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<p>The primary supported compiler for building Paludis is GCC, version
4.1 or later; 3.4 can be used on most platforms if the Boost library
is installed. Some versions of GCC, and some compiler flags, are
-known to have problems:</p>
+known to have problems (these are all GCC's fault):</p>
<li>GCC 3.4.6 on the x86_64 architecture segfaults while building
@@ -92,3 +92,8 @@ known to have problems:</p>
miscompile Paludis in the past at least on x86_64.</li>
+<p>Recent (version 10.1) ICC will sometimes work. 10.1.008 has correctly compiled Paludis
+on x86_64, but only with most compiler optimisations disabled. With <code>-xT</code> (and
+probably others) the compiler will die with an internal error or a floating point