Base system.



app-admin/66-exherbo A 66 policy for Exherbo
app-admin/chrpath chrpath can modify the rpath and runpath of ELF executables
app-admin/eclectic Utility for managing alternatives, configuration files, and reading news
app-admin/eclectic-clang Manages clang's symlinks
app-admin/eclectic-gcc Manages GCC's symlinks
app-admin/eclectic-lld Manages lld's symlinks
app-admin/eclectic-llvm Manages llvm's compiler-tools symlinks
app-admin/eclectic-python Manages python symlinks
app-admin/gamin A library providing the File Alteration Monitor API
app-admin/logrotate Rotates, compresses and mails system logs
app-admin/pwgen A small password generator which can create easy to memorize passwords
app-admin/s6-exherbo A s6/s6-rc policy for Exherbo
app-admin/sudo Allows users to run programs with the security privileges of another user
app-admin/tmpwatch A utility to remove directories and files after a specified period of time
app-admin/ulogd Userspace logging daemon for netfilter/iptables related logging
app-antivirus/clamav Clam Anti-Virus Scanner
app-arch/arc Tool to manage archives in the .arc format
app-arch/brotli Generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm
app-arch/bzip2 Freely available, patent free, high-quality data compressor
app-arch/cabextract Free Software for extracting Microsoft cabinet file
app-arch/cpio Archive manager for cpio archives
app-arch/gcab GObject library and tool to create and manipulate cabinet files
app-arch/gzip Compression utility designed to be a replacement for compress
app-arch/libarchive C library for reading and writing tar, cpio, zip, ISO, and other archive formats
app-arch/libdeflate Optimized library for DEFLATE/zlib/gzip compression and decompression
app-arch/libjcat Library for reading and writing gzip-compressed JSON catalog files
app-arch/libtar Tar file manipulation API
app-arch/libzip C Library for manipulating zip archives
app-arch/lz4 Very fast lossless compression algorithm
app-arch/lzo Portable and very fast lossless data compression library
app-arch/lzop Utility for fast (even real-time) compression/decompression
app-arch/minizip-ng Fork of the popular zip manipulation library found in the zlib distribution
app-arch/p7zip A UNIX port of 7z
app-arch/pigz Parallel implementation of gzip
app-arch/quazip Simple C++ wrapper over Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP package
app-arch/rpm2targz Convert a .rpm file to a .tar.gz archive
app-arch/sharutils Tools to deal with shar archives
app-arch/snappy A fast compressor/decompressor
app-arch/tar Tar archiver
app-arch/unrar Uncompress rar files
app-arch/unshield InstallShield cabinet files extraction tool
app-arch/unzip unzipper for pkzip-compressed files
app-arch/xz XZ Utils is free general-purpose data compression software with high compression ratio
app-arch/zip Zip is a compression and file packaging/archive utility
app-arch/zstd Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm
app-cdr/cdrdao cdrdao records CDs DAO-mode based on a toc-file
app-cdr/cdrtools Highly portable CD/DVD/BluRay command line recording software
app-cdr/dvd+rw-tools A frontend to mkisofs to facilitate mastering Blu-ray Disc and DVD media, both +RW/+R and -R[W]
app-cdr/genisoimage create ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem with optional Rock Ridge attributes
app-cdr/libburn An open-source library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs
app-cdr/libisoburn An open-source library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs
app-cdr/libisofs A library to create an ISO-9660 filesystem with extensions like RockRidge or Joliet
app-crypt/argon2 Reference C implementation of Argon2
app-crypt/efitools Useful tools for manipulating UEFI secure boot platforms
app-crypt/gnupg The GNU Privacy Guard, a GPL pgp replacement
app-crypt/gpgme A library for making GPG easier to use
app-crypt/hashalot CryptoAPI utils
app-crypt/libb2 C library providing BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s, BLAKE2bp and BLAKE2sp
app-crypt/libqgpgme A library for making GPG easier to use
app-crypt/paperkey An OpenPGP key archiver
app-crypt/pinentry Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs which utilize
app-crypt/rhash Console utility and library for computing and verifying hash sums
app-crypt/sbsigntools Signing utility for UEFI secure boot
app-crypt/sscg Simple SSL certificate generator
app-crypt/volume_key Tool and library for manipulating and storing storage volume encryption keys
app-dicts/aspell-de German and Swiss-German language dictionary for aspell
app-dicts/aspell-en English (British, Canadian, USian) language dictionary for aspell
app-dicts/aspell-fr French language dictionary for aspell
app-dicts/aspell-it Italian language dictionary for aspell
app-dicts/aspell-nl Dutch language dictionary for aspell
app-dicts/aspell-pl Polish language dictionary for aspell
app-dicts/aspell-pt_BR Brazilian Portuguese language dictionary for aspell
app-dicts/aspell-ru Russian (ru-ye, ru-yo) language dictionary for aspell
app-dicts/myspell-de German, Austrian-German and Swiss-German language dictionary for MySpell and Hunspell
app-doc/asciidoc Text based document generation
app-doc/doxygen Documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, Python, IDL, and other languages
app-doc/ldoc A LuaDoc-compatible documentation generation system
app-doc/scdoc A simple man page generator written for POSIX systems written in C99
app-editors/emacs The extensible, customizable, self-documenting, real-time display editor
app-editors/gvim Graphical interface for Vim, an improved vi-style text editor
app-editors/nano GNU nano text editor
app-editors/vim Vim, an improved vi-style text editor
app-editors/vim-runtime vim and gvim shared files
app-misc/ca-certificates Common CA Certificates PEM files
app-misc/colordiff Colour-highlighted diff output
app-misc/fdupes Finds duplicate files
app-misc/hilite Highlights stderr output in red
