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@@ -119,9 +119,6 @@ int main(int argc, char * argv[])
/* And various misc methods. Clients don't usually use these
* directly. */
- std::shared_ptr<const Set<std::string> > breaks_portage((*i)->breaks_portage());
- cout << left << setw(30) << " breaks_portage:" << " " << join(breaks_portage->begin(),
- breaks_portage->end(), ", ") << endl;
cout << left << setw(30) << " extra_hash_value:" << " " << "0x" << hex << (*i)->extra_hash_value() << endl;
cout << endl;
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@@ -15,19 +15,6 @@ file, and may optionally be in bash format.</p>
<dd>If set, Paludis will use this username rather than <code>paludisbuild</code> when a reduced privilege user is
- <dt><code>accept_breaks_portage</code></dt>
- <dd>Possibly-empty list of characteristics that can cause a package to be incompatible
- with Portage, but that should <em>not</em> cause the package to be masked, or
- <code>*</code> (the default) to ignore Portage compatibility entirely. Currently
- available characteristics are:
- <dl><dt><code>eapi</code></dt><dd>ebuilds with an EAPI that is not supported by Portage</dd>
- <dt><code>version</code></dt><dd>ebuilds that use Paludis-specific features of the package version syntax</dd>
- <dt><code>format</code></dt><dd>packages other than ebuilds</dd></dl>
- Note that this does <em>not</em> disable cache options that would cause interoperability problems.</dd>
- <dt><code>portage_compatible</code></dt>
- <dd>If set to a non-empty string, deprecated equivalent of <code>accept_breaks_portage =</code>.</dd>
<dd>If set, overrides the distribution used when distribution-specific defaults are used.</dd>
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@@ -42,12 +42,6 @@ All Paludis clients that use configuration can also be told explicitly to use Po
<code>--environment portage</code> (or <code>--environment portage:/other/root</code> to use configuration files in
another filesystem root).</p>
-<p>By default, will be unable to use packages that use EAPIs that Portage does not support. The packages in the Paludis
-overlay fall into this category. You may override this by setting the <code>PALUDIS_IGNORE_BREAKS_PORTAGE</code>
-in <code>make.conf</code>; the allowed values are the same as for the <code>accept_breaks_portage</code>
-key in Paludis's <a href="../configuration/general.html"><code>general.conf</code></a>,
-except that the default is an empty string.</p>
<p>Next, proceed to <a href="#testing">Testing a configuration</a>.</p>
<h2 id="automatic">Automatically migrating</h2>