lxqt/liblxqt Core utility library for all LXQt components
lxqt/libqtxdg Qt implementation of freedesktop.org xdg specs
lxqt/lximage-qt Image viewer and screenshot tool for LXQT
lxqt/lxqt-about The standalone LXQt About dialog
lxqt/lxqt-build-tools Package scripts and tools for LXQt
lxqt/lxqt-common Common files for LXQt
lxqt/lxqt-config Tools to configure LXQt and the underlying operating system
lxqt/lxqt-globalkeys Daemon used to register global keyboard shortcuts
lxqt/lxqt-l10n Translations of LXQt
lxqt/lxqt-notificationd LXQt notification daemon
lxqt/lxqt-openssh-askpass GUI to query passwords on behalf of SSH agents
lxqt/lxqt-panel LXQt desktop panel
lxqt/lxqt-policykit LXQt PolicyKit agent
lxqt/lxqt-powermanagement Power management module for LXQt
lxqt/lxqt-qtplugin LXQt Qt platform integration plugin
lxqt/lxqt-runner Tool used to launch programs quickly by typing their names
lxqt/lxqt-session LXQt session manager
lxqt/lxqt-sudo GUI frontend for sudo/su


lxde-unofficial Unofficial LXDE and LXQT package for Exherbo (third-party)