media-tv/dtv-scan-tables Digital TV scan tables
media-tv/dvb-apps Userspace DVB tools
media-tv/gnome-dvb-daemon Daemon to setup your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows and browse EPG
media-tv/plex-media-player Next generation Plex Desktop/Embedded Client
media-tv/tvheadend Tvheadend is a combined DVB receiver, Digital Video Recorder and Live TV streaming server
media-tv/w_scan Scan for DVB-C/DVB-T/DVB-S channels without prior knowledge of frequencies and modulations


media Media things (core)
cogitri Rasmus Thomsen's dev repo (dev)
olesalscheider olesalscheider's developer repository (dev)
sardemff7 Sardem FF7's personal repository (dev)
sepek Some exheres for some packages (dev)