locale Default instances for types in old-locale
dev-haskell/data-ordlist This module provides set and multiset operations on ordered lists
dev-haskell/dataenc Data encoding library
dev-haskell/date-cache Date cacher
dev-haskell/dbus A client library for the D-Bus IPC system
dev-haskell/deepseq Fully evaluate data structures
dev-haskell/deepseq-generics Fully evaluate data structures
dev-haskell/deriving-compat Backports of GHC deriving extensions
dev-haskell/digest Haskell library providing various cryptographic hashes for ByteStrings
dev-haskell/directory Library for directory handling
dev-haskell/directory-tree Directory-like tree
dev-haskell/disk-free-space Retrieve information about disk space usage
dev-haskell/distributive Haskell 98 Distributive functors -- Dual to Traversable
dev-haskell/djinn-ghc Generate Haskell code from a type. Bridge from Djinn to GHC API
dev-haskell/djinn-lib Generate Haskell code from a type. Library extracted from djinn package
dev-haskell/dlist List-like type supporting O(1) append
dev-haskell/dlist-instances See the dlist packages
dev-haskell/dns DNS library for clients and servers
dev-haskell/doctemplates This is the templating system used by pandoc
dev-haskell/doctest A program that checks examples in source code comments
dev-haskell/double-conversion Fast conversion between double precision floating point and text
dev-haskell/easy-file Cross-platform File handling for Unix/Mac/Windows
dev-haskell/ed25519 Ed25519 cryptographic signatures
dev-haskell/edit-distance Levenshtein and restricted Damerau-Levenshtein edit distances
dev-haskell/either An either monad transformer
dev-haskell/email-validate Validating an email address string against RFC 5322
dev-haskell/enclosed-exceptions Catching all exceptions raised within an enclosed computation
dev-haskell/encoding The encoding package
dev-haskell/entropy A platform independent entropy source
dev-haskell/enumerator Efficient, predictable, and safe alternative to lazy I/O
dev-haskell/erf A type class for the error function, erf, and related functions
dev-haskell/errorcall-eq-instance Prior to base- there was no Eq instance for ErrorCall
dev-haskell/errors The one-stop shop for all your error-handling needs
dev-haskell/esqueleto Type-safe EDSL for SQL queries on persistent backends
dev-haskell/exceptions Extensible optionally-pure exceptions
dev-haskell/extensible-exceptions Extensible exceptions
dev-haskell/extra Extra functions I use
dev-haskell/fail This package contains the Control.Monad.Fail module providing the MonadFail class that became available in base- for older base package versions
dev-haskell/failure A simple type class for success/failure computations
dev-haskell/fast-logger Fast logging system
dev-haskell/fclabels First class composable record labels for Haskell
dev-haskell/fdo-notify Desktop Notifications client
dev-haskell/feed Interfacing with RSS (v 0.9x, 2.x, 1.0) + Atom feeds
dev-haskell/file-embed Use Template Haskell to embed file contents directly
dev-haskell/file-location Common debugging/error/exception functions that give file location information
dev-haskell/filemanip Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell
dev-haskell/filepath Library for manipulating FilePaths in a cross platform way
dev-haskell/fixed Signed 15.16 precision fixed point arithmetic
dev-haskell/foldl This library provides strict left folds that stream in constant memory
dev-haskell/free Free monads are useful for many tree-like structures and domain specific languages
dev-haskell/fsnotify file creation, modification, and deletion notification
dev-haskell/generic-deriving Generic programming library for generalised deriving
dev-haskell/ghc-boot Shared functionality between GHC and its boot libraries
dev-haskell/ghc-boot-th Shared functionality between GHC and the template-haskell library
dev-haskell/ghc-mod Happy Haskell Programming
dev-haskell/ghc-paths Knowledge of GHC's installation directories
dev-haskell/ghc-syb-utils Scrap Your Boilerplate utilities for the GHC API
dev-haskell/gloss Painless 2D vector graphics, animations and simulations
dev-haskell/gloss-rendering Gloss picture data types and rendering functions
dev-haskell/glpk-hs GLPK bindings
dev-haskell/gnutls The gnutls package
dev-haskell/hS3 Interface to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3)
dev-haskell/hackage-security Hackage security library
dev-haskell/haddock A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