app-misc/mc GNU Midnight Commander is a s-lang based file manager
app-misc/miscfiles Various miscellaneous files
app-misc/mmv Move/copy/link multiple files/directories according to a set of wildcard patterns
app-misc/rlwrap A 'readline wrapper' that uses the GNU readline library to allow the editing of keyboard input for any other command
app-misc/screen A full-screen terminal multiplexer/window manager
app-misc/tree Lists directories recursively
app-paludis/dexter A script for burying Exherbo packages and repositories
app-shells/bash Bourne-Again SHell, an enhanced sh-compatible command interpreter
app-shells/bash-completion Programmable Completion for bash
app-shells/dash Debian Almquist Shell, a POSIX-compliant /bin/sh implementation
app-shells/zsh Feature-rich UNIX Shell designed for interactive use
app-spell/aspell A Free and Open Source spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell
app-spell/hunspell Spell checker, stemmer and morphological analyzer
app-terminal/tmux A terminal multiplexer, it enables a number of terminals (or windows) to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal
app-text/aha Converts ANSI escape sequences of a unix terminal to HTML code
app-text/ansifilter ANSI sequence filter
app-text/asciidoctor An implementation of the AsciiDoc text processor and publishing toolchain in Ruby
app-text/build-docbook-catalog DocBook XML catalog auto-updater
app-text/cmark CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
app-text/discount An implementation in C of John Gruber's Markdown
app-text/djvu DjVu encoders and utilities
app-text/docbook-dsssl-stylesheets DSSSL Stylesheets for DocBook
app-text/docbook-sgml-dtd Docbook SGML DTD 4.5
app-text/docbook-utils Shell scripts to manage DocBook documents
app-text/docbook-xml-dtd Docbook DTD for XML
app-text/docbook-xsl-ns-stylesheets XSL Stylesheets for Docbook
app-text/docbook-xsl-stylesheets XSL Stylesheets for Docbook
app-text/enca Extremely Naive Charset Analyser
app-text/ghostscript An interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF
app-text/iso-codes Provides the list of country and language names
app-text/libspectre A small library for rendering Postscript documents
app-text/markdown Text to HTML conversion tool for web writers
app-text/md4c A Markdown parser implementation in C
app-text/openjade An implementation of DSSSL - an ISO standard for formatting SGML and XML documents
app-text/opensp A free, object-oriented toolkit for SGML parsing and entity management
app-text/pdfcrack A command line password recovery tool for PDF files
app-text/pinfo Hypertext info and man viewer based on (n)curses
app-text/po4a Maintain the translations of your documentation with ease (PO for anything)
app-text/podofo PoDoFo is a library to work with the PDF file format
app-text/qpdf C++ library and set of programs that inspect and manipulate the structure of PDF files
app-text/recode Convert files between various character sets
app-text/sgml-common Base ISO character entities and utilities for SGML
app-text/source-highlight This program, given a source file, produce a document with syntax-highlighting
app-text/texi2html texi2html is a Perl script that converts GNU info files into HTML
app-text/tidy Tidy the layout and correct errors in HTML and XML documents
app-text/txt2man Converts flat ASCII text to man page format
app-text/unicode-data Unicode Character Database data files
app-text/wgetpaste Command-line interface to various pastebins
app-text/xmlstarlet Command line tools to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents
app-text/xmlto A frontend to an XSL toolchain
app-text/xmltoman Two small scripts to convert xml to man pages in groff format or html
app-vim/exheres-syntax Vim plugin: Exheres packages and exlibs
app-vim/securemodelines Secure, user-configurable modeline support for Vim 7
app-vim/vcscommand vim CVS/SVN/SVK/git integration plugin
dev-cpp/abseil A collection of C++ code designed to augment the C++ standard library
dev-cpp/asio Cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming
dev-cpp/clucene High-performance, full-featured text search engine based off of lucene in C++
dev-cpp/cppunit C++ port of the famous JUnit framework for unit testing
dev-cpp/gtest Google's framework for writing C++ tests on a variety of platforms, based on the xUnit architecture
dev-cpp/libsigc++ Typesafe callback system for standard C++
dev-cpp/lucene++ High-performance, full-featured text search engine based off of Lucene in C++
dev-cpp/mcpp A portable C/C++ preprocessor
dev-cpp/pstl Parallel STL
dev-cpp/pystring Collection of C++ functions emulating Python's string class methods
dev-cpp/sparsehash Extremely memory-efficient C++ hash_map implementation
dev-cpp/xsimd C++ wrappers for SIMD intrinsics and mathematical functions
dev-db/libpqxx Official C++ client API for PostgreSQL
dev-db/lmdb Symas Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
dev-db/postgresql PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source relational database system
dev-db/postgresql-client front-end programs for PostgreSQL
dev-db/sqlite An embedded SQL database engine
dev-db/tdb Simple database API
dev-db/xapian-core A search engine library
dev-lang/LuaJIT Just-In-Time Compiler for Lua
dev-lang/clang C language family frontend for LLVM
dev-lang/colm A programming language designed for the analysis of computer languages
dev-lang/elixir Elixir programming language
dev-lang/erlang A language to build massively scalable soft real-time systems with requirements on high availability
dev-lang/go The Go Programming Language
dev-lang/guile An interpreter for the Scheme programming language -- Project GNU's extension language
dev-lang/llvm The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
dev-lang/lua An Extensible Extension Language
dev-lang/nasm An 80x86 and x86-64 assembler designed for portability and modularity
dev-lang/node Evented I/O for V8 Javascript (latest current release)
