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add short option for --chroot-path
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diff --git a/zsh-completion/_cave b/zsh-completion/_cave
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--- a/zsh-completion/_cave
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@@ -736,6 +736,7 @@ _cave_resolve_arguments=(
'(--make-dependencies -M)'{--make-dependencies,-M}'[Specify what to do with dependencies of targets]:When:((auto runtime r all a none n))' \
'*'{--via-binary,-b}'[When building a package matching the supplied spec, create a binary package and use that for the install]' \
'(--dependencies-to-slash -/)'{--dependencies-to-slash,-/}'[Specify what to do with dependencies for the / filesystem when not working on /]:When:((all a runtime r build b none n))' \
+ '*'{--chroot-path,-2}'[When making a chroot, only consider destination repositories whose root is this value]:Root:'
'--one-binary-per-slot[When building a binary package, remove other versions in the same repository and slot]' \
'--ignore-unable-decisions[Ignore any resolvent for which we were unable to make a decision. Specifying this will break your system]' \
'--ignore-unorderable-jobs[Ignore any job we were unable to order. Specifying this will break your system]' \