apache-mod/mod_auth_openidc OpenID Connect Relying Party (RP) functionality for Apache HTTPd 2.x
apache-mod/mod_authnz_external Apache External Authentication Module
apache-mod/mod_fastcgi Apache module to run php using CGI
apache-mod/mod_gnutls Apache HTTPD module similar to mod_ssl in purpose, but does not use OpenSSL
apache-mod/mod_perl A persistent embedded Perl interpreter for Apache 2.x
apache-mod/mod_wsgi Apache module for hosting Python WSGI applications
apache-mod/mod_xsendfile apache module to process X-SENDFILE headers registered by the original output handler
apache-mod/tomcat-connectors Tomcat Connectors (mod_jk) for Apache httpd


net Network- and www-related applications and libraries. (core)
perl Extra perl modules (core)
CleverCloud Clever Cloud's exherbo repository (third-party)
sardemff7 Sardem FF7's personal repository (dev)