dev-lang/perl Perl is a general-purpose programming language originally developed for text manipulation
dev-lang/php PHP is a general-purpose scripting language especially suited for web development
dev-lang/python Python interpreter
dev-lang/ruby An object-oriented scripting language
dev-lang/swig Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
dev-lang/tcl Tool Command Language
dev-lang/tk Tk Widget Set
dev-lang/vala A modern C#-like language for GNOME development
dev-lang/yasm YASM Modular Assembler Project
dev-libs/apr Apache portable runtime library
dev-libs/apr-util Apache portable runtime library
dev-libs/argp-standalone Argument parsing functions, split from the GNU C Library
dev-libs/atf Collection of libraries and utilities for unit testing
dev-libs/boehm-gc The Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage collector
dev-libs/boost Boost Libraries for C++
dev-libs/botan Botan, a C++ crypto library
dev-libs/c-client UW IMAP c-client library
dev-libs/check A unit testing framework for C
dev-libs/cjson Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C
dev-libs/compiler-rt Sanitizer and profiling runtimes for clang
dev-libs/courier-authlib A generic authentication API that encapsulates the process of validating account passwords
dev-libs/crossguid Lightweight cross platform C++ GUID/UUID library
dev-libs/crypto++ C++ cryptographic library
dev-libs/dbus-glib Deprecated D-Bus binding for GLib
dev-libs/double-conversion Efficient binary <-> decimal conversion routines for IEEE doubles
dev-libs/expat Stream-oriented XML parser written in C
dev-libs/fmt Small, safe and fast formatting library
dev-libs/fribidi An implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (bidi)
dev-libs/gflags A library that implements commandline flags processing
dev-libs/glib General purpose utility library
dev-libs/glib-networking A simple network library
dev-libs/gmp GNU Multiple Precision arithmetic library
dev-libs/gnutls A communications library implementing the SSL, TLS and DTLS protocols
dev-libs/hwloc Portable Hardware Locality is a portable abstraction of hierarchical architectures
dev-libs/icu International Components for Unicode
dev-libs/inih Simple .INI file parser written in C
dev-libs/iniparser iniparser is a free stand-alone ini file parsing library
dev-libs/isl Integer Set Library
dev-libs/ivykis A library to assist with async I/O
dev-libs/jansson A C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
dev-libs/jemalloc General purpose malloc(3) implementation
dev-libs/json JSON for Modern C++
dev-libs/json-c Reference counting object model that lets you construct JSON objects in C
dev-libs/jsoncpp An implementation of a JSON reader and writer in C++
dev-libs/libaio Asynchronous input/output library that uses the kernels native interface
dev-libs/libassuan Standalone IPC library used by gpg, gpgme and newpg
dev-libs/libatomic_ops Library providing atomic memory update operations
dev-libs/libb64 Fast Base64 Encoding/Decoding Routines
dev-libs/libbsd Provide some BSD functions on GNU
dev-libs/libbytesize Library for working with sizes in bytes
dev-libs/libcbor CBOR protocol implementation for C and others
dev-libs/libcdio libcdio is a library for CD access
dev-libs/libcdio-paranoia Extracts CDDA in a jitter- and error-tolerant way
dev-libs/libconfig A simple and small library for manipulating structured configuration files
dev-libs/libdecaf Library implementing Ed448-Goldilocks elliptic curve and Ed25519
dev-libs/libedit The editline library provides generic line editing and history functions
dev-libs/libelf ELF object file access library
dev-libs/libestr libestr - some essentials for string handling (and a bit more)
dev-libs/libev Full-featured and high performance event loop library
dev-libs/libevent A library to execute a function when a specific event occurs on a file descriptor
dev-libs/libfastjson A fast json lib in C
dev-libs/libffi A portable foreign function interface library
dev-libs/libfido2 Provides library functionality for FIDO 2.0, including communication with a device over USB
dev-libs/libgcrypt General purpose crypto library based on the code used in GnuPG
dev-libs/libgpg-error Contains error handling functions used by GnuPG software
dev-libs/libgsystem GIO-based library targeted primarily for use by operating system components
dev-libs/libksba Makes X.509 certificates and CMS easily accessible to applications
dev-libs/libmcrypt Encyption library
dev-libs/libmd A library providing message digest functions found on BSD systems
dev-libs/libmodman A simple library for managing modules
dev-libs/libpaper Library for handling paper characteristics
dev-libs/libpcap A library for network packet capturing
dev-libs/libpipeline Pipeline manipulation library
dev-libs/libpwquality Library for password quality checking
dev-libs/libressl OpenBSD's portable fork of OpenSSL
dev-libs/libsigsegv Library for handling page faults in user mode
dev-libs/libsodium Packageable port of NaCl, a fast & secure crypto lib
dev-libs/libtap A library to implement the Test Anything Protocol for C
dev-libs/libtasn1 Library for ASN.1 parsing and structures management and DER encoding and decoding
dev-libs/libucontext ucontext implementation featuring glibc-compatible ABI
dev-libs/libunistring Library for manipulating Unicode and C strings according to the Unicode standard
dev-libs/libunwind C programming interface to determine the call-chain of a program
dev-libs/libusb library that provides generic access to USB devices
dev-libs/libuv Cross-platform asychronous I/O
dev-libs/libxcrypt Extended crypt library for DES, MD5, Blowfish and others
dev-libs/libxml2 XML C Parser and Toolkit v2
dev-libs/libxmlb A library to help create and query binary XML blobs
dev-libs/libxslt XSLT libraries and tools
dev-libs/libyaml YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
dev-libs/mbedtls Cryptographic library for embedded systems
dev-libs/mpc A library for multiprecision complex arithmetic with exact rounding
