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Don't mention fancy USE-dep types in the user configuration documentation, since they can't be used there anyway.
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@@ -27,9 +27,7 @@ the following order:</p>
<li><code>:slot</code>: Match only in that slot.</li>
<li><code>::repository</code>: Match only in the named repository.</li>
<li><code>[use]</code> and <code>[-use]</code>: Match only if the named USE flag is enabled / disabled for this
- package. May be specified multiple times with different USE flag names. Additionally, <code>[use?]</code> and
- <code>[use!?]</code> are available in package contexts, meaning equal to / not equal to the value of the flag
- for this package.</li>
+ package. May be specified multiple times with different USE flag names.</li>
<li><code>[=1.23]</code>: Match a particular version. Any operator described below
can be used. May be extended to ranged dependencies, using either <code>[=1.23|=1.24|=1.25]</code> for an or
dependency or <code>[&gt;=1.2&amp;&lt;2]</code> for an and dependency.</li>