Software suite to manipulate a variety of image formats.


Slot Version Repository Platforms
0 arbor ~amd64 arm? ~armv7 ~armv8 ~x86




X Adds support for X11
djvu Support for the DjVu file format
doc Adds extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc)
fftw Support for the discrete fourier transformation
fontconfig Support for font handling utilizing fontconfig
fpx Support for the FlashPix image format
graphviz Adds support for the Graphviz library
hdri Build a high dynamic range version of ImageMagick
heif Support for the H(igh) E(fficiency) I(mage) F(ile) F(ormat)
jpeg2000 Support for JPEG 2000, a wavelet-based image compression format
lcms Adds lcms support (color management engine)
lqr Support for liquid rescaling (aka seam carving) image resize algorithm
openexr Support for the OpenEXR image file format
openmp Support for Open Multi-Processing
pango Support for laying out and rendering utilizing pango
perl Adds support/bindings for the Perl language
postscript Support for PostScript utilizing Ghostscript
raw RAW format support through libraw
svg Add support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
tiff Adds support for the TIFF image format
truetype Adds support for FreeType and/or FreeType2 fonts
webp Support for the Webp image format
wmf Support for the Windows Metafile image format
zstd Support the zstd compression format


ijg-jpeg Use Independent JPEG Group's libjpeg as the JPEG provider
jpeg-turbo Use libjpeg-turbo as the JPEG provider