dev-libs/mpfr Multi-precision floating point library
dev-libs/musl-fts An implementation of the fts(3) functions for musl libc
dev-libs/musl-obstack obstack functions and macros extracted from glibc for use with musl libc
dev-libs/nettle A cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or less any context
dev-libs/npth New Portable Threads Library
dev-libs/oblibs Obarun library
dev-libs/onetbb oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB)
dev-libs/oniguruma A regular expressions library
dev-libs/openssl Open source SSL and TLS implementation and cryptographic library
dev-libs/orc The Oil Runtime Compiler
dev-libs/p11-kit PKCS#11 crypto framework for multiple consumers
dev-libs/pcre Perl Compatible Regular Expression library
dev-libs/pcre++ C++ wrapper for PCRE library
dev-libs/pcre2 Perl Compatible Regular Expression library
dev-libs/pinktrace Pink's Tracing Library
dev-libs/pkcs11-helper PKCS#11 helper library
dev-libs/popl Program Options Parser Lib
dev-libs/popt Command line parsing library
dev-libs/ppl Numerical abstraction library
dev-libs/pth GNU Portable Threads
dev-libs/pugixml Light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++ with XPath support
dev-libs/pybind11 Lightweight header-only library that exposes C++ types in Python
dev-libs/rapidxml Fast XML DOM parser
dev-libs/rasqal Library that handles Resource Description Framework (RDF)
dev-libs/re2 RE2 is a fast, safe, thread-friendly alternative to backtracking regular expression engines
dev-libs/redland High-level interface for the Resource Description Framework
dev-libs/robin-hood-hashing Fast & memory efficient hashtable based on robin hood hashing for C++11/14/17/20
dev-libs/robin-map C++ implementation of a fast hash map and hash set using robin hood hashing
dev-libs/sha1collisiondetection Library and command line tool to detect SHA-1 collisions in files
dev-libs/spdlog Fast C++ logging library
dev-libs/talloc A hierarchical pool based memory allocator with destructors
dev-libs/userspace-rcu Userspace RCU (read-copy-update) library
dev-libs/utf8proc Clean C library for processing UTF-8 Unicode data
dev-libs/uthash A hash table for C structures
dev-libs/xerces-c A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
dev-libs/xmlrpc-c A lightweigt RPC library based on XML and HTTP
dev-libs/xxHash Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
dev-libs/yajl Small event-driven (SAX-style) JSON parser written in ANSI C
dev-libs/yaml-cpp A YAML parser and emitter in C++ written around the YAML 1.2 spec. It's based on (but not a wrapper to) the C library libyaml
dev-libs/zziplib A library to read zip files
dev-lua/luafilesystem A lua filesystem library
dev-lua/penlight Lua libraries focusing on input data handling
dev-node/yarn Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management for Node.js
dev-perl/Array-Compare Perl extension for comparing arrays
dev-perl/Authen-SASL Perl SASL Authentication framework
dev-perl/Cairo Perl interface to the cairo library
dev-perl/Digest-HMAC Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
dev-perl/Digest-SHA1 Perl interface to the SHA-1 algorithm
dev-perl/Error Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way
dev-perl/ExtUtils-Depends Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions
dev-perl/ExtUtils-PkgConfig Simplistic interface to pkg-config
dev-perl/File-Next A lightweight, taint-safe file-finding module
dev-perl/File-Slurp-Tiny A simple, sane and efficient file slurper
dev-perl/Glib-Perl Glib - Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries
dev-perl/HTML-Formatter Format HTML as plaintext
dev-perl/HTML-Parser A collection of modules that parse and extract information from HTML documents
dev-perl/HTML-Tagset Data tables useful in parsing HTML
dev-perl/HTML-Tree A library to manage HTML-Tree in PERL
dev-perl/HTTP-Daemon A simple http server class
dev-perl/IO-Socket-INET6 [Deprecated] Object interface for AF_INET|AF_INET6 domain sockets
dev-perl/IO-Socket-SSL Nearly transparent SSL encapsulation for IO::Socket::INET
dev-perl/Locale-gettext Module permitting access from perl to gettext() functions
dev-perl/Module-Build Build and install Perl modules
dev-perl/Mozilla-CA Mozilla's CA cert bundle in PEM format
dev-perl/Net-SSLeay Perl extension for using OpenSSL
dev-perl/Pod-Parser base class for creating POD filters and translators
dev-perl/SGMLSpm Perl module for postprocessing the output from the sgmls and nsgmls parsers
dev-perl/Scalar-List-Utils Scalar-List-Utils module for perl
dev-perl/Sub-Uplevel Apparently run a function in a higher stack frame
dev-perl/TermReadKey Change terminal modes, and perform non-blocking reads
dev-perl/Test-Base A Data Driven Testing Framework
dev-perl/Test-Exception Test exception based code
dev-perl/Test-Needs Skip tests when modules are not available
dev-perl/Test-NoWarnings Make sure you didn't emit any warnings while testing
dev-perl/Test-Number-Delta Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance
dev-perl/Test-Warn Perl extension to test methods for warnings
dev-perl/Test-YAML Testing Module for YAML Implementations
dev-perl/Text-Unidecode Provide plain ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
dev-perl/URI Perl module for Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative)
dev-perl/Unicode-EastAsianWidth East Asian Width properties
dev-perl/XML-Parser A perl module for parsing XML documents
dev-perl/XML-RegExp Regular expressions for XML tokens
dev-perl/YAML A YAML Loader and Dumper based on the YAML 1.0 specification
dev-perl/libintl-perl High-Level Interface to Uniforum Message Translation
dev-perl/libxml-perl Collection of Perl modules for working with XML
dev-python/Jinja2 Jinja2 is a template engine written in pure Python
dev-python/MarkupSafe Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
dev-python/certifi Mozilla's SSL Certs
dev-python/docutils Set of tools for processing plaintext docs into HTML, XML, etc..
