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diff --git a/src/clients/cave/cmd_resolve_cmdline.cc b/src/clients/cave/cmd_resolve_cmdline.cc
index 16b8da4c0..530796278 100644
--- a/src/clients/cave/cmd_resolve_cmdline.cc
+++ b/src/clients/cave/cmd_resolve_cmdline.cc
@@ -311,6 +311,8 @@ ResolveCommandLineExecutionOptions::ResolveCommandLineExecutionOptions(args::Arg
"specified, then 'cave resume' can resume execution from this file."),
g_jobs_options(this, "Jobs Options", "Options controlling jobs and parallelism."),
+ a_fetch(&g_jobs_options, "fetch", 'f', "Skip any jobs that are not fetch jobs. Should be combined with "
+ "--continue-on-failure if any of the packages to be merged have fetch dependencies.", true),
a_fetch_jobs(&g_jobs_options, "fetch-jobs", 'J', "The number of parallel fetch jobs to launch. If set to 0, fetches "
"will be carried out sequentially with other jobs. Values higher than 1 are currently treated "
"as being 1. Defaults to 1."),