Danilo Spinella's repo, containing mostly terminal utilities.




app-admin/yadm Yet Another Dotfiles Manager
app-backup/borgbackup A deduplicating backup program
app-doc/scdoc A simple man page generator written for POSIX systems written in C99
app-doc/zeal Offline documentation browser inspired by Dash
app-editors/cmake-lint Check for coding style issues in CMake files
app-editors/cmake_format Source code formatter for cmake listfiles
app-editors/neovim-remote Support for --remote and friends
app-editors/vint Fast and Highly Extensible VimL Lint implemented by Python
app-emulation/pcsxr Fork of the PCSX emulator
app-misc/Buku Powerful command-line bookmark manager. Your mini web!
app-misc/abduco Provides session management
app-misc/anything-sync-daemon Symlinks and syncs user specified dirs to RAM reducing HDD/SDD calls
app-misc/asciinema Terminal session recorder
app-misc/ddgr DuckDuckGo from the terminal
app-misc/exa Replacement for 'ls' written in Rust
app-misc/khal Browse Reddit from your terminal
app-misc/khard Console CardDAV client
app-misc/neofetch A fast, highly customizable system info script
app-misc/nnn The fastest terminal file manager ever written
app-misc/rtv Browse Reddit from your terminal
app-misc/todoman A simple CalDAV-based todo manager
app-misc/toot A Mastodon CLI client
app-misc/tootstream A command line instance for interacting with Mastodon instances
app-terminal/fzy fzy is a fast, simple fuzzy text selector for the terminal
app-vim/ayu Modern theme for modern VIMs
dev-db/rocksdb A library that provides an embeddable, persistent key-value store
dev-libs/fann Open source neural network library
dev-libs/gflags A library that implements commandline flags processing
dev-libs/termbox Library for writing text-based user interfaces
dev-lua/lua-cjson Lua CJSON is a fast JSON encoding/parsing module for Lua
dev-python/Flask-Login User session management for Flask
dev-python/Mastodon-py Python wrapper for Mastodon
dev-python/PyMySQL Pure Python MySQL Client
dev-python/ansicolor Add ANSI colors and decorations to your strings
dev-python/argon2_cffi The secure Argon2 password hashing algorithm
dev-python/click-log Simple and beautiful logging for click applications
dev-python/click-threading Multithreaded Click apps made easy
dev-python/colored Very simple Python library for coloring and formatting in terminal
dev-python/dulwich Pure-Python Git implementation
dev-python/emoji Emoji terminal output for Python
dev-python/fann2 Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (FANN) Python bindings
dev-python/flexmock Mock/stub/spy library for Python
dev-python/geventhttpclient A high performance, concurrent http client library for python with gevent
dev-python/graphviz Simple Python interface for Graphviz
dev-python/humanize python humanize functions
dev-python/icalendar icalendar parser library for Python
dev-python/kitchen Kitchen contains a cornucopia of useful code
dev-python/misaka A Python binding for Hoedown
dev-python/objgraph Visually explore Python object graphs
dev-python/pytest-isort py.test plugin to check import ordering using isort
dev-python/pytest-mock Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test
dev-python/python-jsonrpc-server An asynchronous JSON RPC server
dev-python/ruamel-yaml A YAML 1.2 loader/dumper package for Python
dev-python/sqlalchemy-utils python humanize functions
dev-python/tabulate Pretty-print tabular data
dev-python/translitcodec Unicode to 8-bit charset transliteration codec
dev-python/unidecode ASCII transliteration of Unicode text
dev-python/vdirsyncer Synchronize CalDAV and CardDAV servers to your local machine
dev-python/vobject A python module for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files
dev-python/yappi Yet Another Python Profiler
dev-util/bats Bash Automated Testing System
dev-util/shellcheck ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts
fonts/font-overpass Overpass open source web font family — Sponsored by Red Hat
fonts/fontawesome The iconic SVG, font and CSS toolkit
games-engines/chocolate-doom A Doom source port that is minimalist and historically accurate
games-engines/godot Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine
games-engines/gzdoom Enhanced port of the Doom engine
games-engines/xoreos A reimplementation of BioWare's Aurora engine (and derivates)
games-fps/freedoom An entirely free software game based on the Doom engine
games-util/deutex WAD composer for Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife
mail-client/aerc Asynchronous email client for your terminal
media/mps-youtube Terminal based YouTube player and downloader
media-libs/libgme Blargg's video game music file emulation/playback library
media-libs/wildmidi a simple software midi player which has a core softsynth library
media-plugins/alsa-sndio ALSA PCM to play audio on sndio servers
media-plugins/pulseaudio-module-sndio A module for PulseAudio to support playing to sndio servers
media-sound/ncpamixer ncurses PulseAudio Mixer
net/core-sr-ht Framework for building sr.ht sites
net/git-sr-ht Framework for building sr.ht sites
net/httpie HTTPie is a command line HTTP client, a user-friendly cURL replacement
net-analyzer/goaccess A real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal
net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy A modern client implementation of the DNSCrypt protocol
net-im/spectral A glossy client for Matrix
net-misc/Radicale Radicale is a small but powerful CalDAV and CardDAV
net-misc/fiche Command line pastebin for sharing terminal output
net-misc/xandikos Xandikos is a lightweight yet complete CardDAV/CalDAV server
sys-apps/brightnessctl A program to read and control device brightness
sys-apps/ps_mem A utility to accurately report the in core memory usage for a program
sys-apps/snooze run a command at a particular time
sys-devel/tcc A small but hyper fast C compiler
web-apps/temboz The Temboz RSS/Atom feed reader
www-apps/hugo The world’s fastest framework for building websites
x11-apps/alacritty A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
x11-apps/mako A lightweight Wayland notification daemon
x11-misc/Waybar Highly customizable Wayland bar for Wlroots based compositors
x11-misc/polybar A fast and easy-to-use status bar
x11-utils/grim Grab images from a Wayland compositor
x11-utils/slurp Select a region in a Wayland compositor
x11-utils/wl-clipboard Command-line copy/paste utilities for Wayland