dev-python/libxml2 Python bindings for the XML C Parser and Toolkit
dev-python/setuptools Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
dev-ruby/allison A modern, pretty RDoc template
dev-ruby/bundler The best way to manage a Ruby application's gems
dev-ruby/ruby-elf A pure-Ruby parser for the ELF file format
dev-ruby/ruby-filemagic Ruby FileMagic Library Bindings
dev-ruby/syntax Lexical Analysis for Syntax Highlighting
dev-scm/breezy A friendly powerful distributed version control system
dev-scm/cvs Concurrent Versions System
dev-scm/git A distributed VCS focused on speed, effectivity and real-world usability on large projects
dev-scm/git-remote-helpers Bridge support in git for mercurial and bazaar
dev-scm/git-remote-hg Transparent bidirectional bridge between Git and Mercurial for Git
dev-scm/git-review A git command for submitting branches to Gerrit
dev-scm/gitolite Gitolite allows you to setup a centralised git server
dev-scm/mercurial A fast, lightweight, distributed source control management system
dev-scm/rcs RCS - Revision Control System
dev-scm/subversion A free/open source, centralised version control system
dev-tcl/expect Tool for automating interactive applications
dev-util/ack Ack is a grep-like tool, aimed at programmers with large trees of source code
dev-util/ccache Compiler cache
dev-util/cmocka An elegant unit testing framework for C
dev-util/cscope A developer's tool for browsing source code
dev-util/cunit C Unit testing framework
dev-util/datefudge Preload library and program to fake the system date
dev-util/debugedit Programs and scripts for creating debuginfo and source file distributions
dev-util/dejagnu Framework for testing other programs
dev-util/desktop-file-utils Command line utilities to work with desktop menu entries
dev-util/elfutils Libraries/utilities to handle ELF objects
dev-util/exherbo-dev-tools Scripts, snippets or tools helpful for working on packages
dev-util/gperf A perfect hash function generator
dev-util/intltool Tools for extracting translatable strings from source files
dev-util/itstool Internalization Tag Set Tool
dev-util/ltrace A library call tracer
dev-util/patchelf Small utility to modify the dynamic linker and RPATH of ELF executables
dev-util/patchutils A small collection of programs that operate on patch files
dev-util/pkg-config Helper tool for compiling applications and libraries
dev-util/pkgconf Provides compiler and linker configuration for development frameworks
dev-util/pybugz Bugzilla command line client
dev-util/qbs Qt build suite
dev-util/ragel Ragel State Machine Compiler
dev-util/strace System call trace utility
dev-util/systemtap Scripting language and tool for dynamically instrumenting running production Linux operating systems
dev-util/tig Text mode interface for git
dev-util/universal-ctags Universal ctags
dev-util/valgrind An open-source memory debugger for GNU/Linux
fonts/ghostscript-fonts-std Ghostscript Standard Fonts
fonts/urw-fonts Free versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts
games-misc/fortune-mod Get your fortune today
gnome-desktop/dconf A low-level configuration system
mail-client/mutt A text-based email client
mail-filter/libmilter Mail filtering library utilities
mail-filter/procmail Mail delivery agent/filter
mail-mta/exim A highly configurable, drop-in replacement for sendmail
mail-mta/postfix Fast, easy to administer and secure mail transport agent
mail-mta/sendmail Widely-used Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
media-gfx/GraphicsMagick GraphicsMagick Image Processing System
media-gfx/ImageMagick Software suite to manipulate a variety of image formats
media-gfx/graphviz Open Source Graph Visualization Software
media-libs/gd Graphics library for fast image creation
media-libs/jasper Software-based implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard
media-libs/jbig2dec Decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format
media-libs/jpeg Library for JPEG image compression
media-libs/libfpx An image format that is small and produces superior images
media-libs/libjpeg-turbo Library for JPEG image compression using MMX, SSE, and SSE2 SIMD instructions
media-libs/libmng The Multiple Network Graphics reference library
media-libs/libpng Portable Network Graphics library
media-libs/libsvg A parser for SVG content in files or buffers
media-libs/raptor The RDF Parser Toolkit
media-libs/tiff Library and utilities for handling TIFF-files
net/autossh Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels
net/ntp Network Time Protocol suite/programs
net/yp-tools Tools for working with NIS
net/ypbind-mt Multithreaded ypbind daemon for linux
net/ypserv Network Information Service server
net-dialup/linux-atm Tools for ATM in Linux
net-dialup/ppp An implementation of the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
net-directory/openldap An open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
net-dns/bind Berkeley Internet Name Domain
net-dns/bind-tools Tools from the bind package: dig, dnssec-keygen, host, nslookup, nsupdate
net-dns/c-ares A C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously
net-dns/ddclient Perl updater client for dynamic DNS services
net-dns/dnsmasq Lightweight DNS forwarder and DHCP server
net-dns/dnssec-tools Tools to sign and check DNSSEC DNS zones
net-dns/idnkit Internationalized Domain Name toolkit
net-dns/libbind Support library for bind
net-dns/libidn Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) implementation
