japaric's user repository.




app-shells/oh-my-zsh A community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration
app-shells/oh-my-zsh-powerline-theme oh-my-zsh Powerline style Theme
app-shells/zsh-syntax-highlighting Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh
app-vim/YouCompleteMe Fast, as-you-type, fuzzy-search code completion engine
app-vim/airline lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air
app-vim/auto-pairs Vim plugin, insert or delete brackets, parens, quotes in pair
app-vim/base16 Color schemes for hackers
app-vim/coffee-script CoffeeScript support for vim
app-vim/easymotion Vim motions on speed!
app-vim/expand-region Visually select larger regions using the same key combination
app-vim/gundo Graph your vim undo tree in style
app-vim/hybrid A dark colour scheme for Vim & gVim
app-vim/indentLine A vim plugin to display the indention levels with thin vertical lines
app-vim/jedi Using the jedi autocompletion library for VIM
app-vim/json A better JSON for Vim
app-vim/markdown Markdown vim mode
app-vim/neocomplete Next generation completion framework after neocomplcache
app-vim/nerdcommenter Vim plugin for intensely orgasmic commenting
app-vim/promptline Generate a fast shell prompt with powerline symbols and airline colors
app-vim/qml QML syntax highlighting for VIM
app-vim/quicktask Quicktask is a lightweight Vim task management plugin
app-vim/signify Show a VCS diff using Vim's sign column
app-vim/surround quoting/parenthesizing made simple
app-vim/syntastic Syntax checking hacks for vim
app-vim/table-mode VIM Table Mode for instant table creation
app-vim/tabular Vim script for text filtering and alignment
app-vim/tagbar Vim plugin that displays tags in a window, ordered by class
app-vim/tmux-navigator Seamless navigation between tmux panes and vim splits
app-vim/tmuxline Simple tmux statusline generator with support for powerline symbols and airline integration
app-vim/toml Vim syntax file for TOML
app-vim/unite Unite and create user interfaces
app-vim/vimux vim plugin to interact to tmux
compositor/exynos5-hwcomposer Samsung Exynos 5 hwcomposer
dev-go/codegangsta-cli A small package for building command line apps in Go
dev-go/exercism-cli A Go based command line tool for exercism.io
dev-python/libpulseaudio Simple libpulseaudio bindings
dev-python/mpmath Pure-Python library for multiprecision floating-point arithmetic
dev-python/pamixer PulseAudio Curses Mixer Application
dev-ruby/addressable Replacement for the standard library URI implementation
dev-ruby/ast A library for working with Abstract Syntax Trees
dev-ruby/backports Backports that enable many of the features of Ruby 1.8.7 up to 2.0.0
dev-ruby/buftok extracts token delimited entities from a sequence of arbitrary inputs
dev-ruby/coderay Fast and easy syntax highlighting for selected languages
dev-ruby/equalizer Module to define equality, equivalence and inspection methods
dev-ruby/ethon Very lightweight libcurl wrapper
dev-ruby/faraday HTTP/REST API client library
dev-ruby/faraday_middleware Various middleware for Faraday
dev-ruby/geokit Geocoding and distance calculation in an easy-to-use API
dev-ruby/gh Multi-layer client for the github api v3
dev-ruby/highline A high-level IO library
dev-ruby/htmlentities A module for encoding and decoding (X)HTML entities
dev-ruby/json This is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C
dev-ruby/launchy Launchy is helper class for launching cross-platform applications
dev-ruby/memoizable Memoize method return values
dev-ruby/method_source Retrieve the sourcecode for a method
dev-ruby/multi_json A common interface to multiple JSON libraries
dev-ruby/multipart-post Use with Net::HTTP to do multipart form posts
dev-ruby/naught Naught is a toolkit for building Null Objects
dev-ruby/net-http-persistent Manages persistent connections using Net::HTTP
dev-ruby/net-http-pipeline An HTTP/1.1 pipelining implementation atop Net::HTTP
dev-ruby/oauth OAuth Core Ruby implementation
dev-ruby/parser A Ruby parser written in pure Ruby
dev-ruby/powerpack A few useful extensions to core Ruby classes
dev-ruby/progressbar Extremely flexible text progress bar library
dev-ruby/pry An IRB alternative and runtime developer console
dev-ruby/pusher-client Client for consuming WebSockets from http://pusher.com
dev-ruby/rainbow Rainbow extends ruby String class enabling coloring text on ANSI terminals
dev-ruby/retryable Kernel#retryable, allow for retrying of code blocks
dev-ruby/rubocop Automatic Ruby code style checking tool
dev-ruby/simple_oauth Simply builds and verifies OAuth headers
dev-ruby/slop A simple DSL for gathering options and parsing the command line
dev-ruby/t A command-line power tool for Twitter
dev-ruby/thread_safe Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby
dev-ruby/travis CLI and Ruby client library for Travis CI
dev-ruby/twitter A Ruby interface to the Twitter API
dev-ruby/typhoeus Run HTTP requests in parallel
dev-ruby/websocket Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
dev-util/cloc Count Lines Of Code
dev-util/fastboot fastboot
dev-util/npm2exheres Create exheres using npm online metadata
dev-util/oclint C/C++/Objective-C static code analyzer
dev-util/openocd Open On-Chip Debugger
fonts/FiraCode Monospaced font with programming ligatures
fonts/fantasque-sans A font family with a great monospaced variant for programmers
fonts/termsyn Monospaced font based on terminus and tamsyn
media-sound/MuseScore Create, play and print beautiful sheet music
media-sound/ponymix CLI volume control for PulseAudio
net-misc/hosts-update Updates /etc/hosts with the mvps blocklist
net-news/canto-curses Curses frontend for Canto daemon
net-news/canto-daemon The next generation Canto RSS daemon
net-news/cortex an ncurses reddit browser and monitor
net-wireless/rtl8192se Firmware for RTL8192SE/RTL8191SE devices
net-www/mozplugger Plugin which can show many types of multimedia inside your Mozilla
sys-devel/arm-none-eabi-gdb The GNU Project Debugger
sys-fs/ncdu NCurses Disk Usage
x11-misc/sxhkd Simple X hotkey daemon
x11-misc/xdo Small X utility to perform elementary actions on windows
x11-themes/faience-icon-theme A Gnome 3 icon theme by Tiheum
x11-themes/gtk-theme-elementary The official elementary GTK theme designed to be smooth, attractive, fast, and usable
x11-utils/numlockx Change Numlock status on X
x11-wm/bspwm A tiling window manager based on binary space partitioning