sys-power/acpid A configurable ACPI policy daemon for Linux
sys-power/apcupsd Monitoring daemon for APC UPSes
sys-power/cpupowerutils Userspace utilities for the Linux kernel cpufreq subsystem
sys-power/hibernate-script Script to help do all the necessary voodoo for suspending to ram/disk on Linux
sys-power/iasl Intel ACPI Source Language (ASL) compiler/disassembler
sys-power/laptop-mode-tools Laptop power saving package for Linux systems
sys-power/pm-utils Suspend and hibernation utilities
sys-power/powermgmt-base Scripts to test if the computer is running on AC power
sys-power/suspend-utils µswsusp: suspend and hibernation utilities in userspace
sys-power/thermald The "Linux Thermal Daemon" program from
sys-power/tlp Advanced Power Management for Linux
sys-power/tuned Tuning Profile Delivery Mechanism for Linux
sys-power/undervolt Undervolt Intel CPUs under Linux


arbor Base system (core)
hardware Hardware drivers and related packages (core)
SuperHeron-misc SuperHeron's miscellaneous exhereses (third-party)
cogitri Rasmus Thomsen's dev repo (dev)
exony ony's repository for additional packages (third-party)
lipidity ankur's packages (third-party)
roidelapluie roidelapluie's personnal repository for exheres (third-party)