net-dns/libidn2 Free software implementation of IDNA2008
net-firewall/ipset ipset is used to maintain IP sets in the kernel
net-firewall/iptables A Linux kernel packet filter control tool
net-firewall/nftables nftables user space utility
net-fs/nfs-utils NFS client and server daemons
net-irc/irssi Irssi is a terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems
net-libs/bctoolbox Utilities library used by belle-sip, mediastreamer2 and linphone
net-libs/courier-unicode Library implementing algorithms related to the Unicode Standard
net-libs/cyrus-sasl Library implementing the Simple Authentication and Security Layer
net-libs/gsasl The GNU SASL library
net-libs/ldns Libray for DNS programming
net-libs/liblockfile Liblockfile is a shared library with NFS-safe locking functions
net-libs/libmnl libmnl is a minimalistic user-space library oriented to Netlink developers
net-libs/libnetfilter_acct Userspace library providing interface to extended accounting infrastructure
net-libs/libnetfilter_conntrack Userspace library providing a programming interface (API) to the in-kernel connection tracking state table
net-libs/libnetfilter_cthelper programming interface to the user-space helper infrastructure
net-libs/libnetfilter_cttimeout programming interface to the fine-grain connection tracking timeout infrastructure
net-libs/libnetfilter_log Userspace library providing interface to packets that have been logged by the kernel packet filter
net-libs/libnetfilter_queue libnetfilter_queue is a userspace library providing an API to packets that have been queued by the kernel packet filter
net-libs/libnfnetlink Low-level library for netfilter related kernel/userspace communication
net-libs/libnftnl Userspace library providing an API to the in-kernel nf_tables subsystem
net-libs/libnl libnl is a library for applications dealing with netlink sockets
net-libs/libnsl Public client interface library for NIS(YP) and NIS+
net-libs/libotr Off-The-Record Messaging library and toolkit
net-libs/libsmi A library to access SMI MIB module definitions
net-libs/libssh2 A library implementing the SSH2 protocol
net-libs/libtirpc Transport-Independent RPC library
net-libs/nghttp2 An implementation of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 2 in C
net-libs/ortp A Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP, RFC3550) library
net-libs/rpcsvc-proto rpcsvc protocol definitions from glibc
net-mail/fetchmail The legendary remote-mail retrieval and forwarding utility
net-misc/curl A Client that groks URLs
net-misc/dhcp ISC DHCP server and client
net-misc/dhcpcd RFC2131 compliant DHCP client
net-misc/iputils Small useful utilities for networking
net-misc/keychain Wrapper around ssh/gpg agent
net-misc/neon neon is an HTTP and WebDAV client library
net-misc/openntpd OpenNTPD is a free implementation of the Network Time Protocol
net-misc/openssh OpenSSH is a free version of the SSH connectivity tools
net-misc/rsync Rsync provides fast incremental file transfers
net-misc/sock A shell interface to network sockets
net-misc/sshpass Non-interactive SSH authentication utility
net-misc/wget Wget is a package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
net-nds/rpcbind Universal Addresses to RPC Program Number Mapper
net-print/cups Common UNIX Printing System
net-print/cups-filters OpenPrinting CUPS filters
net-wireless/crda Central Regulatory Domain Agent
net-wireless/iw A new nl80211 based CLI configuration utility for wireless devices
net-wireless/wireless-regdb Regulatory domain database
net-wireless/wireless_tools Wireless Tools for Linux
net-wireless/wpa_supplicant Linux WPA/WPA2/IEEE 802.1X Supplicant
net-www/elinks A feature-rich text mode browser forked from Links and more actively developed
net-www/links A fast lightweight text and graphic web-browser
net-www/lynx Classic text-based web browser
sys-apps/66 Helper tools around s6 supervision suite
sys-apps/66-tools 66 helper tools
sys-apps/acl Access control list utilities, libraries and headers
sys-apps/attr Extended attributes tools
sys-apps/bc Handy console-based calculator utility
sys-apps/boot-66serv Portable set of service to boot a machine in conjunction with 66 API
sys-apps/busybox BusyBox provides tiny replacements for many common UNIX utilities
sys-apps/cgmanager Daemon to manage cgroups via a D-Bus API
sys-apps/coreutils Core file, shell and text utilities expected to be on any system
sys-apps/dbus D-Bus is a message bus system for interprocess communication (IPC)
sys-apps/debianutils Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
sys-apps/dialog Tool to display dialog boxes from a shell
sys-apps/diffutils Utilities for showing file differences in various ways
sys-apps/dmidecode DMI (Desktop Management Interface) table related utilities
sys-apps/ed GNU ed line oriented text editor
sys-apps/eudev A device manager for the Linux kernel; fork of systemd-udev
sys-apps/file Small utility displaying info about file formats
sys-apps/findutils Basic directory searching utilities
sys-apps/gawk GNU awk implementation
sys-apps/gptfdisk GPT fdisk is a GUID partition table editor
sys-apps/grep Grep searches input files for matches to specified patterns
sys-apps/groff Groff produces formatted output from plain text
sys-apps/haveged Generates secure entropy using variances in process TSCs
sys-apps/hdparm Utility to get and set ATA/SATA drive parameters
sys-apps/help2man Tool for automatically generating manual pages from program output
