app-emulation/dosbox a DOS emulator
app-emulation/fceux A portable Famicom/NES emulator, an evolution of the original FCE Ultra
app-emulation/mdk MDK (MIX Development Kit), which offers an emulation of MIX and MIXAL
app-emulation/protontricks Simple wrapper for running Winetricks commands for Proton-enabled games
app-emulation/q4wine Qt GUI for Wine
app-emulation/vice The Versatile Commodore Emulator (VICE)
app-emulation/vkd3d The Direct3D 12 to Vulkan translation library
app-emulation/wiimms-iso-tools A command-line WBFS toolset
app-emulation/wiiuse A library written in C that connects with several Nintendo Wii remotes
app-emulation/wine compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications
app-emulation/winetricks Winetricks is an easy way to work around problems in Wine


virtualization Virtualization packages (core)
exony ony's repository for additional packages (third-party)
heirecka Heiko Becker's dev repo (dev)
jedahan jedahan's random exheres (third-party)
philantrop Philantrop's supplemental repository (dev)