BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
detach-fixdetach from processes properlyAvatar Ali Polatel 3 years
jenkinsadd a build script and make target for jenkinsAvatar Ali Polatel 19 months
maintdisable utimensat for now.Avatar Ali Polatel 18 months
masterRevert "optimize data sharing among processes"Avatar Benedikt Morbach 9 weeks
nexttests: pink has gone for a walkAvatar Ali Polatel 20 months
puKISS, no need for exit ptrace-stop which offers no more guarantees than WIFEX...Avatar Ali Polatel 15 months
read-socket-argument-fixsys_bind(): Use pink_read_socket_argument()Avatar Ali Polatel 3 years
v1.0.2commit 3503e6725b...Avatar Ali Polatel 8 months
v1.0.1commit b6cb82feb7...Avatar Ali Polatel 8 months
v1.0.0commit 28621bf1d7...Avatar Ali Polatel 8 months
1.0.0_pre20131005commit a4ec4a2c36...Avatar Paul Seidler 20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorLines
2015-07-04Revert "optimize data sharing among processes"HEADmasterAvatar Benedikt Morbach -9/+1
2015-07-03add .gitreviewAvatar Benedikt Morbach -0/+5
2015-06-21fix severe bug with turkish localeAvatar Ali Polatel -0/+162
2015-06-06prelimiary poem for the bugfix;Avatar Ali Polatel -0/+16
2015-06-02fix syd_readlink_allocAvatar Ali Polatel -5/+4
2015-06-02syd_realpath_at: fix strlcpy invocationAvatar Ali Polatel -2/+2
2015-06-01write tests for syd_readlink_allocAvatar Ali Polatel -6/+22
2015-06-01add file suite to testsAvatar Ali Polatel -0/+3
2015-06-01syd_readlink_alloc: return number of bytesAvatar Ali Polatel -2/+2
2015-06-01tweak seatest.hAvatar Ali Polatel -90/+90