sys-apps/hwdata Hardware identification and configuration data
sys-apps/hwids Combined hardware identification databases - pci.ids, usb.ids, OUI, IAB, udev hwdb
sys-apps/iproute2 Collection of utilities for controlling networking and traffic control in Linux
sys-apps/kbd Keyboard and console utilities
sys-apps/kexec-tools Boot a new kernel over the currently running one - and more
sys-apps/keyutils Tools for controlling the key management system in the Linux kernel
sys-apps/kmod kmod - handle kernel modules
sys-apps/less Popular pager utility
sys-apps/lesspipe A preprocessor for less
sys-apps/lm_sensors Hardware Monitoring user-space utilities
sys-apps/man Man page reader
sys-apps/man-db The online manual database
sys-apps/man-pages Collection of Linux man pages
sys-apps/man-pages-posix POSIX man-pages (0p, 1p, 3p)
sys-apps/mandoc A suite of tools compiling mdoc, the roff macro language for BSD manual pages, and man, the historical language for UNIX manuals
sys-apps/mawk An interpreter for the AWK Programming Language
sys-apps/moreutils A growing collection of unix tools no one thought to write of long ago
sys-apps/multiload A loader dispatcher which picks the correct loader for a program, based on its architecture
sys-apps/net-tools A deprecated, but familiar collection of basic networking tools
sys-apps/paludis Paludis, the one true package mangler
sys-apps/pax-utils Utilities for ELF binaries (e. g. scanelf)
sys-apps/pciutils Collection of programs for inspecting and manipulating configuration of PCI devices
sys-apps/pciutils-data PCI ID data pciutils
sys-apps/perp Persistent process supervision
sys-apps/pnp-data PNP ID data
sys-apps/rsyslog An enhanced syslog daemon for Linux (and Unix)
sys-apps/sed GNU sed stream editor
sys-apps/shadow User and group management related utilities
sys-apps/skeleton-filesystem-layout Skeleton filesystem layout
sys-apps/sydbox Sydbox, the other sandbox
sys-apps/syslog-ng Popular system logger
sys-apps/sysstat Performance/system monitoring tools for Linux
sys-apps/systemd systemd System and Service Manager
sys-apps/sysvinit System V init system
sys-apps/sysvinit-tools System V init tools
sys-apps/tcp-wrappers TCP Wrappers
sys-apps/texinfo GNU Documentation System
sys-apps/usbutils USB enumeration utilities
sys-apps/usbutils-data USB ID data for usbutils
sys-apps/util-linux Common linux utilities
sys-apps/which Utility showing the full path of commands
sys-apps/xinetd xinetd is a super-server daemon and a safe replacement for inetd
sys-apps/xorg-launch-helper X.Org launcher for user sessions in systemd
sys-auth/pam_rundir Provide user runtime directory on Linux systems
sys-auth/passwdqc Password strength checking library (and PAM module)
sys-boot/dracut Dracut is a modular initramfs infrastructure
sys-boot/efibootmgr Linux user-space application to modify the Intel Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) Boot Manager
sys-boot/efivar Tools and library to manipulate EFI variables
sys-boot/gnu-efi Development libraries and headers for EFI
sys-boot/grub GRUB (Grand Unified Boot) bootloader
sys-boot/grub-static GRUB (Grand Unified Boot) bootloader (precompiled version for amd64)
sys-boot/mokutil The utility to manipulate machine owner keys
sys-boot/os-prober Utility to detect other OSs on a set of drives
sys-devel/autoconf Extensible M4 macro package producing configure scripts
sys-devel/autoconf-archive Collection of freely re-usable macros for autoconf
sys-devel/autoconf-wrapper Wrapper script for autoconf versions
sys-devel/autogen AutoGen is a tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text
sys-devel/automake Tool used to automatically generate files
sys-devel/automake-wrapper Wrapper script for automake versions
sys-devel/binutils Collection of binary tools including ld and as
sys-devel/bison General-purpose parser generator for LALR(1) or GLR parsers
sys-devel/cmake Cross platform Make
sys-devel/dwz DWARF optimization and duplicate removal tool
sys-devel/flex Tool for generating lexical scanners
sys-devel/ftjam Backwards compatible with classic Jam and can be used as a drop-in replacement for it
sys-devel/gcc The GNU Compiler Collection - free and open compilers for C, C++, Obj-C, and more
sys-devel/gcj stand alone java compiler
sys-devel/gdb The GNU Project Debugger
sys-devel/gettext GNU localization utilties
sys-devel/gnuconfig GNU config.guess and config.sub scripts
sys-devel/legacy-gcc GNU Compiler Collection
sys-devel/libtool Generic library support script
sys-devel/lld The LLVM linker
sys-devel/lldb A next generation, high-performance debugger
sys-devel/m4 GNU implementation of the M4 macro processor
sys-devel/make GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users
sys-devel/meson A high performance build system
sys-devel/ninja Small build system with a focus on speed
sys-devel/patch Tool used for applying patches such as produced by diff
sys-devel/prelink ELF prelinking utility to speed up dynamic linking
sys-devel/scons Open Source software construction tool
sys-fs/btrfs-progs Support utilities for handling btrfs filesystems
sys-fs/cryfs Cryptographic filesystem for the cloud
sys-fs/cryptsetup Userland utilities for dm-crypt
sys-fs/dosfstools Utilities to create and check MS-DOS filesystems under Linux
sys-fs/e2fsprogs Utilities for managing ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems
sys-fs/ecryptfs-utils eCryptfs userspace tools
sys-fs/exfatprogs Userspace utilities for the exfat filesystem