dev-haskell/haddock-api A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
dev-haskell/haddock-library A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
dev-haskell/hakyll Simple static site generator library
dev-haskell/half Half-precision floating-point
dev-haskell/hamlet Type-safe generating HTML code (deprecated)
dev-haskell/happy A yacc-like parser generator for Haskell
dev-haskell/hashable Class for types that can be converted to a hash value
dev-haskell/haskeline A command-line interface for user input, written in Haskell
dev-haskell/haskell-lexer A fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer
dev-haskell/haskell-src Manipulating Haskell source code
dev-haskell/haskell-src-exts Manipulating Haskell source: abstract syntax, lexer, parser, and pretty-printer
dev-haskell/haskell-src-meta The translation from haskell-src-exts abstract syntax to template-haskell abstract syntax isn't 100% complete yet
dev-haskell/hastache Haskell implementation of Mustache templates
dev-haskell/hexpat Haskell XML library using Expat
dev-haskell/highlighting-kate A syntax highlighting library with support for nearly one hundred languages
dev-haskell/hinotify Haskell binding to inotify
dev-haskell/hint Interpreter monad
dev-haskell/hjsmin Reduces size of javascript files
dev-haskell/hlibev FFI interface to libev
dev-haskell/hlint Gives suggestions on how to improve your haskell source code
dev-haskell/hostname Determines the hostname
dev-haskell/hourglass Simple time library focusing on simple but powerful and performant API
dev-haskell/hpc Code Coverage Library for Haskell
dev-haskell/hs-bibutils Haskell bindings to bibutils, the bibliography conversion utilities
dev-haskell/hscolour Colourise Haskell code
dev-haskell/hsemail Internet Message Parsers
dev-haskell/hslogger Versatile logging framework
dev-haskell/hslua A Lua language interpreter embedding in Haskell
dev-haskell/hspec Behavior Driven Development for Haskell
dev-haskell/hspec-core A Testing Framework for Haskell
dev-haskell/hspec-discover Automatically discover and run Hspec tests
dev-haskell/hspec-expectations Catchy combinators for HUnit
dev-haskell/hspec-meta A version of Hspec which is used to test Hspec itself
dev-haskell/hspec-wai Experimental Hspec support for testing WAI applications
dev-haskell/html HTML Haskell combinator library
dev-haskell/html-conduit A library for parsing HTML documents using xml-conduit datatypes
dev-haskell/http-api-data This package defines typeclasses used for converting Haskell data types to and from HTTP API data
dev-haskell/http-client An HTTP client engine, intended as a base layer for more user-friendly packages
dev-haskell/http-client-conduit An HTTP client engine
dev-haskell/http-client-tls An HTTP client engine
dev-haskell/http-conduit HTTP client package with conduit interface and HTTPS support
dev-haskell/http-date HTTP Date parser/formatter
dev-haskell/http-reverse-proxy Reverse proxy HTTP requests, either over raw sockets or with WAI
dev-haskell/http-types Generic HTTP types for Haskell
dev-haskell/httpd-shed This web server promotes a Request to IO Response function into a local web server
dev-haskell/hxt Collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell
dev-haskell/hxt-charproperties Character properties and classes for XML and Unicode
dev-haskell/hxt-regex-xmlschema Regular expression library for W3C XML Schema regular expressions
dev-haskell/hxt-unicode Unicode en-/decoding functions for utf8, iso-latin-* and other encodings
dev-haskell/idna Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (RFC 3490
dev-haskell/ieee754 Utilities for dealing with IEEE floating point numbers
dev-haskell/integer-gmp Integer-gmp
dev-haskell/integer-simple Simple integer library
dev-haskell/io-choice Choice for IO and lifted IO
dev-haskell/iproute IP Routing Table
dev-haskell/json Parser and pretty printer for converting between Haskell values and JSON
dev-haskell/json-types Basic types for representing JSON
dev-haskell/kan-extensions Kan extensions, Kan lifts, various forms of the Yoneda lemma, and (co)density (co)monads
dev-haskell/keys Keyed functors and containers
dev-haskell/language-c Analysis and generation of C code
dev-haskell/language-haskell-extract Automatically extract functions from the local code
dev-haskell/language-javascript Parses Javascript into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)
dev-haskell/largeword Word128, Word192 and Word256
