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+# Copyright 2009 Ali Polatel <>
+# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+require vim-plugin [[ vim_version=7.0 script_id=1919 src_id=7222 src_suffix=tbz2 ]]
+SUMMARY="Syntax highlighting for C library functions and constants "
+This is a fork of the default c.vim syntax file that provides highlighting of C
+library functions and constants.
+The patch to c.vim is very minor (just add one container class for library
+functions / constants), so your usual syntax highlighting in C will be
+It contains options that let you control how much, and which libraries you want
+Currently, the only libraries supported are \"glibc\" and \"xlib\". But it comes
+with instructions on how to add your own (project specific, or other) libraries.