The GNU Privacy Guard, a GPL pgp replacement.


Slot Version Repository Platforms
0 2.4.2 arbor ~amd64 arm? ~armv7 ~armv8 ~x86
2.2.34 arbor ~amd64 arm? ~armv7 ~armv8 ~x86




doc Adds extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc)
hkps Enable support for HKPS protocol using GnuTLS
keyboxd Support for a experimental key database daemon
smartcard Install the smartcard daemon ( includes CCID support )
tofu Support for the Trust on First Use trust model
tpm2 Allows binding keys to the local machine using TPM2 hardware


ca Catalan locale
cs Czech locale
da Danish locale
de German locale
el Greek locale
eo Esperanto locale
es Spanish locale
et Estonian locale
fi Finnish locale
fr French locale
gl Galician locale
hu Hungarian locale
id Indonesian locale
it Italian locale
ja Japanese locale
nb Norwegian (Bokmal) locale
pl Polish locale
pt Portuguese locale
ro Romanian locale
ru Russian locale
sk Slovak locale
sv Swedish locale
tr Turkish locale
uk Ukrainian locale
zh_CN Chinese locale for Peoples Republic of China
zh_TW Chinese locale for Taiwan