dev-haskell/lens Lenses, Folds and Traversals
dev-haskell/libmpd A client library for MPD, the Music Player Daemon
dev-haskell/libxml Binding to libxml2
dev-haskell/libxml-sax Bindings for the libXML2 SAX interface
dev-haskell/lifted-async Run lifted IO operations asynchronously and wait for their results
dev-haskell/lifted-base Lifted IO operations from the base library
dev-haskell/logict A backtracking logic-programming monad
dev-haskell/lrucache A simple, pure LRU cache, implemented in terms of Data.Map
dev-haskell/lushtags Create ctags compatible tags files for Haskell programs
dev-haskell/magic Interface to C file/magic library
dev-haskell/math-functions Special functions and Chebyshev polynomials
dev-haskell/memory memory and related abstraction stuff
dev-haskell/mersenne-random-pure64 Generate high quality pseudorandom numbers purely using a Mersenne Twister
dev-haskell/mime-mail Compose MIME email messages
dev-haskell/mime-types Basic mime-type handling types and functions
dev-haskell/mmap Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows
dev-haskell/mmorph Monad morphism utilities
dev-haskell/monad-control Lift control operations through monad transformers
dev-haskell/monad-journal Pure logger typeclass and monad transformer
dev-haskell/monad-logger A class of monads which can log messages
dev-haskell/monad-loops Monadic loops
dev-haskell/monad-par Library for parallel programming based on a monad
dev-haskell/monad-par-extras The Par monad offers a parallel programming API based on dataflow programming
dev-haskell/monad-peel MonadPeelIO, a subset of MonadIO
dev-haskell/monads-tf Monad classes using type families
dev-haskell/mono-traversable Type classes for mapping, folding, and traversing monomorphic containers
dev-haskell/mountpoints Lists currently mounted filesystems
dev-haskell/mtl Monad Transformer Library
dev-haskell/mtl-compat Backported Control.Monad.Except module from mtl
dev-haskell/murmur-hash MurmurHash2: Good, fast, general-purpose, non-cryptographic hashing function
dev-haskell/mutable-containers Mutable containers
dev-haskell/mwc-random Generates high quality random numbers
dev-haskell/nanospec A lightweight implementation of a subset of Hspec's API
dev-haskell/nats Haskell 98 natural numbers
dev-haskell/network Networking-related facilities
dev-haskell/network-conduit Stream socket data using conduits. (deprecated)
dev-haskell/network-info Access the local computer's basic network configuration
dev-haskell/network-multicast Simple multicast library
dev-haskell/network-uri This package provides an URI manipulation inteface
dev-haskell/newtype A typeclass and set of functions for working with newtypes
dev-haskell/nonce Generate cryptographic nonces
dev-haskell/old-locale Locale library
dev-haskell/old-time Time library
dev-haskell/options A powerful and easy-to-use command-line option parser
dev-haskell/optparse-applicative Utilities and combinators for parsing command line options
dev-haskell/pandoc-citeproc functions for using the citeproc system with pandoc
dev-haskell/pandoc-types Definitions for the Pandoc data structure
dev-haskell/parallel Parallel programming library
dev-haskell/parsec Monadic parser combinators
dev-haskell/path-pieces Components of paths
dev-haskell/patience Patience diff and longest increasing subsequence
dev-haskell/pcre-light A small, efficient and portable regex library for Perl 5 compatible regular expressions
dev-haskell/pem Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format reader and writer
dev-haskell/persistent Type-safe, non-relational, multi-backend persistence
dev-haskell/persistent-sqlite Backend for the persistent library using sqlite3
dev-haskell/persistent-template Type-safe, non-relational, multi-backend persistence
dev-haskell/pipes Pipes stream library
dev-haskell/pointed Pointed and copointed data
dev-haskell/polyparse Collection of parser combinator libraries
dev-haskell/prelude-extras higher order versions of Prelude classes
dev-haskell/pretty Pretty-printing library
dev-haskell/pretty-show Tools for working with derived Show instances
dev-haskell/primes Efficient lazy wheel sieve for prime generation
dev-haskell/primitive Wrappers for primitive array operations from GHC.Prim
dev-haskell/process Process libraries
dev-haskell/profunctors Profunctors
dev-haskell/project-template Specify Haskell project templates and generate files
dev-haskell/publicsuffixlist Is a given string a domain suffix?
