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This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list
of every change, see the Git log.
+ * We now require a compiler supporting various C++0x features, such as GCC
+ 4.4 or later.
+ * format="exheres" and format="ebuild" are now known as format="e". The old
+ format names remain valid and are not yet deprecated.
+ * Arguments in the form -X0 are now parsed as -X 0 rather than -X -0.
+ * 'cave execute-resolution' now allows a single fetch job and a single
+ execute job to be executed in parallel.
+ * 'cave update-world' now displays whether or not world is changed.
+ * 'cave execute-resolution' headings and summaries now include information
+ on the versions being replaced, where appropriate
+ * 'cave resolve' will now select weakly masked packages rather than being
+ unable to decide. Such packages must be manually unmasked before the
+ resolution can proceed.
* If the user explicitly specified an option for the special 'test' flag,
this would override the build_options magic. This is now fixed.