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2006-11-12Distribute the bash-completion scripts. Add an adjutrix script.Avatar Mike Kelly -0/+109
2006-10-18Refresh the bash completeion script for the new --dl-* options.Avatar Mike Kelly -13/+32
2006-09-24Fix the default template root.Avatar Mike Kelly -1/+14
2006-08-31Remove tabs to make ciaranm happy...Avatar Mike Kelly -66/+66
2006-08-31We should use --log-level silent for all the calls to paludis, or things get ↵Avatar Mike Kelly -4/+4
2006-08-31Add initial bash completion script for paludis. It isn't in EXTRA_DIST ↵Avatar Mike Kelly -0/+95
anywhere yet, and it isn't really complete, particularly the package name matching.