dev-haskell/punycode Encode unicode strings to ascii forms according to RFC 3492
dev-haskell/pureMD5 A Haskell-only implementation of the MD5 digest (hash) algorithm
dev-haskell/pwstore-fast Secure password storage
dev-haskell/quickcheck-assertions Library with convenient assertions for QuickCheck properties like in HUnit
dev-haskell/quickcheck-instances Common quickcheck instances
dev-haskell/quickcheck-io The quickcheck-io package
dev-haskell/quickcheck-unicode Generator and shrink functions for testing Unicode-related software
dev-haskell/random Random number library
dev-haskell/random-shuffle Random shuffle implementation
dev-haskell/ranges Ranges and various functions on them
dev-haskell/refact Specify refactorings to perform with apply-refact
dev-haskell/reflection The reflection package
dev-haskell/regex-applicative regex-applicative is a Haskell library for parsing using regular expressions
dev-haskell/regex-base Interface API for regex-posix, pcre, parsec, tdfa, dfa
dev-haskell/regex-compat One module layer over regex-posix to replace Text.Regex
dev-haskell/regex-compat-tdfa One module layer over regex-tdfa to replace Text.Regex
dev-haskell/regex-pcre PCRE backend to accompany regex-base
dev-haskell/regex-pcre-builtin The PCRE backend to accompany regex-base
dev-haskell/regex-posix The posix regex backend for regex-base
dev-haskell/regex-tdfa A new all Haskell tagged DFA regex engine, inspired by libtre
dev-haskell/regex-tdfa-rc A new all Haskell tagged DFA regex engine, inspired by libtre
dev-haskell/resource-pool High-performance striped resource pooling implementation
dev-haskell/resourcet Deterministic allocation and freeing of scarce resources
dev-haskell/rfc5051 This library implements i;unicode-casemap,
dev-haskell/safe Library for safe (pattern match free) functions
dev-haskell/sandi Data encoding library
dev-haskell/scientific The scientific package
dev-haskell/scotty A Haskell web framework inspired by Ruby's Sinatra, using WAI and Warp
dev-haskell/securemem SecureMem is similar to ByteString
dev-haskell/semigroupoids Haskell 98 semigroupoids: Category sans id
dev-haskell/semigroups Haskell 98 semigroups
dev-haskell/sendfile Zero-copy sendfile functionality in a portable way
dev-haskell/setenv A cross-platform library for setting environment variables
dev-haskell/setlocale Haskell bindings to setlocale
dev-haskell/shakespeare Family of type-safe, efficient templates
dev-haskell/shakespeare-css Stick your haskell variables into css at compile time. (deprecated)
dev-haskell/shakespeare-i18n Type-based approach to internationalization (deprecated)
dev-haskell/shakespeare-js JavaScript template language (deprecated)
dev-haskell/shakespeare-text Stick haskell variables into haskell strings
dev-haskell/shelly shell-like (systems) programming in Haskell
dev-haskell/silently Prevent or capture writing to stdout and other handles
dev-haskell/simple-reflect This package allows simple reflection of expressions containing variables
dev-haskell/simple-sendfile Cross platform library for the sendfile system call
dev-haskell/skein Family of cryptographic hash functions
dev-haskell/skylighting A syntax highlighting library with support for nearly one hundred languages
dev-haskell/smallcheck A property-based testing library
dev-haskell/snap-core Simple and fast web development framework and server
dev-haskell/snap-server High performance, epoll-enabled, iteratee-based web server library
dev-haskell/socks Socks proxy (version 5) implementation
dev-haskell/split Combinator library and utility functions for splitting lists
dev-haskell/statistics Provides a number of common functions and types useful in statistics
dev-haskell/stm Software Transactional Memory
dev-haskell/stm-chans Additional types of channels for STM
dev-haskell/streaming-commons Provides low-dependency functionality
dev-haskell/strict Strict data types and String IO