sys-fs/f2fs-tools Userland tools for the f2fs filesystem
sys-fs/fuse Filesystems in Userspace
sys-fs/lvm2 Userspace toolset providing logical volume management facilities
sys-fs/mdadm The mdadm program controls Linux md devices (software RAID arrays)
sys-fs/multipath-tools Userland tools for the device Mapper multipathing driver
sys-fs/ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs Read/write NTFS driver (ntfs-3g) and userspace tools (ntfsprogs)
sys-fs/parted Create, destroy, resize, check, copy partitions
sys-fs/reiserfsprogs Administration utilities for ReiserFS filesystems
sys-fs/squashfs-tools The Squashfs tools for creating compressed filesystems
sys-fs/sshfs-fuse FUSE filesystem client to access remote filesystems via SSH
sys-fs/sysfsutils System Utilities Based on Sysfs
sys-fs/udftools Linux tools for UDF filesystems and DVD/CD-R(W) drives
sys-fs/xfsprogs XFS userspace tools
sys-kernel/dkms Dynamically rebuild kernel modules
sys-kernel/linux-headers Linux kernel headers
sys-libs/cracklib A proactive password sanity library
sys-libs/db Berkeley DB embeddable database engine
sys-libs/fortify-headers Standalone implementation of FORTIFY_SOURCE
sys-libs/gcompat The GNU C Library Compatibility Layer
sys-libs/gdbm GNU replacement for dbm and ndbm libraries
sys-libs/glibc GNU C library
sys-libs/gpm Console-based mouse driver
sys-libs/libatomic GNU Atomic Library
sys-libs/libc++ A new implementation of the C++ standard library
sys-libs/libc++abi A new implementation of low level support for a standard C++ library
sys-libs/libcap POSIX 1003.1e capabilities
sys-libs/libcap-ng Advanced POSIX 1003.1e capabilities library and tools
sys-libs/libcilkrts Intel CILK Runtime Library
sys-libs/libflangrt flang Fortran Runtime Library
sys-libs/libgcc GCC C Runtime Library
sys-libs/libgfortran GCC Fortran Runtime Library
sys-libs/libgomp GNU OpenMP Runtime (libgomp)
sys-libs/libieee1284 A library to communicate with (or at least identify) devices that are attached via a parallel port
sys-libs/libiomp Intel OpenMP Runtime
sys-libs/libnih Small library of C functions that are not implemented elsewhere in the standard library set
sys-libs/libquadmath GCC Quad-Precision Math Library
sys-libs/libsanitizer GCC Sanitizer Libraries
sys-libs/libseccomp High level interface to the Linux Kernel's seccomp filter
sys-libs/libstdc++ GNU C++ Runtime (libstdc++)
sys-libs/liburing liburing provides helpers to setup and teardown io_uring instances
sys-libs/llvm-libunwind LLVM implementation of C++ runtime stack unwinder
sys-libs/musl A lightweight, fast, and simple standard libc library
sys-libs/musl-compat Compatibility utilities/headers for musl libc
sys-libs/ncurses Free software emulation of curses using terminfo formats
sys-libs/newt Programming library for color text mode, widget based user interfaces
sys-libs/openmp OpenMP runtime for clang
sys-libs/pam Linux-PAM provides Pluggable Authentication Modules
sys-libs/readline GNU command line editing and history library
sys-libs/slang A portable library designed to allow a developer to create robust portable software
sys-libs/timezone-data Timezone data
sys-libs/zlib A free compression library unencumbered by patents
sys-power/acpid A configurable ACPI policy daemon for Linux
sys-power/hibernate-script Script to help do all the necessary voodoo for suspending to ram/disk on Linux
sys-power/laptop-mode-tools Laptop power saving package for Linux systems
sys-power/pm-utils Suspend and hibernation utilities
sys-process/atop An ASCII full-screen performance monitor
sys-process/cronbase Base directories and common configuration for cron daemons
sys-process/cronie UNIX cron daemon based on vixie-cron but actually maintained
sys-process/htop An interactive process viewer for Linux
sys-process/lsof List open files for running UNIX processes
sys-process/procps Utilities for process information including ps, top and kill
sys-process/psmisc Utilities for managing processes on your system
sys-process/vixie-cron Paul Vixie's cron daemon, a fully featured crond implementation
sys-sound/alsa-lib ALSA library
sys-sound/alsa-oss OSS support for ALSA
sys-sound/alsa-plugins The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) Plugins
sys-sound/alsa-topology-conf ALSA topology configuration files
sys-sound/alsa-ucm-conf ALSA Use Case Manager configuration (and topologies) files
sys-sound/alsa-utils ALSA utilities
virtual/awk Virtual: awk providers
virtual/coreutils Virtual: coreutils providers
virtual/cpio Virtual: cpio providers
virtual/cron Virtual: cron daemon providers
virtual/dhcp-client Virtual: DHCP client providers
virtual/grep Virtual: grep providers
virtual/gzip Virtual: gzip providers
virtual/jdk Virtual for Java Development Kits
virtual/jre Virtual for Java Runtime Environments
virtual/man Virtual: man providers
virtual/mta Virtual: Mail Transport Agent providers
virtual/mysql Virtual: mysql database providers
virtual/notification-daemon Virtual: Freedesktop notifications providers
virtual/pkg-config Virtual: pkg-config providers
virtual/sed Virtual: sed providers
virtual/syslog Virtual: syslog providers
virtual/tar Virtual: tar providers
virtual/unzip Virtual: unzip providers
virtual/usb Virtual for libusb/libusbx
virtual/wget Virtual: wget providers
x11-libs/libutempter A library interface for terminal emulators to record user sessions to utmp and wtmp
x11-misc/shared-mime-info The Shared MIME-info Database specification