Samba provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients, e. g. Windows.


Slot Version Repository Platforms
0 scm net ~amd64 arm? armv7? armv8? x86?
4.12.2 net ~amd64 arm? armv7? ~armv8 x86?




acl Adds support for Access Control Lists
addc Allow Samba to act as an Active Directory Domain Controller
ads Enable Active Directory support
avahi Enable Avahi support
cluster Enable the Samba cluster extensions
cups Add support for CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)
gpg Store cleartext passwords in a PGP/OpenGPG encrypted form
ldap Adds LDAP support (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
lmdb Enable LMDB backend for LDB
quotas Enables support for user quotas
syslog Enables support for syslog
system-krb5 Use krb5 instead of the bundled heimdal
systemd Add support for integration with the systemd init daemon
winbind Enables support for the winbind auth daemon


3.5 Use Python ABI 3.5
3.6 Use Python ABI 3.6
3.7 Use Python ABI 3.7
3.8 Use Python ABI 3.8