dev-haskell/string-qq QuasiQuoter for non-interpolated strings, texts and bytestrings
dev-haskell/stringbuilder A monadic builder for multi-line string literals
dev-haskell/stringprep Implements the StringPrep algorithm
dev-haskell/stringsearch A library for fast searching, splitting and replacing of ByteStrings
dev-haskell/syb Scrap Your Boilerplate
dev-haskell/system-fileio A library providing consistent filesystem interaction across GHC versions
dev-haskell/system-filepath High-level, byte-based file and directory path manipulations
dev-haskell/tagged Newtype wrappers for phantom types to avoid unsafely passing dummy arguments
dev-haskell/tagsoup High-level file download based on URLs
dev-haskell/tagstream-conduit Streamlined html tag parser
dev-haskell/tar Working with tar files in Haskell
dev-haskell/tasty Modern and extensible testing framework
dev-haskell/tasty-golden Golden tests support for tasty
dev-haskell/tasty-hunit HUnit support for the Tasty test framework
dev-haskell/tasty-kat Tests running from simple KATs file
dev-haskell/tasty-quickcheck QuickCheck support for the Tasty test framework
dev-haskell/tasty-smallcheck SmallCheck support for the Tasty test framework
dev-haskell/tasty-th Generate HUnit- and Quickcheck-code using Template Haskell
dev-haskell/template-haskell Facilities for manipulating Haskell source code using Template Haskell
dev-haskell/temporary Portable temporary file and directory support for Windows and Unix, based on code from Cabal
dev-haskell/temporary-rc Portable temporary file and directory support for Windows and Unix, based on code from Cabal
dev-haskell/terminal-size Get terminal window height and width
dev-haskell/terminfo Haskell bindings to the terminfo library
dev-haskell/test-framework Framework for running and organising tests, with HUnit and QuickCheck support
dev-haskell/test-framework-hunit HUnit support for the test-framework package
dev-haskell/test-framework-quickcheck2 QuickCheck2 support for the test-framework package
dev-haskell/test-framework-smallcheck Support for SmallCheck tests in test-framework
dev-haskell/test-framework-th Automagically generate the HUnit- and Quickcheck-bulk-code using Template Haskell
dev-haskell/test-framework-th-prime Template Haskell for test framework
dev-haskell/test-shouldbe Catchy combinators for HUnit
dev-haskell/texmath Convert LaTeX math formulas to presentation MathML
dev-haskell/text Efficiently packed, immutable Unicode text type
dev-haskell/text-icu Bindings to the ICU library
dev-haskell/text-show Efficient conversion of values into Text
dev-haskell/text-stream-decode Deprecated in favor of streaming-commons
dev-haskell/tf-random high-quality splittable pseudorandom number generator
dev-haskell/th-expand-syns Expands type synonyms in Template Haskell ASTs
dev-haskell/th-lift Derive Template Haskell's Lift class for datatypes
dev-haskell/th-orphans Orphan instances for TH datatypes
dev-haskell/th-reify-many th-reify-many provides functions for recursively reifying top level declarations
dev-haskell/time A time library
dev-haskell/time-locale-compat This package contains wrapped name module for TimeLocale
dev-haskell/tls TLS/SSL protocol native implementation (Server and Client)
dev-haskell/torrent BitTorrent file parser and generater
dev-haskell/transformers Haskell 98 part of a monad transformer library
dev-haskell/transformers-base Lift computations from the bottom of a transformer stack
dev-haskell/transformers-compat Lenses, Folds and Traversals
dev-haskell/unbounded-delays Unbounded thread delays and timeouts
dev-haskell/unexceptionalio When you've caught all the exceptions that can be handled safely, this is what you're left with
dev-haskell/unicode-properties Unicode 3.2.0 character properties
dev-haskell/uniplate Library for writing simple and concise generic operations
dev-haskell/unix POSIX functionality
