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@@ -66,10 +66,11 @@ default <code>VIDEO_CARDS</code> from your profile, you will need to use <code>*
(using <code>set -x</code>). Not generally a good idea, but can be handy to track down why an ebuild is
- <dt>preserve_work</dt>
- <dd>If set, Paludis will not delete temporary working directories used during the build, and will perform a
- non-destructive merge that leaves the image directory intact. This will result in the 'tidyup' phase being
- skipped, but not the 'killold' phase.</dd>
+ <dt>work</dt>
+ <dd>Controls whether Paludis deletes temporary working directories used during the build. If set to
+ <code>preserve</code>, the working directory is always kept (and a non-destructive merge is performed). If set to
+ <code>tidyup</code>, the working directory is removed after a successful build. If set to <code>remove</code>,
+ the working directory is always removed, even after a failed build.</dd>
<dd>If set to an unsigned integer, specifies the number of jobs to run in parallel when build systems
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@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ a rather ugly way of handling things. We do have equivalents to most values:</p>
<dd>See <a href="howdoi.html#distcc">Use <code>distcc</code></a>.</dd>
<dt>keepwork, keeptemp, noclean</dt>
- <dd>You can use <code>BUILD_OPTIONS: preserve_work</code> for a similar effect.</dd>
+ <dd>You can use <code>BUILD_OPTIONS: work=preserve</code> for a similar effect.</dd>
<dt>nodoc, noinfo, noman</dt>
<dd>You could write a hook that removes the relevant directories from