app-misc/AusweisApp2 Use German ID cards for online authentication
app-misc/abook Text-based addressbook program designed to use with mutt mail client
app-misc/bar Command Line Progress Bar
app-misc/beat beat is the canonical tool for working with beat-protocol files
app-misc/binwalk A firmware analysis tool
app-misc/bootchart Performance analysis and visualization of the system boot process
app-misc/bp-nfoview A Simple NFO-Viewer
app-misc/bsdiff Binary diff/patch utility
app-misc/ca-certificates Common CA Certificates PEM files
app-misc/calendar Standard unix calendar program for Linux
app-misc/clifm CLI-based, shell-like, and non-curses terminal file manager written in C
app-misc/colordiff Colour-highlighted diff output
app-misc/delay Sleep like program that counts down the time
app-misc/detox Cleans up filenames
app-misc/dex DesktopEntry Execution
app-misc/dtach Light screen like program that only support the detach feature
app-misc/fdupes Finds duplicate files
app-misc/gramps Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System
app-misc/gtkhash A cross-platform desktop utility for computing message digests or checksums
app-misc/gtypist A universal typing tutor
app-misc/hilite Highlights stderr output in red
app-misc/human A program which converts units to human readable formats; ex. 123456 bytes to 121K
app-misc/j4-dmenu-desktop A fast desktop menu
app-misc/krename Powerful batch renamer for KDE
app-misc/lxsplit Simple tool for splitting and joining files
app-misc/mc GNU Midnight Commander is a s-lang based file manager
app-misc/miscfiles Various miscellaneous files
app-misc/mktorrent A simple command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files
app-misc/mmv Move/copy/link multiple files/directories according to a set of wildcard patterns
app-misc/neofetch A fast, highly customizable system info script
app-misc/oath-toolkit One-time password components
app-misc/pacman A library-based package manager with dependency support
app-misc/piper GTK application to configure gaming mice
app-misc/playerctl mpris command-line controller and library
app-misc/ppf-o-matic Playstation Patch File console tools
app-misc/prettyping Nice and shiny wrapper around ping
app-misc/pv pv is used to monitor the progress of data through a pipe
app-misc/quitcount QuitCount is a simple counter that shows what you saved since you quit smoking
app-misc/ranger Console file manager with Vi-style key bindings
app-misc/rlwrap A 'readline wrapper' that uses the GNU readline library to allow the editing of keyboard input for any other command
app-misc/screen A full-screen terminal multiplexer/window manager
app-misc/stow A symlink farm manager
app-misc/supercat A text file colorizer using powerful regular expressions
app-misc/task Taskwarrior is a command-line todo list manager
app-misc/timew Timewarrior tracks your time from the command line, and generates reports
app-misc/tmuxinator Helper to create and manage complex tmux sessions easily
app-misc/torrentcheck Command-line utility to catalog and verify torrent files
app-misc/tree Lists directories recursively
app-misc/tvdb_api An easy to use interface to
app-misc/tvnamer Automatic TV episode file renamer, uses data from via tvdb_api
app-misc/unison Bi-directional file synchronization tool written in OCaml
app-misc/uptimed System uptime record daemon that keeps track of your highest uptimes
app-misc/usleep usleep(3) wrapper for shell scripts
app-misc/utimer ┬ÁTimer: command-line timer, countdown and stopwatch
app-misc/vbindiff Visual Binary Diff
app-misc/vifm Console file manager with vi(m)-like keybindings
app-misc/worker Worker is a file manager for the X Window System
app-misc/xbps The X Binary Package System
app-misc/zebrapig Brighten your day by singing the praises of zebrapig


arbor Base system (core)
bikeshed Miscellaneous packages which do not belong elsewhere (core)
desktop Miscellaneous desktop applications (core)
kde KDE packages (core)
net Network- and www-related applications and libraries. (core)
SuperHeron-misc SuperHeron's miscellaneous exhereses (third-party)
alip Ali Polatel's dev repo (dev)
ciaranm Ciaran McCreesh's dev repo (dev)
cogitri Rasmus Thomsen's dev repo (dev)
dendron justinkb's exhereses (third-party)
heirecka Heiko Becker's dev repo (dev)
kekstee kekstee's exherbo repository (third-party)
lmi lmi's exheres (third-party)
marv marv's supplemental repository (dev)
mawww mawww's supplemental repository (third-party)
obeliks obeliks' exheres (third-party)
olesalscheider olesalscheider's developer repository (dev)
philantrop Philantrop's supplemental repository (dev)
pipping pipping's exhereses (dev)
platypus kapsh's supplemental repository (third-party)
pyro Thomas Witt's supplemental repo (dev)
somasis Kylie McClain's dev repo (dev)
tanderson Thomas' miscellaneous Exherbo packages (dev)
tridactyla Michael Forney's exherbo repository (dev)