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Preparation for 0.26.0_alpha10
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This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list
of every change, see the ChangeLog.
* rsync based syncers (rsync://, file://, tar+http:// and tar+ftp://) now
support --exclude in sync_options, as well as --exclude-from.
* Set names are now supported in package_mask.conf and package_unmask.conf.
+ * Experimental new Exndbam repository, which can replace VDB on systems that
+ don't use Gentoo trees.
+ * In various places we now sort by i-node rather than filename when doing
+ directory recursion. This gives substantial i/o improvements.
* Recent Portage unpacks lzma files, in violation of PMS and without any way
of ebuilds being able to check for this behaviour. We now emulate this