dev-haskell/unix-compat Portable implementations of parts of the unix package
dev-haskell/unix-time Unix time parser/formatter and utilities
dev-haskell/unordered-containers Efficient hashing-based container types
dev-haskell/utf8-light Lightweight UTF8 handling
dev-haskell/utf8-string Support for reading and writing UTF8 Strings
dev-haskell/uuid For creating, comparing, parsing and printing Universally Unique Identifiers
dev-haskell/uuid-types This library contains type definitions for Universally Unique Identifiers and basic conversion functions
dev-haskell/vault Typed, persistent store for values of arbitrary types
dev-haskell/vector Implementation of Int-indexed arrays (both mutable and immutable)
dev-haskell/vector-algorithms Efficient algorithms for vector arrays
dev-haskell/vector-binary-instances Instances of Data.Binary and Data.Serialize for vector
dev-haskell/vector-instances The vector-instances package
dev-haskell/vector-space Vector spaces, affine spaces, linear maps, and derivatives
dev-haskell/vector-th-unbox Deriver for Data.Vector.Unboxed using Template Haskell
dev-haskell/void Haskell 98 logically uninhabited data type
dev-haskell/vty Terminal GUI library in the niche of ncurses
dev-haskell/wai Protocol for communication between web aplications and web servers
dev-haskell/wai-app-static WAI application for static serving
dev-haskell/wai-conduit conduit wrappers for WAI
dev-haskell/wai-extra Provides some basic WAI handlers and middleware
dev-haskell/wai-handler-fastcgi Wai handler to fastcgi
dev-haskell/wai-logger Logging system for WAI
dev-haskell/wai-test Unit test framework for WAI applications (deprecated)
dev-haskell/warp A fast, light-weight web server for WAI applications
dev-haskell/warp-tls HTTP over SSL/TLS support for Warp via the TLS package
dev-haskell/web-routes Types and functions that ensure that URLs generated by an application are valid
dev-haskell/with-location The with-location package
dev-haskell/x509 X509 reader and writer
dev-haskell/x509-store X.509 collection accessing and storing methods for certificate, crl, exception list
dev-haskell/x509-system System X.509 handling
dev-haskell/x509-validation X.509 Certificate and CRL validation
dev-haskell/xdg-basedir Implementation of the XDG Base Directory specification
dev-haskell/xhtml An XHTML combinator library
dev-haskell/xml A simple XML library
dev-haskell/xml-conduit Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with XML with the conduit package
dev-haskell/xml-hamlet Hamlet-style quasiquoter for XML content
dev-haskell/xml-types Basic types for representing XML
dev-haskell/xml2html Blaze-html instances for xml-conduit types
dev-haskell/xss-sanitize Sanitize untrusted HTML to prevent XSS attacks
dev-haskell/yaml Low-level binding to the libyaml C library
dev-haskell/yesod RESTful web framework with strong compile-time guarantees of correctness
dev-haskell/yesod-auth Authentication for Yesod
dev-haskell/yesod-core Creation of type-safe, RESTful web applications
dev-haskell/yesod-default Default config and main functions for your yesod application
dev-haskell/yesod-form Form handling support for Yesod Web Framework
dev-haskell/yesod-json Generate content for Yesod using the aeson package. (deprecated)
dev-haskell/yesod-persistent Some helpers for using Persistent from Yesod
dev-haskell/yesod-static Static file serving subsite for Yesod Web Framework
dev-haskell/yesod-test Integration testing for WAI/Yesod Applications
dev-haskell/zip-archive Haskell library for creating and modifying zip archives
dev-haskell/zlib Compression and decompression in the gzip and zlib formats
dev-haskell/zlib-bindings Low-level bindings to the zlib package (deprecated)
dev-haskell/zlib-conduit Streaming compression/decompression via conduits
dev-haskell/zlib-enum Enumerator interface for zlib compression


haskell-unofficial Unoffical Haskell packages (third-party)